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Topic Subject:How do I start a game with Gameranger
posted 05-28-10 06:09 PM ET (US)         
Do I go into the game and somehow get gameranger on the multiplayer. Or do I some how play AOE from gameranger. I'm really confused.
posted 05-28-10 10:20 PM ET (US)     1 / 2       
Ok, you start up game ranger which shows you a list of all available games. the ones with green dots mean they are currently in session and you can't join them. The open games will be down the list. Now you can either join an excisting game room or create your own. People can freely come and go from game rooms (and you can kick people if your the game rooms host).

The host can start the game at any time by pressing the 'start' button in his game room window. Once he does that gameranger will automatically start up AoE and go straight to multiplayer. Everyone who joined in the game ranger room will eventurly join up in the AoE multiplayer room provided there was no connection problems. Two things to note:

First if any one in the gameranger room has their name in italics it means there is a connection problem between their computer and yours. While their names are italics you can NEVER EVER play them. The game simply crashes or they get auto-kicked. Possible solutions to this is rejoining the game room or restarting gameranger. But sometimes its just impossible to play them.

Second, everyone in the game room must have the same version of AoE, as in the same patch or whatever. So if your Rise of Rome 1.0 and they are Rise of Rome 1.0b then you can't play them because of the version difference. Most people have the lattest patch which is free to download here at AoE and at the Age of Empires official site.

Hope that answers your questions,

Mighty Gumble

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AoEH Seraph
posted 05-30-10 09:06 PM ET (US)     2 / 2       
Well it is always nice to have some helpful members. BTW this should go in the MP section.
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