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Age of Empires / Rise of Rome / Definitive Edition
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Topic Subject:Some questions
posted 10-05-09 09:09 AM ET (US)         
I just started playing and I was wondering why people play AOE more then ROR at Voobly?

What setting to people usually play in 1v1 like map size and stuff?

Should I make alot of storage pits if I have a lot of wood in stone? I usually walk far and pit near deer and trees or just walk far to the berries.

How far is too far when getting resources? Should I walk across the map if food is scarce?

Is it possible to become good without using hotkeys? I don't use them but I do use Ctrl+numbers. I am learning a few necessary ones like go to TC, go to barracks etc, so I can scroll faster between them. I don't use hotkeys to build units since clicking on them is much easier for me plus I can't type without looking at the keyboard which distracts me.
posted 10-05-09 10:02 AM ET (US)     1 / 4       
First I want to welcome you to this wonderful site

This is what I can answer to your questions, I am sure someone else can answer much better than me lol

1. In voobly people is kind fo weird playing more aoe than ror, in Gameranger ror is more popular.

2. Map settings 1v1 usualy is medium map, hill country or medit.

3-4. Make only a few storage pits and then alot of towncenters instead so you can retrain if some dies somewhere on the map. Always make storage pit/ town center next to the resource.

5. You get a better dm player if you learn the hotkeys, in rm it isn't that important (imo). About the keyboard, you will learn as time passes by
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posted 10-05-09 06:56 PM ET (US)     2 / 4       

3. You shouldn't have very much wood during the Stone Age. You should have enough to build what you need - docks, fishing boats, a granary or two, not too many storage pits. Focus on food gathering.

4. You find that out by experience. If you are losing all your games, you're probably walking too far. Normally you'll get some gazelles, elephants, and one, often two, groups of berries rather close to your base. Find them by good exploring practices. Walking far is a big time waster, it will set you back, others will develop faster and defeat you just by that.
posted 10-05-09 10:09 PM ET (US)     3 / 4       
Hotkeys are important yes if u want to improve ur game speed (multitask).

you can watch some recorded aoe/ror games here as well as some game tutorials at
posted 10-11-09 03:13 AM ET (US)     4 / 4       
1 - I think it is more to do with the skills required (i.e. more skill required in AoE than RoR due to greater micro + less possible strategies). There is a difference between each game. Try GameRanger, as Basse said, RoR is more popular.

2 - I usually play 1v1 games in these settings

Default map size/resources etc
Stone start
Reveal off

Default map size
Iron start
Reveal on

3 - I would recommend that you watch some videos and read some strats. These can help you with your eco strength and tool/bronze/iron times. Different map settings and civs require different ecos. Also, try to minimise walking between resources and dropsites.

4 - Ideally you want to spread out, with multiple town centers across the map. Always keep dropsites (pits, granarys, tc's) near the resources, so your villagers are not walking too far to drop off. If you stay in one location and get hit quite bad you will probably be out of the game very soon. If you have tcs all over the map pumping out villies, chopping/farming/mining etc then getting hit in one location doesn't mean you will lose the game. However, in RM games it can be difficult to get the chance to build all over the map, as you are always balancing your stockpile against eco (new villies, ageing up etc) and military needs.

5 - Yes, but in DM (like Basse says) I don't think you could play without them. Using the shift key is a must (to get as many military buildings up as soon as possible) as well as scrolling/switching between buildings.

Here is a good vid: Legion War

At first the vid may seem overwhelming, but try a few things at a time (such as learning how to build houses via hotkey, then combining it with the shift key etc).

btw - there is nothing wrong with being a noob at AoE. There are plenty of people you can play with no matter what level you are at. Just remember to have fun.

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