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Topic Subject:trade
posted 08-13-09 07:01 AM ET (US)         
you ever think that trade such as trade boats and merchant ships are so underused? i also think it also needs to encompass more trade than any loss.

that being said. isnt it about time we make something maybe a patch that you can trade 'for' any resource besides gold.

for example i think civilizations with gold actually do trade for raw materials they need such as correct me if im wrong egypt trading gold for timber(wood) and pottery(stone).

i wonder if anyone can make a patch maybe rasteve to trade for any resource except no resource is deducted out of yours or the other players stockpile just like aok and aom. you just simply make the trip to the foreign dock and pick up whatever much (distance determining amount) of whatever resource you are getting.
posted 08-13-09 07:24 AM ET (US)     1 / 2       
Well in the xpack I am working on I have introduced land trading (yes I did get this from scenario_tc, so back off anon guy ). Unfortunately it is still restricted to dock-to-dock trading, but at least you have an alternative.

I agree totally with your suggestion on getting something for nothing. I will take a look at the dat file to see if I can achieve this. IMO trading is useless for multiplayer games. Sometimes you have to trade (I assume on team games) just to get a trickle of gold, but this would be far better if merchant ships didnt take from your stockpile.

If I cannot achieve this I will look at increasing the gold generated.
AoEH Seraph
posted 08-13-09 05:56 PM ET (US)     2 / 2       
Well in my limited experience in MP games, trade has saved me a couple of times when gold is already over. That's why i usually choose land maps with at least some water, like Inland or Narrows.
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