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Topic Subject:Rookie could use some help...
Kurtis Augustus
posted 01-30-99 09:23 AM ET (US)         

I've lurked around on this forum for the past couple of weeks, and I'll say one thing, its made me realize how bad I am.

Seriously though, I don't play on the Zone much, but I do play quite a bit of multiplayer with my friends. I've like the Sumerians, Macedonians, and Romans, and on High resources ( + Reveal Map ) I bronze in about 10 minutes. But, I always wind up attacking in early iron. When I try a bronze attack, I always fail. If I hold of to early iron, I usually try a mixed assualt ( Phalanx / Long Swordsman + Ballista / Heleopli + Cats / Heavy Cats ) and do fairly well. Am I doing something wrong? Everyone here seems to disdain an iron attack, but I seem to like it, and it works for me. ( I wall and tower HEAVILY until then. )

Also, I'd like to try some new civs. I like having some extra resources, therefore Macedonia isn't helping much. I also like some cool weapons, so Rome isn't fantastic either. And Sumeria leaves a bit to be desired, although I haven't played them since ROR. Got any suggestions?

Thanks, and I hope your advice can help me become a better player.


posted 01-30-99 09:40 AM ET (US)     1 / 3       
Sure. Drop to default or medium resources, and the earlier ages play a part in the game. Most of the strats are written for default res anyway. Attacking with Bronze troops is rather futile when your opponent responds with Iron. As for resource gathering, try Shang (obviously), Phoenician, Babylonian (since you like towers and walls) or Pamlyran (if you are gutsy and recommended on Medium res Mediterranian map only). As for "cool weapons" none of those have any, but you don't mention Scythe Chariots. They are very fun. Or Priests. And tho they don't have civ economy bonuses, the Hittites have a great mix of "cool weapons"

Oh, and get rid of the Reveal Map. Better players will just building scout you out.

Have fun and good luck!

Keep your stick on the ice.

posted 02-01-99 03:24 PM ET (US)     2 / 3       

WHATS UP, well first of all if u get to bronze with sumeran in 10 min u are DAMN GOOD!! BUT how many villies do u have when u go tool and how many before bronze? Do u have any resources when u get to bronze? hehe besides stone for walls and 200 food? tell me what your specs are and i can help u get a staged bronze attack. when u go bronze u should have 24 to 26 villies to get enough resources to land a great frst attack? what do u use for a fist attack as much as i hate to say it u need chariots first i hate getting rushed by chariots and things that are of no use but the fist rush (exept a shythe chariot). also if u play MINOAN like a real player should (just kidding they are real cool though) u would need probably 28 villies and get to tool a little late and have the extra villies and supplies to get an awesome start of compies. well send me that stuff and ill tell u what u need to do and also what do u use as a first food source on a land map and water map? KEEP IT REAL!

posted 02-01-99 03:58 PM ET (US)     3 / 3       
Going to bronze with Summies in 10 minutes is IMPOSSIBLE at default ressources. Kurtis said it was at high ressources he did that. Thornfinn is right when he says most of the things being said are based on default ressources.

Kurtis, why don't you try an Egyptian Elephant rush?


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