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Age of Empires / Rise of Rome / Definitive Edition
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Age of Empires Heaven » Forums » Age of Empires / Rise of Rome / Definitive Edition » Welcome to Age of Empires Heaven - please read this first
Topic Subject:Welcome to Age of Empires Heaven - please read this first
posted 03-30-05 06:56 AM ET (US)         

Welcome to the Age of Empires Heaven Forums! Here you can discuss all ins and outs about Age of Empires and it's expansion pack The Rise of Rome. This should be your main introduction to this forum. Before you are going to post here, please take your time to read through this thread.

IMPORTANT: Queries About Age of Empires II, III or Online

This forum deals with the ORIGINAL Age of Empires and its expansion pack Rise of Rome, as well as the 2018 reboot Age of Empires: Definitive Edition.

For queries about Age of Empires II: Age of Kings and The Conquerors go to Age of Kings Heaven

For queries about Age of Empires III go to Age of Empires III Heaven

For queries about Age of Empires Online go to Age of Empires Online Heaven

Thank you.

IMPORTANT: To "is the game/forum" dead inquiries

In short: no.

We've had a lot of people telling us, over time, that we should be moving on to a newer game, giving up the old, whatever. The game is still played by enough of us to keep it alive and the forums are pretty active for a 14 year old game.

It is, quite frankly, insulting to come here and tell us that the game and forums are dying without spending time here. From now on, this will be greeted without much favour.

Rules & Code of Conduct

We do NOT support Warez, CD-cracks or other forms of piracy. This includes providing links or discussions.
Trangressions will result in permanent account suspension without warning or notice.

Absolutely NO Trainers/Multiplayer Hacks allowed.
We take a firm stand against trainers as they will, especially in a multi-player, rated, or tournament environment, do more harm than good. Do not expect help from us related to this.

HeavenGames does not host trainers and moderators will suspend the forum accounts of people that admit to use of trainers to cheat in multiplayer games.

All members must abide the Code of Conduct (CoC). You will certainly not like getting banned right away because you do something illegal. Behave maturely and respect other members at all times.

Forum FAQ and Guides

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

If you have any questions about our forums, how to include tags or smilies, go to HeavenGames forum FAQ:

Frequently Asked Questions page

Forum Guides

An Introduction to our forums

Explains how posting replies/new topics work, or how to access your account.

Signature Guide

Create nice signatures with this guide.


The Hall of Fame

Here is where the truly definitive threads for the past ten-plus years of AoEH's history are kept. Read up on the threads that shaped the site and game! Note that forumers cannot post here: this forum is archival only.

News Discussions

Filled with the latest and greatest Age of Empires Heaven news. Use this to directly comment on any news the staff bring to you.

Age of Empires/Rise of Rome

For general AoE/RoR discussions, help with the installed campaigns and technical issues, as well as other game related issues such as playing online or on a network.

Scenario Design

Got a question about creating scenarios and campaigns? You will find resourceful people here that will help you out.

AoE Multiplayer forum

Pull up a chair and discuss your battle stories, tourneys and all other things MP.

Veni, Vidi, Vici

The AoE Community Forum for all non game related chats.

I hope you enjoy your stay at Age of Empires Heaven! If you have a question you can ask it in the thread specified for it, or in the worst case scenario contact the Staff. See you in the forums! - PhatFish

HG Angel
AoEH Staff

'In heaven an angel is nobody in particular.' - George Bernard Shaw
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