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Topic Subject:Wow!
posted 09-19-03 09:34 AM ET (US)         
I haven't visited AOEH for years! I can't believe people still come here. Did you know that there is a game called Age of Empires 2 : The Age of Kings, its expansion, the Conquerors, and Age of Mythology, not to mention its expansion. Also, there are some RTS games from other developers like Empire Earth, Rise of Nations, etc.

In all seriousness, u guys must either have really bad PCs and no money to upgrade them, alot of time or a level of dedication that, in all honesty, is amazing. I think AOE had the best atmosphere of all ES's games, but this is sad.

Adamant Hoplite
posted 09-19-03 12:07 PM ET (US)     1 / 2       
To see it in a more optimistic atmosphere, I think the fact that many people still play this game shows just how wonderful it is. Despite its out-of-date graphics (and I'm not saying they are bad, all I'm saying is that they're 6.5 years old - though they are still quite nice), the simplicity in this game is total bliss.

Besides the game, we still enjoy the community here. After all, we had evolved from helping each other to knowing each other.

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HG Alumnus
posted 09-19-03 02:41 PM ET (US)     2 / 2       
One more such remark and you can expect to get banned without a so much as a warning.
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