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Topic Subject:War Stories
posted 12-30-98 10:50 AM ET (US)         
I personally love reading others game stories If you want to tell a game story post it here!

posted 12-30-98 10:51 AM ET (US)     1 / 11       
wohoo first post... I agree I love game stories too... so here is one! Albiet not a great one.

Well I managed to go online last night and get in 1 game. It was 2v2, me and a stranger against 2 strangers. I was phoenician and my ally was Assy, enemies were minoan and pheonician. It was a 2v2 continental huge map.

I decided before the game I was going to try to go SP, Dock, Dock to start the game. Everything was going as planned, I got the 2 docks up and pumping out ships, I had about a 4 villager delay early but I managed to tool at around 11:00 with 38 villagers/boats. When I hit tool all my villagers were on wood except 2 I left on berries. I always like to build the granery so I can wall in. I had 3 fishing docks, and I had dock blocked the shallows between me and the minoan.

Once tool I built 4 slingers, started a range outside the minoans land and made a marketplace. I built the slingers because I saw a minoan villager enter my land, not sure what happened to him though, I never did find him. Unfortunately the minoan saw my range and killed my villager so I had to build a new range at home and didn't end up hitting bronze until 14:30. I walled in my other crossings and pumped out 4 scout ships. Scout ships killed minoans fishing operation and started killing a dock. Meanwhile I built 3 more archer ranges.

I hit bronze with around 42 villagers/boats. Once bronze I got wheel, put down 2 siege shops and started villager booming to about 60 villagers. The minoan managed to bronze and get composites before I really pushed my advantage but I had enough stone throwers that I was breaking even with the military and still having enough left over to build more villagers, every once in a while I was able to peg a few villagers. My ships also killed the phoenicians fishing in
bronze, I went iron at around 30 minutes and pounded the minoan with triremes and chairiot+elephant archers. My assy ally built up horse archers/cats and wasted the phoenician.

All in all the sp/dock/dock seemed to work well, I hit bronze with over 1000 food, and later when my fishing ships started having problems finding fish I still had 2 berrie patches and 4 elephants in my main area so I didn't ever build a farm.

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posted 12-30-98 11:09 AM ET (US)     2 / 11       
Here is the story, it is a story about love and hate and a little boy whogoes through a lot of changes before he finally finds his place in life. Just trying to get the excitment up here

I "happened" to be online and King Lu VIII ask me to play NC zone 6 level 3 i think (u can gettthe map from washizus NC page), hurrah!!!

The players were:
Potejon (me) phoe @9
King Lu VIII(I will call him king)summie @the middle
Hyper don't rember civ@3
PacMan23 shang @6

I ain't got the pics since I can't find a way to convert in photo.

I did my normal start like i was bronze rushing, foun 2 artifacts early so I did not have to scout
At about 11 there was a nice forrest which has narrow way through it so I decided to wall my woodies in there, just as i clicked the tool upgrade my woodies was sent up there and walled. I went with 18 vills in stone cus I knew these were good players so I had to have at least a little defense when they come.
I bronze around the 20 mark, get 2 ca's when 3 ca's and a camel comes to my main base luck8ly I have only a stone mier and a few gold miners there. I ran the goldies out of there and know that i can fend this one off, wrong!
King brought also a summie ST, but, hehe I took my 6 goldies and banged it down, that will teach him to leave his ST alone

Now his little army starts to chase my vills across the map only 6 but he wanted them bad I guesz
I run them down to5 then back to the base loosin a few. I have a camels waitin for him but looks like he gave it up.
Silence for a while.
I think that Hyper and king allied up before the game so they could kill us since hyper had been killing Pacman23 bad.
Hyper drops and me and PacMan23 alie up since we have no chance to win by an ffa.i am now in big trouble having summie cats all over my side loosin a lot of vills, I only have my walled in woodies left and a few strays, his army base is about 20 tiles below my woodies so they are in trouble, well whil king was killing me, I got about 3-4 of his cats with my camels, hehe revenge!

I try to run my woodies to 5 so I can make a dock and tranie over, but halfway they run into cats and HH's they kill all of them, almost they would have done it if I had not sacrifised my vills all but one who made it across, I sent the rest of the vills to 3 so I could sneak out one.
Had lots of wood but no food, I get a Tc by some berries and start to rebuild my empire, luckily he missed 3 vills back at my own land so I found a small forset where I could rebuild my wood operation.

Now king feels satisfied with my land and controls it, and he does, so he starts to attack pacman23 who has been rebuilding all this time about 5 min or more.
Well all I have is wood so I move bact to my land on a small peninsuela at 7. Berries and wood also start some small farms at the other TC.

King starts to attack pacman23 and I am forced to leave the area once more, don't work thoguh cus I am so lucky u know, I run into some of hypers remaning army ca's and an st, I alos manage to get one ca very close to pacman's vills and it kills some.
PacMan23 gets schytes and kills the ctas no protection at all only cats. Also pacman has a 80 shang economy so he is doin great and am tribbing all my wood to him since would have been loe after the schyt upgrade, I also het a Tc by some gold but then King drops, bad!!
i was hopin to help pacman win this, well he did but with me tribbin and he fightin.

Though king dropped think pacman would have won cus he had a bettter econiomy and he was attacking king when i dropped so I think that king had lost his advantage. But if hyper had not won we would have been doomed. Hmm onemore thing to but I can't rember it.

MR, I played in that game and I can tell what happened later to ya all.
Well red hit me with a few ca's on a range in the middle, hehe never madi it to my bae rather went for conk's base, he took quite a few woodies from conk but his yam cavs took care of them in the end,
I had just build a Tc in hs base so he killed some of my vills to, no big deal.
My economy and red was untouched so I was sure he was about to hit me now so I got a few ca's but he went stargiht by my base and headed for conk, who now was on the defensive, guess he must have lost more that I thought.
He scearms out for help but I trib him gold and foos so ha can make cavs, he still insist on that those 10 ca's will kill him, well I know that reds base was undefended so I took 5 ca's and headed for 3, no amry there so i kill about 3 vils and red resigns, whaoh, sensitive guy I guess.
lookin at map he had on range at his base and 32 vills workin, i think that those vills could have killed my ca's alone but anyway, he felt alone I guess.

i am very confusing at times I know and my spelling sucks so sorry, hope you het it anwy.

"Delirantes, isti Romani!"
(These Romans are crazy!!)

HTML-consultant, use ICQ:19922746 or mail me
No joke!

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Angel MacRat
posted 12-30-98 12:19 PM ET (US)     3 / 11       
Ok, Ender, here's one..albeit with a twist.

I dropped by the Zone a couple of nights ago. I don't do that much...too hard to get a decent game going with decent people. Got a 2v2 going with me and another guy whose name I don't remember vs. Pote and Conk. Random Civs and I got Choson...again. I think it was a Cont map.

Normal start and I start looking for those berries; I'm way too chicken to go for a "dock first" strat. 1 minute goes by and no berries. 2 minutes no berries. 3 minutes and I'm panicing now. I msg my partner and let him know. By now I've lost 2 vills to lions so I'm down to 6 vills with no food coming in. I finally find my berries at the 4:07 mark! I'm so happy that I rush putting my granary down and it's not in a good spot. Even with all six vills on 'em I don't get the constant flow of food for vills so I'm waiting 10 seconds or so to make another.

I lose another 3 vills to lions while exploring. I build a couple of docks and start mining some stone so I can hopefully wall in (not a good walling spot either).

I finally tool, not Bronze, folks, tool, at about the 17:30 mark. At which point about 5 of Conk's cav come riding in to my town and procede to wipe out all of my vills. I built a couple of slingers (which got a good laugh out of Conk LOL). I did manage to get 1 vill away, but by this time my partner wasn't talking to me. Musta figured I was an extreme newbie. So I just tribbed my 1000 food to him and resigned.

I think I need to come up with a smurf name so I don't embarrass Heaven with my crappy play. LOL


posted 12-30-98 12:20 PM ET (US)     4 / 11       
I love reading stories too, but my lack of writing skills limits me from writing many of my very great games...

I'll re-post the game that by far was the best comeback I had ever done... it was rather amazing... coming back from 1 villager and 40 or so boats 2 hours into the game..

the game settings... 6 way FFA, Gig/Cont pop 100 Random Civ.
On launching 2 drop but we decided to go ahead anyway..

The players were..

Asure : Roman @ 11
_Cronk : Hitt @ 3
_revrand1: Assy @ 9
D.F. =) : Carth @ 6 ( can you believe that? Everyone but me gets great civs!)

The game started out with me setting down on berries very fast and choosing to go straight to Iron, rather then to bronze rush. I made it to tool first, and then succeeded to hit Bronze first. Around this time I see Asures score jump. I looked at the achievements and saw the military and scouting bonus. I felt very sick to my stomach about this time too =) Not much Carth can do in bronze... so I decided to tower up.. when WHAM... Cronk CAs start poring into my town... My towers took them out but my econ started hurting... Then again, this time from the north Whamo... in come Roman Broad Swordsmen. They ripped through my towers and began munching on my buildings. I cranked out 3 cav and made a stand near towers to finally defeat them.

I had gold coming in and towers going... had a good feeling after fending off 2 rushes. I hit the Iron button around 22 min or so only to see another wave incoming... this time in the middle of the fight they turned to Long Swordsmen. Damn I thought... he had beat me to Iron.. I was doomed. My towers once again fended him off but I was hurting.. In Iron I started to make those tasty 750 hp War Eles and I positioned them around my towers. I also began mass-producing fishing ships because no one was contesting me for my ocean. The next wave of Asures rax'ers was deadly... they had been upgraded to Legion, and been backed with Hele, and Priests.. at this time Cronk sent another wave of CA in after me and began to slaughter my villys. I pumped out 2 tranys and loaded up my villagers (All but one). I then deleted all my buildings but a dock in hopes he would think I was giving up and turn to Cronk. Meanwhile Rev, who never said a word prior, said he had had enough.. and resigned... obviously another victim of Asure. This is when I seized my opportunity... I sent one trany to 9 and one just below Cronks base at 4. I unloaded and began setting up shop at 4 and was mining gold at Revs old base at 9. I also sent a villager to build a dock near 12 to get a reserve food source ( my lone dock in my old base wasn't guarded and if it would have been found out, I would have had no food). I began chopping wood at 4 when the alarm went off. Asure had Hele and Scyths ripping my poor base apart.. I sent a trany to pick up my villagers but it was suck by the heles. I now had 10 villagers left, and about 50 boats. I decided to upgrade to AE and try to hurt the seemingly unstoppable Asure. As the upgrade finished Asures Legions found my expansion @ 9. I got exactly ONE villager away and plopped down a TC one screen away.. I had no gold and no wood left.. I though I was done for but I remembered that Rev was fishing.. so he must have a dock. I made a trade ship at my lone dock in my old base (had my deleting buildings trick not worked.. the game would have gone a totally different way) and started to trade food for gold with the now dead Rev.

I had almost unlimited food at this time and began making AE's at my new base just steps away from my old base at 9. Soon I had AE's pumping out by the horde. My food never ran out ( at the end of game 19/20 of the sea was completely fished out) and I was able to amass 40 AE's in my new base. I made some comment about me having 40 AE's and laughed b/c Cronk and Asure, who were fighting it out, thought I was dead. Asure then made a comment about being sorry to have double-teamed me, but I responded "I'm just fine, I shine under pressure". I can only imagine him rolling his eyes at my comment.

I really had one thing in mind when I sent my 40 AE's at Asure, hurt him as much as I can before my last hide out is found and destroyed. My AE's began to rampage though his expansions and I was a happy camper.. finally revenge for having been thrust off my initial land. After destroying his attempts to counter my AE's I decided to pull back and heal... my AE's were next to unstoppable and at this time I had my fist feelings of a chance that I could win this one.. I healed my AE's and set up a perimeter wall around my small base. After another hour or so Asure began to attack me- repeatedly with scyths. After killing wave after wave and not losing a single AE he gave up and resigned (the game was well into 2am at this time and he was tiered). Now it was Cronk (Hitt) and I (Carth). Hitt had nice chariots... and I knew he would overwhelm me over time.. but I stood my ground... and kept playing defensively... Cronk then found my fishing operation @ 12 and wiped it out. With the new space I cranked out 30 more AE's and buffed up my perimeter defense.

After many, many attacks by Cronks scyths my AE's were starting to die. I couldn't heal them fast enough. Then the attacks stopped.. I healed up, and re-filled up to pop limit. I saw, with my priests extended range while healing an AE, a CA. I knew my AE would have problems with CAs and decided to take half my eles, 30 or so, out to kill the CAs massing outside my base. To my suprise I found a row of 8 archeries and 8 stables. I knew it was Do or Die.. I sent every ele I had at the expansion and crushed it... about this time I Cronk said he had to go to sleep.. Just as I began marching my now 60+ AE army on his city, he resigned.

This was the greatest come back I had ever done.. at one time... 2 hours or so Into the game I had ONE villager.. ONE... but the fact that my dock in my original base hadn't been destroyed allowed me to trade and fish freely while my villager's ran making expansions and running away when they were attacked.

Moral of the story... you can't keep a good fox down :-) If you take someone's base, and still see that they have a large population, Attack them at sea or face them later in the game =)


PS: Hope I got all the facts stright.. for an hour or so I had no action and I'm sure Asure and Cronk were fighting =). Asure and Cronk are very good players.. if your looking for a challange look them up on the Zone!

posted 12-30-98 08:08 PM ET (US)     5 / 11       
I love reading them too. Just posted this one to tell ya and to get it back at the first line.


posted 12-30-98 10:50 PM ET (US)     6 / 11       
Okay, I'll tell you about one of my glorious losses the other day


2v2, Narrows, stone, default res., 1.5 speed


Me: Babylonian (big surprise) @6
My ally (I forget names ): Macedonian @9
Red: Hittite @3
Orange: Yamato @12

I got off to a good start. I found a berry patch right away and told so to my partner, who complained that he couldn't find berries anywhere. Eventually my vill scout found a berry patch for him .

Unspectacular Tooling with 24 vills, some boats and 600-some food. I set my sights on Bronze, and when I got there I immeadeately(sp) built a Government Center and reseachered Writing. My ally was in tool still , my scout had shown orange in tool last time he checked, and then I saw the terrible (Hittite, too!) was in IRON!

My ally bronzed, and his War Galleys were tangling it up with orange's. I created my own glorious fleet of War Galleys to overrun the rest of Orange's fleet, then realized another terrible truth...the land was shaped like a "B" on its side, and the middle landbridge prevented my fleet from getting over to Orange!

This was remedied by building a dock in the other lake, and I had tributed a bunch of wood to my ally since I had a wood glut. I was VERY scared of Red, frantically trying to put up a defense.

It eventually turned into an Iron war, and Mr. Yamato was pressing on my ally's territory with Triremes. Fortunately, my ally held his ground. Unfortunately, it was turning more and more into a defensive game for us and an offensive game for the enemy.

My city got crushed by Red Sytche Chariots and Heavy Cats (the bane of Babylonians, which everyone happens to use against me ), and I simply could not push back the hordes. I fled into my ally's town and built a wonder even though the victory conditions were conquest (arg) - the outcome of the game was clear by now.

Anyway, we lost .

I have a better war story that I'll probably put up here...


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posted 12-30-98 11:22 PM ET (US)     7 / 11       
well this game story is not anything special, but something I found amusing

It was back in the days of AoE

The reason I remember this game is cause it has never happened to me since

It started off fine. About 4 mins into the game, an ally drops (twas a 3v3)

I am kinda disappointed, and now we are at a disadvantage. Then my other ally drops. Eeek this is hopeless now basically. but then another person on the other side drops, and its a 2v1. Ok I can handle 2v1, I have done it many times before. Then all of a sudden another guy drops. They were dropping like flies! So it is a 1v1. The other guy says "wow they really got dropped" and he gets dropped too. I didnt get dropped, my connection was fine, however back in the room he was totally exited out of so thats why I assumed it was him...

Just something amusing I thought I would share

posted 12-30-98 11:52 PM ET (US)     8 / 11       
Okay, I'm bored, here's the other story


5-player ffa, Inland (Gigantic I think), default res.


Me: Babylonian @12
Blue: Something @10
Red: Greek @3
Yellow: Shang @9
Orange: Palmyran @6

As you can see, we had some interesting civ combinations. Blue resigned right away for some reason, so it became a 4-player ffa.

I don't remember much about the early game, but I had decided to tool rush. Six fully upgraded Axemen roamed the countryside, searching for enemies to obliterate. I found Blue's town, but he had resigned. Then I found Shang! I set about doing as much damage to his economy as I could. I took out 3 houses, two farms and their farmers, and several Bowmen. Still, it cost me 575 food for the Axemen and their upgraded, and my Bronze time was crippled. As if to taunt me, Yellow hit bronze while I was attacking him and took out my Axemen with Chariot Archers.

Apparently, Orange was putting the pressure on Yellow too. I finally bronzed and sent some cav down to Yellow to test the waters. I did some damaged, then my cav ended up running from a small army of Chariot Archers as Yellow furiously accused me of teaming with Orange. I then realized why as my fleeing Cavalry ran into some Orange ca's attack Yellow and cut them down.

Red was obviously very green, as he kept wailing for help the entire game .

It turned into a sea war with Shang and I over a small lake bordering part of the map - this map didn't have any rivers - as my newly constructed rows of Sentry Towers and my land defenses held off land-based attacks. It started as an assault on his fishing operation. Fortunately, I kept driving his Dock building sites farther and farther back.

Orange and Yellow were in late Iron. I was still in Bronze.

The worst of the naval wars came when Shang sent three Fire Galleys against my currently-weak force of War Galleys. I sunk one galley before my fleet went down, and the other two proceeded to rip up my dock. But I had four Priests!

I sent two Priests to convert one Fire Galley, and the other two to convert the other. I managed to convert one Fire Galley, which destroyed the other one. Victory (sort of)!

The three-way standoff continued, and several other small-scale assaults took place, including a Shang catapault attack that I foiled with a single Priest . I bet he played Macedonian his next game...

I had ran out of gold mines, and was trading with Yellow. He was obviously expecting another, final attack on his Dock, as it was surrounded by Guard Towers. My Merchant Ships avoided the enemy arrows .

Eventually I had to go, and I resigned with a heavy heart. I was shocked to see that the supposedly-impregnable Shang defenses were starting to crumble under consistent Palmyran attack. Orange was sending a final assault force while I got disconnected because of my 3-hours-per-connection connection limit to my ISP . But I learned two things:

- Psychological warfare works wonders and is probably underrated.

- Palmyran can beat Shang if it's an ffa and Calvin's there to save the day (It KINDA rhymes...).


posted 12-31-98 01:56 AM ET (US)     9 / 11       
Good God somebody help us. If we are not playing, we are studying how to play and now I'm amazed I actually like reading about other's war stories. Where is the 12 step program?

posted 12-31-98 08:22 AM ET (US)     10 / 11       
Not a lot of excitement in this one, but I thought it was interesting.

Last night I go on the Zone to the RoR rated room. I usually play 1v1 because it's hard to get a team game up and oftentimes the teams end up very imbalanced. So I get a room and set up for:

default start
no reveal
1.5 speed
75 po
random civs

This player named THee_Punisher comes in. He's got 3 games played and a 1594 rating. So we launch. I get Minoan and he gets Hitttite. I go with a dock 1st start, find some beriies, get a bunch of ships going and tool around 10 with 28 vills (20 real) and bronze just over 14. I have plenty of food and have already researched woodworking and archer armor. My horse scout had located the enemy, who was still in tool. I sent 2 vills up that way and built 2 ranges and a seige. I'd already started archer upgrades as soon as I bronzed., so a little after 16 minutes I'm pumping out compies. I'd gone into his town and attacked with scout to distract him. About 19 minutes in a wander over to see what's up with 18 compies adn 3 STs. He's still in tool. It takes me about 8 minutes to wipe him out. About halfway through this carnage, his buildings upgrade to bronze, but it's way too late. He's not a quitter though and hangs on till the last before he says 'gg' and resigns.

Back in the room, he comes in again and asks for a rematch, only this time he wants to pick the civs. I say OK and we launch. He picks Hittiye (hmm, didn't he just play that) and I go Phoen. Pretty much the same story, except I got wheel and hit him with 4 CA's followed up by compies. Also controlled the sea with 5 war gallies. Game over pretty quick. He's just too slow.

Back int eh room and he;s still there and wants ANOTHER rematch. Sure, my rating needs padding, why not. This time he wants to go coastal and reveal. I NEVER play reveal but I say what the hey, figuring it will make things easier. He wants random civs again and this time we BOTH get Phoen. The reveal made it easy and bronzed fast (13 or so) with 32 vills (21 real) since I found all the shore fish and sweet spots. Got a good fishing operation up as well. Plenty of food to research everything as sson as I Bronze. I hit him with the same combo as before and wipe him out. He's still in tool. What was funny about this one was that I'd walled off all around his town, blocking choke points and such, so when he tried to run and ran right into my walls.

Back in the room and there he is. I'd been watching him and noticed that he usually stopped vill production at 12, so I say "Dude, you're too slow. Build more vills, gather more resources, especiallly food. A strong economy is essential to the game." He says OK and wants ANOTHER rematch, this time on inland, reveal, both being Roman. Sure, I say.

So we launch and I'm glad its reveal because my spot SUCKS. Berries all wrapped aropund a combined gold and stone deposit, no more berries until halfway across the map, no shore fish nearby, no anything! So I pit by trees and gazelles , next pit is by two Phants, by then I'd sent one guy compltetly across the map to this little bay to get a fishing operation going, so the food finally starts rolling in. I'm REAL slow this game (mainly because I'm not worried about this guy) so I don't even bronze until around 18. Upgrades, cross the river, gov center, new TC and I pump out 5 vills. My horse scout had found him so I knew right where he was. I thought it would be fun to try a tower rush. So I had my 5 vills build 3 barracks and a range first then sent them into the middle of his town and started towering up by his resources. Man was that funny! He must have been listening some to my advice, because he bronzed (the buildings changed) right after the 2d tower went up (and I saw he had 19 vills, so he had built a little more). I get 8 towers up before 2 cavs wander in and kill the 5 vills. A few STs show up and start knocking the towers down. Well, I'd had my fun. I go the barracks where I'd reserached up to broadsword and queued up about 20 of them and a few CAs to act as spotters. Once they were done, I sent thim in and chopped all his stuff into splinters.

Back in the room, he stays and I offer to give him some tips, but he says "No Thanks" and leaves. I see him sign off the zone. I guess he must have felt sort of crushed. I felt sorta sorry for him, though he showed good perserverance.

In 4 games my rating went up almost 60 points and I got a chance to experiment like I do in teh unrated rooms. So it was fun, but not much of a challenge.

I was playing as The_Rain_King, one of my smurf names. The one has 13 (13!) incompletes and only two were lockups on my end. One night I had 4 players in a row disconnect on me! Man, I hate that.

play on!

posted 01-01-99 07:18 PM ET (US)     11 / 11       
I had an interesting DM game the other day.

-Highland, pop. 200, reveal

four players, 2 on a team

I met a player named curtis23 on two previous games and he had given me some pointers, but now luck would have it that we were enemies in this game. I was Greek so I built tons of Seige worrkshops all over. Curtis did what he usually does and rushed my ally with AE's w/i the first 8 min. My ally ends up running toward me and my helopolis cut down the AE's following. Now red( Curtis' ally) comes from the other way and attacks one of my smaller bases where I had a few siege workshops. I had a few heavy cats from the beginning at my base and took out all of his cats from a hill, not before he took out all of the seige workshops at that area though. I hadn't lost a cat yet, so i went over to red's town and took out a bunch of houses and a few academy's and other military buildings. I than seen Curtis' was moving his AE toward my town, also where my ally was rebuilding. I quickly moved 25 hellies over there and wiped em out, then sent some cats up to the stables from other direction and wiped them out. I marched the hellies up to Curtis' base and my ally now had an army that came along. We took out Curtis, with heavy losses to my army's, but thanx to the queueing of objects had a massive army of both seige engines back at home. Curtis resigned, so me and my ally marched over to reds base. We stormed the walls he had built back up from my earlier attack and we attacked from different sides and completely confused his units, it was easy as pie, but there were a few villagers somewhere we couldn't find them, I went south, my ally went north. WE met and still had no site of the enemy, Ibuilt some scouts and cav. to search, I soon found them back at his old base! The cavs made short work of any houses and villagers, and the seige weapons found there way to the base and demolished anything in site, VICTORY. If Curtis23 ever comes onto heaven and reads this, i'd just like to thank him for being a great teacher and opponent.

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