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Topic Subject: How does the computer tool so fast?.......Help!.
posted 12-30-98 10:00 AM ET (US)   
I actually have a few questions/issues about AOE computer AI that I was hoping someone had some insight on. It seems that inevitably when I play a single player game against 3 computer opponents on the hardest setting, one of the AI civs tools in 3:30, and then bronzes in 9-10 Min! How is this possible? I've made an allied game and sent peasants to check out what they were doing and found some of the most poorly designed towns I could imagine. He had built rows of houses between his farms and town center, peasants were walking miles to drop off gazelle meat & collect wood, and the farms that weren't blocked were 8-10 tiles away from his granary!
I played a game with all greek civs to even it out and the computer tooled at 3:30 with 8 people, and bronzed at 9:45 with 18.
I've been playing AOE for a year now and consider myself a pretty good player who is excited to get a 12 minute bronze occasionally :-) I'm stumped.... And one more thing - does anyone know why there is such a huge difference in computer playing ability between the hard and hardest settings - he's brilliant on hardest and a fool on hard!

Any help/comments would be greatly appreciated!

posted 12-30-98 10:18 AM ET (US)     1 / 4  
Richard- check out Giant's post from couple weeks ago on Comp. bronze times.
1. on hardest comp gets more resources to start 2. usually has a better/more aggressive program. hope the other post helps. The_Quiet

posted 12-30-98 10:31 AM ET (US)     2 / 4  
The computer advances so fast on the hardest setting becasue it starts with quite a few resources, even on default settings. I'm not sure of the number (i read 3000 of each somwhere), but by starting with so many resources, the computer doesn't have to worry about gathering enough to build and advance., hence the 4 minute tool and 8 minute bronze times.

This is something that bothers me as well. I like to practice agasint the computer to sharpen my times and tactics, but on 'hard' setting, even with 3 opponents, the computer is no challenge at all. I can bronze around 14-15 and attack at 16-17 with CA's or Cavs and the computer will still be in Tool. Yet on 'hardest' setting, even one computer enemy is too hard as it is usually on me in under 10 minutes with bronze age units, including STs..

Now on a decent start, I can tool in around 8 - 9 minutes, so every now and thne I MIGHT have had enough time to get walls up to keep the comp out. Even that rarely buys me enough time to be competetive though, because it's not long before half a dozen cavs and 2-4 STs are knocking to come in.

I wish Ensemble could make a level to compete realistically with a good human player. Hard is just too easy, and Hardest is just too hard. There needs to be one in between.

Perhaps they should look at the best of the human players for their inspiration. The best players can average a 9-10 min tool and a 13-14 minute bronze. I'm not talking 'best' times, I'm talking average times here. If the computer played with similar times, that would make it enough of a challenge, but not so difficult that you wouldn't stand a chance.

posted 12-30-98 11:01 AM ET (US)     3 / 4  
The option with ROR is to go to a Huge map. The larger distance between settlements usually will buy you enough time to wall, bronze etc. before the onslaught. Last night just practicing bronze time on hardest I tooled at 9 mins just as the comp. bronzed. It took to 14 something before his scouting vill wandered to my main town. Walls up, bronz on the way. It ended up with me spread out over 1/2 the map and a good iron battle before I had to shut it down- too many of my own little vills jumping out of bed. Anyway- the larger map buys time for the players who need it. The_Quiet.

posted 12-30-98 11:22 PM ET (US)     4 / 4  
I believe the computer gets 1000 food and wood at start in hardest, I dunno about stone and gold... but am pretty sure it needs to mine gold to iron. While, away for xmas I got bored and played vs 7 comp opponents on hard.. I took shang and purposely delayed bronze time til 19 and never walled and still easily defeated the computer opp's even though the 50 pop limit was a huge pain. The computer lost zillions of units to my towers and priests.
On hardest one computer can be trouble if you get bronze rushed at 9. Often, you can run and let it beat on houses but other times the damage is too great to your economy and you lose. I haven't played one comp on hardest in a while, and do think I could win the majority now. On islands, I would win 9 out of 10 vs hardest since they didn't attack soon enough. Also vs one hardest comp.. if you tool fast and get walled you may have time to get to bronze where you tactics/towers/priests can eat it up.... I hate to gripe but I was disappointed that ROR didn't feature better AI. - neilkaz -

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