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Age of Empires / Rise of Rome / Definitive Edition
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Topic Subject:Strat
posted 05-28-01 06:09 PM ET (US)         
Yes I just pulled out my aoe disk and decided to start playing again. and i was wondering what civ to start playing and in rm games how many villies should i have till i advance an age.


Zone Name: LMS_MuStAnG_
posted 05-28-01 06:54 PM ET (US)     1 / 5       
Well for me...against the comp (pop50) i train 22-24 villies before tooling then make upto 40 before bronzing...however on the zone mostly i play pop200, so i train 25-30 villies before tooling depending on map type/size and how good i feel, i.e. less villies and more fishing boats on water maps...i'm only a rookie though so don't take my word for this, it's just how i fell cool playing. Against the comp you could use almost any civ and win on hardest, but on the zone i like to use macedonian or roman.

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posted 05-28-01 07:47 PM ET (US)     2 / 5       
All of that depends heavily on the settings.

1. What's the map type/size?
2. How many players?
3. What's the pop limit?

It also depends on whether you want to start winning now, or understand more about zone strategy so you can skip merrily along later.

If you want to start winning now (eg get to intermediate), I'll assume huge medit noreveal 3v3. The strats vary wildly from one civ to another, but I'd recommend trying the civs in this order:
1. shang, minoan, macedonian, hittite - good overall
2. yammy, roman, phoenie, egypt - more specialized
3. assy, sumie, palmy, persian - must think differently
4. babylonian, carth, cho, greek - challenging

Villies - +12-30 before tool, +4-12 before bronze.
FBs - +0-24 before tool, +0-12 before bronze.

If on the other hand you want to know more about how strats evolved and to see how variations on old strats are now being touted as new (and what strats you can adapt to defeat them).. You might want to re-do the evolution of AoE strategy only faster:
1. shang axers (also roman, mace, phoenie) - +16-28 villies stone, +8 villies +4-8 FBs tool - clubbers/axers
2. yammy scouts (also shang, roman) - +16-28 villies stone, +8 villies +4-8 FBs tool - scouts
3. assy bowmen (also hittite, shang, phoenie, roman) - +16-28 villies stone, +8 villies +4-8 FBs tool - bowmen/slingers
4. yammy cav rush (also shang, persian, mace, palmy) - +20-24 villies stone, +4-8 villies +4-8 FBs tool - cavs/camels
5. assy CAs (also hittite +STs, egypt +ChC) - +20-24 villies stone, +4-8 villies +4-8 FBs tool - CAs
6. minoan boat boom (also phoenie, persian, palmy) - +12-16 villies +20-24 FBs stone, +4-8 villies +4-8 FBs tool - compies/cavs
7. phoenie boat rush (also minoan, yammy, roman) - +16-20 villies stone, +8 villies +4-8 FBs tool - camels/CAs, warships
8. minoan boat wars (also phoenie, hittite, palmy) - +20-24 villies +12-16 FBs stone, +4-8 villies +8-12 FBs tool - compies/STs, warships
9. yammy overboom (also shang, hittite, phoenie, roman) - +24-28 villies +12-16 FBs stone, +4-8 villies +8-16 FBs tool - warships, axers/scouts
10. shang overboom (also yammy, assy, hittite, mace) - +28-32 villies +8-12 FBs stone, +4-8 villies +4-8 FBs tool - warships, bowmen/slingers

Caesar Constintine
posted 05-28-01 07:54 PM ET (US)     3 / 5       
AoE is agreat game, I'm very glad you have given it a second chance What I like about it, is when you get tired of playing it and stop for a while, it's always great to play it again

Allot of beginners and people comming back to AoE play Shang against the AI, but people on the net don't like it becuase it's (atleast for me) too good.

It also seams that many people are giving the slower civs a chance, and discovering they are very good (Carth, Mace, Persia)

Happy gaming

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posted 05-29-01 08:02 AM ET (US)     4 / 5       
On the zone some players are so very expert it's hard to win a game I tried a few zone games last week. I was amazed how the hands remember all the hot keys. My lack of practice killed me fast...think I was 3 or 4 mins behind. On the zone one has to play aggressive..attack first and keep the pressure up. That always wins the game. (for them not for this rookie)

Against the AI I can still win no matter the settings. It's easy to have a fun but weird game against that poor AI. I like making just villagers and towers or just villagers and priests. LOL, that poor AI

Have fun aoe peoples and may your games make you happy.

posted 05-29-01 09:08 AM ET (US)     5 / 5       
It can only take a few games and your back into the swing of things. Try to remember the hot keys, always have a good economy and try to play with people your own skill level. No use playing an expert if your not that great and playing in a newbie game when you are quite good is no gonna give you any experiance.
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