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Age of Empires / Rise of Rome / Definitive Edition
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Topic Subject:Playing on the zone
posted 05-25-01 03:38 PM ET (US)         
Does anyone have any hints for me for playing over the zone? Every time i play, i get crushed and i was wondering if anyone has any hints that would help me come closer to winning. I dont care what kinds of hints they are, whether they are units to use, civs to use, or just hints to help me play better. Can anyone here help me?
posted 05-25-01 05:03 PM ET (US)     1 / 4       
You've just got to keep playing really and get experience, cos it's so much harder than playing a computer, unless you're up against a REAL idiot so you need to get experience of different strategies such as the tool rush or bronze rush and how to defend or rebuild your economy after a big/early attack. Just keep playing and have fun!

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posted 05-25-01 05:54 PM ET (US)     2 / 4       
1. Strike first, and strike last. - A small strike before your opponent can stop it is better than a large one once he can. Practice being fast through the ages, it's one of the few things you can practice against the computer since military is irrelevant.

2. Having a large economy is extremely important. I used to completely ignore micromanaging my armies, focusing all my attention on economy, occasionally taking a moment to send more troops to the battlefield, and winning. Meanwhile we constantly see new players training large armies while having tiny economies of a dozen or so villagers, and being unable to sustain more than one wave of combat.

3. Keep growing your economy! One of the reason I'm not as good as I used to be is people now play with 200 pop, whereas when I used to play it was almost always 50 pop. Because of that, I often forget to grow my economy past the first 40 or so villies/boats. Don't make the same mistake, grow to 150!

4a. Good units for offense: axemen, scouts, bowmen, warboats, cavalry, CAs. Slingers and STs are good support to take out any walls, towers and buildings the enemy may have, and do well against defensive archers also.

4b. Good units for defense: walls, bowmen, slingers, camels, compies.

5. Civ is indeed important. Some civs are fast, some are strong, some are unusual and surprising... and some just suck. Don't use random, greek, cho or carth in RM unless you're looking for a challenge.

5a. Shang is one of the best civs for new RM players because the reduced villager cost always helps no matter what your strategy, and their wide variety of units lets you try most strategies you hear about. Also be sure to build walls, they can often give you more time to prepare if someone is about to rush you, and that can make the difference.

5b. Yammy's bonuses, as I mentioned in another thread, are very well focused for surviving and counter-attacking against tool rushes of all kinds. As they become less powerful in later ages, you have to learn how to be faster and more offensive - but they can help you avoid getting crushed early on.

5c. Mace has very powerful bonuses for bronze land attacks, but what is more significant if you're just starting out at zone play is their villager see much further. That means you can find berries, forests, gold mines, and lions much easier.

5d. Rome has cheaper buildings, which like shang's cheap villagers applies no matter what you do, and is even more significant on land maps once you start farming. Their tower bonus can be nice in tool age and their cheap buildings can help them mount a mixed tool offensive more easily, but their bronze age is weak due to a conspicuous lack of archery units.

5e. Minoa has much cheaper boats, by far their best bonus, which allows them to both win the sea with large fleets of warships and fully exploit it with masses of fishing boats. Minoa's second bonus would be composite bowmen with extended range, which can be a powerful military bonus as composite bowmen defeat chariot archers in large battles; however, as compies aren't as fast as CAs, it's harder to use them offensively so you may have to rely on camels for that.

5d. A fleet of hittite's long-ranged warboats can defeat any other until late iron once you have enough of them. Their archery bonus applies well to archery units from tool to iron, giving them a small but useful military bonus throughout the ages. Their siege bonus makes them one the the major powers in iron and evel late bronze, if they aren't demolished early. In addition to all that, they have a wide variety of useful units so they have the option to surprise their opponents whereas every good player knows what to expect from civs such as yammy or minoan.

posted 05-25-01 06:33 PM ET (US)     3 / 4       
I wouldn't say playing the comp is useless. It's a good way to practice you opening moves, tool and bronze times, and micromanagement skills without going through an entire game. I would recomend finding a good strat and practice getting a decent bronze time against the comp before doing much on the zone. Then, come back here and ask someone to play a few games with you. And as wedsaz said, all the civs are different. once you have got a strat down, try it with some different civs and take notice of the differences.
posted 05-25-01 07:37 PM ET (US)     4 / 4       
Exactly, humans can get upset when you quit just because your bronze time wasn't as fast as you expected.

So long as you go back on the zone every so ofter to be sure you're making progress, practicing speed and micromanagement against the computer can be very good since you don't have to wait an hour before finding a willing opponent so you can learn faster.

Practicing with other aspiring experts you might know can be good too, since you can agree to set something up and practice it - like martial arts or something - when the computer wouldn't listen. For example any unit vs unit battle should be tested with another player, not the computer, since the latter manages units very differently and that can affect the outcome.

Finally, never take for granted anything you hear from an 'expert', especially me. Listen to what they say, but try it out for yourself - and always keep an eye out for combinations or special situations the experts may not have tried. Sometimes there's a glitch in a common wisdom 'ritual', something that only happens on a blue moon when the camels are pregnant and exactly 13 villies are doing the 'idle villager dance', and if you're the only one that knows about it... it might give you some easy victories.

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