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Topic Subject:Terms and Abbreviations
posted 03-23-01 03:50 PM ET (US)         
Well, I am no newbie, as most of you know. But still, sometimes here on the Forum you all use terms and abbreviations that leave me wondering exactly what you mean.

For example, Benoit in his account of his night on the Zone (which I enjoyed very much) mentioned "Ca's" Now what would that be? Cavalry? Chariot Archer? Catapult? Cataphract? (I doubt if he meant cataphract, though.)

And another term I have heard here, (and I hope my memory serves me correctly) is "straggler."

Now I know that "sf" means shore fishing, but does "HC" mean Heavy Cavalry or Heavy Catapult?

Do you think we might list the most common used abbreviations and terms? Might be helpful to us all, and especially to new people who come to the Forum.


HG Alumnus
posted 03-23-01 04:12 PM ET (US)     1 / 19       
CA = chariot archer
HC = (prolly) heavy cav(alry) but depends on the context and user. Catapults are generally abbreviated to Cat.
straggler = solitary tree near your TC.

Matter of fact I'm compiling a list with such oddities for the hints site. I'll put straggler in it.

Hope this helps

posted 03-23-01 04:24 PM ET (US)     2 / 19       
Thanks, Peter.

I knew catapults were sometimes referred to as "Cats" from the many trial and tribulations I had trying to win the 1st Punic War, 2nd Scn and from the many posts on the Forum about those yellow cats. Or maybe they were heavy cats. Anyway, they got me everytime...

When is the hint site going to be available and where will it be?


posted 03-23-01 04:42 PM ET (US)     3 / 19       
CA = Chariot Archer
Cav = Cavalry (though some call them calvary?!)
HCav = Heavy Cavalry
Cat = Catapult
HCat = Heavy Catapult
HC could also be a keyboard shortcut, H being 'select primary town center' and C being 'train villager'. So I'd need to know the context to be sure.
Cataphracts are so rarely mentioned, there doesn't seem to be a standard abbreviation for them. I often call them Ctfs. (from the late roman 'catafractarii')
straggler = solitary tree, not in a forest. Most often mentioned near the beginning of the game, as granary-first strats can't afford a wood pit until they chop a few of those 'stragglers'.
sf = shorefishing, yes
Sumerian Leper
posted 03-23-01 05:01 PM ET (US)     4 / 19       
Not trying to split hairs here...

HC is most often Heavy Catapult...Although HC could be meant to refer to Heavy Calvary it would be very seldom if ever...(Mostly for the reason that Heavy Calvary are very seldom used in Zone play...Calvary are usually referred to as cavs...
HA = Horse Archer
HHA = Heavy Horse Archer
Phracts = Cataphracts
FB = Fishing Boat
Helos (or) Helps = Helopis
Rax = Barracks
Toolie = Tool Archer
Axer = Axe man
Impie = Improved Bowman
Compie = Composite Bowman
Dumbo (or) Ele = Elephants *Could Be wild or domesticated*
Range = Archery Range
Forwards = Villagers assigned to build toward enemy
Tranny = Transport Ship
Juggs = Juggernaught
Remes = Trireme
Galley = War Galley (Most often)

Most of these are common sense, although some might be of use to you. I know there are many more, however I will let someone else fill in the blanks. I believe most if not all of the terms listed here are accepted on the Zone and in these forums.

Knowledge is not power until it is formulated into an organized plan of action.
HG Alumnus
posted 03-23-01 05:08 PM ET (US)     5 / 19       
huhu, I'll include those - that's to say them that I didn't already have.
Phill Phree
posted 03-23-01 09:07 PM ET (US)     6 / 19       
For the list so far, at least till Peter's next update, go to

and click the glossary link.

Sarah; for the hints go to the same link, then click on campaigns under the single player menu. The campaign you mentioned and many others, including all of the ones that get installed with the game, are there.

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Delirious Lab
(id: Benoit)
posted 03-24-01 00:23 AM ET (US)     7 / 19       
On the Zone I see some people specify "no painting" in their game settings. What does this mean?
posted 03-24-01 01:52 AM ET (US)     8 / 19       
That was done to me once.
It's when someone places building footprints on your land, stopping your woodies form getting to the forest for example. Extremely annoying, since villies have to target the buildings individually, so the 'attacker' can place buildings faster than you can take them down. A half-hour later, his tool-age army arrives in your stone-age town, and you die because your villies can't run (again because of the @#$%ing ghost buildings).
Hint - this is not a good way to make friends.
posted 03-24-01 02:04 AM ET (US)     9 / 19       
but doesn't "non reveal" prevent this? at least in the stone age.
posted 03-24-01 03:49 AM ET (US)     10 / 19       
Yep, which is probably why noreveal is so popular in competitive games. Generally the lamers who do this aren't very good at actually playing, so they don't get a good look at your base until after they abdicate.
posted 03-24-01 09:14 AM ET (US)     11 / 19       
I have compiled the list of abbreviations and terms that are common: (The ones I use are marked with a *)

Painting: Building buildings in other people's city
Trainers: Programs that allow cheating
Lol: Laughing out loud
Brb: Be right back
14: I'm an annoying idiot who can't stop using taunt 14.
Green: Only good ping
Ping: Connection performance
Esq: Esquiline
Cho War: Game with only towers and legions
Reg DM: Regular DM
WW: Wonder War, first to construct and hold wonder wins
WR: Wonder Race, last to build wonder resigns
*MMM: Maimin_matty's mayhem

CA: Chariot archer
TC: Town center/ The Conquerors
Peons: Villagers
Heles: Helepolises
Cats: Catapults or H. Catapults
*HCat: Heavy Catapults
ST: Stone Throwers
Cav: Cavalry
HC: Heavy Cavalry
*HCav: Heavy Cavalry
Scy: Scythes
AE; Armored Elephants
EA: Elephant Archers
Eles: Elephants in general
SF: Shore Fishing
*BF: Berry foraging
Cata: Cataphract
Compy: Composite Bowman
HA, HHA: Horse Archers, Heavy Horse Archer
*BT: Ballista Towers
Juggers: Juggernaught
Hoppers: Hoplite
Cent: Centurion

That's not it but I'm not that sad!

HG Angel
AoEH Staff

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Sumerian Leper
posted 03-24-01 10:21 AM ET (US)     12 / 19       

The term "painting" has been watered down greatly since you played. Now days, it simply refers to forward building in enemy's land.

Knowledge is not power until it is formulated into an organized plan of action.
Queen hatsepsut
posted 03-24-01 11:23 AM ET (US)     13 / 19       
(oh my, i have been ignoring you, expect more, i have loads of projects! Science, math, tech, english... all due VERY soon)

You guys should ask an Angel or another Angelic counterpart to make a page with all this info on it, i find this extremly helpful!

Phill Phree
posted 03-24-01 11:28 AM ET (US)     14 / 19       
Well I wouldn't describe myself or Peter as angelic but we have tried - see link in earlier post.

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posted 03-24-01 01:24 PM ET (US)     15 / 19       
Thanks to so many of you for these helpful explanations. I am printing all of it out.

Phill, your site is awesome. And Peter I am glad to see your hints there - on the web at last.

The thing that makes AoE so much fun for me is being on this Forum with all of you!

Thanks again.


HG Alumnus
posted 03-24-01 03:39 PM ET (US)     16 / 19       

Thank you (turns red)
you're welcome.
Phill Phree
posted 03-24-01 09:21 PM ET (US)     17 / 19       

Hope the hints help you with the campaigns, Sarah. I guess you know how to deal with those cats now, huh? More will get added as and when we get time to play them.

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Caesar Constintine
posted 03-25-01 04:10 PM ET (US)     18 / 19       
I have a post on Caesar 3 Heavens about Abbrivations...

here it is,431,1,0

HG Alumnus
posted 03-25-01 05:15 PM ET (US)     19 / 19       
Uh yea, nice list but of course it isn't very specific to the subject here.
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