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Topic Subject:When to Resign - I say never!
posted 12-22-98 09:25 AM ET (US)         
well I played 2 games last night, couldn't make the party unfortunately but still had fun and got 2 wins. The first game I was sumerian and kicked butt, I had heavy cats, heavy horse archers, scythe chariots by the 50 minute mark. About 25 minutes into my game my ally who is iron already, and who I've been telling I've killed a lot of the enemy villagers gets attacked by catapults and horse archers, instead of running he resigns, I win 2v1 and he gets a loss I believe, he resigned too quickly.

The 2nd game was a marathon game. I basically sucked up, I went for a yamato scout/slinger rush and while building up the force I got bowmen rush from the opposite direction, to make things worse the person I was rushing scout ship rushed me and took out my fishermen, this added with the fact that the bowmen hit my elephant hunters meant I had 0 food coming in. Well my allies thankfully tribbed me enough food to bronze but then the enemy found me and nocked me down to 8 villagers. At this point in the game I had 8 villagers, all in hostile territory, no resources, almost no non-military buildings and a small outpost where I was going to rush from, I had hurt the enemy I rushed a bit though. I came very close to resigning since my time was limited and I wanted another game, but I decided since my allies were dead without me I'd stick in. Well I ended up hurting two of the enemies in bronze with tributed resources and killing the third enemy in iron, even though I spent 20 minutes in bronze with single digit villagers. Pretty much had I resigned we would of lost. I even ended up with 213 kills and only 113 losses.

Don't resign until your allies tell you to!

posted 12-22-98 12:02 PM ET (US)     1 / 19       
I completely agree.If you have the resources to rebuild and only one vill left make a go of it . In multiplayer its totally viable since once your enemies have cleaned your clock they will probably forget about you for a while.Even if you dont come out on top your opponents will be appreciative that you didn't just resign.IMHO.


posted 12-22-98 12:59 PM ET (US)     2 / 19       
That Marathon game was one of the most dramatic games Ive played in Ender. I think your comeback stunned our enemies completely, sort of reminded me of Ali's famous rope a dope in the thriller in Manilla .When he fained like he was hurt on the ropes and came back swinging like a mad man aggainst George Forman and knocked him out.
That game had lots of ups and downs, and was a war the whole way.Earlier in that game I was hurt pretty bad buy red, because I had little land military, as I was mainly fighting on the sea with the Shang and the Minoan, but thanks to you and the Hitite(until he dropped) taking the brunt of the Land wars I had enough of an econ to come back with ellies and scyths, and hold off the Shangs Cats, and HA.
That game is a great example of keeping the faith and fighting until the tide turns.So many times the Psychological edge is what is important, and haveing allies alive and still fighting is as important to your side as it is demoralizing to the enemy.


posted 12-22-98 01:17 PM ET (US)     3 / 19       
I couldnt agree more Ender. I cant stand when one of my allies resigns just because he isnt in good shape. If your other allies can hold off for a bit it would be quite easy for you to rebuild. I cant count how many times one of my allies was hurt almost to the point of being defeated and then 20 minutes later they have heavy Cats taking back territory.

posted 12-22-98 06:26 PM ET (US)     4 / 19       
I totally agree Ender. I played a 3v3 random civ game a while back and got hurt badly in early bronze. It appeared that I had no hope of making iron or being able to defend myself at all because the enemy had done a good job of keeping me off my gold mines. And since I was greek I was totally gold dependent. I relocated between my 2 allies and started rebuilding and boat fishing like crazy. I was able to tribute thousands in food and wood to my fellow greek ally and at least help him that way. Eventaully, my allies recaptured my gold piles and I was able to iron and help out some.

I was deeply embarrassed by my play since it was the first time I had allied with Omnivac and I think Mack. But staying in the game did provide a benefit to the team. And after all, it is a team effort.

Gosh I play stupid with Greek


posted 12-22-98 07:28 PM ET (US)     5 / 19       
And please all, don't underestimate the effect you are having on your own teammates. A couple of cases in point.

I played a 4 v 4 with EGrav, Laelius, Centaurie and me against Wayne111 and 3 others whose names escape me. EGrav dropped early, and Wayne iron jumped, so things were not all well. Through the whole game Centaurie gives a running commentary about the quality of his game and continually asking us if we were dead, should we resign, etc. Both Laelius and I were intact and had damaged 2 of our enemies, while centaurie was getting battered by Wayne and the 4th player. So as Wayne rolls over centaurie, sending him fleeing, Centaurie reiterates how we are all dead, the game is over and how there is no point. So, after hearing about this for the last 20 minutes of the game, I agree, tribute and resign. The game continued 4 v 2 for another 30 minutes, eventually being won by Wayne by Wonder. Now clearly we were not all dead, and clearly the game progressed further, and clearly I SHOULD NOT HAVE RESIGNED. But, in my defense, centaurie should not have psyched us out. There is a difference between asking for help, and pronouncing that you are dead and out of the game.

My second case is another 4 v 4 last night with myself, qwksnd, blank1 and Miriya vs Warlust, Taebin, Dustyn and Master Flash. After some intense tool warfare, qwksnd missed a block in his wall and got tagged hard by taebin and dustyn and master flash. As he continually said he was dead or out of the game, blank1 kept telling himn to stick with it that we would be right there. I sent boats and tributed, blank1 towered, and qwksnd eventually pushed them out of his town. If qwksnd had resigned, we were goners, as it was, he took a righteous beating, and was tributed into an army and tributed into iron, but the beating he was taking, was beatings that neither I nor blank were taking. Blank ironed and was able to go cat/heleopolis, and that was the beginning of the end.

My point here is that we all forget at times that this is a team game, and that even though we individually may be getting our behinds handed to us in a game, our team may be doing ok. Everyone on team in the game should try to keep that in mind.

posted 12-22-98 08:02 PM ET (US)     6 / 19       
I have been telling this to IBG for a long time. Two examples:

1. I'm in a 2on2 with someone I don't know to well. I tool and bronze fairly early and begin making troops (I tooled one of the others - red a bit it). Suddenly I am hit by a few cavs fom the blue player. DOH! "Go attack blue I tell my partner, he has some cav in my forward bases." No response, meanwhile, red now bronzes and begins hitting me with chariot archers.

I am doing fine because I have dock blocked, so I continue to fend them off and boom.

Oops, now I have cav and archers in my vills! After a glorious battle, I notice I have 8 vills - DOH! Some boom...

Anyway, I continue to battle on and rebuild, getting tribs from my ally... who then DROPS!

Needless to say, I am iron now and making HAs and cats - I eventually win, but I could have easily resigned - IBG would have!

2. Robotron/Methos/Toons/me vs 4 others. Robo and xpert101 (on other team) After 15 min I am still tool and methos is under attack - complaining "I hate partners that don't make armies!"

I laugh and say, let's wonder... then he resigns saying "good luck with the 3on2"

Well we immediately laid plans to build a wonder - toons had no army either. We built on eon his side and defended it with cats/priests/towers... barely :-)

Creole Ned
posted 12-22-98 09:39 PM ET (US)     7 / 19       
Out4Blood: Pardon my denseness, but what is "dock-blocking?" I could speculate, but I'd rather keep my foot on the floor and outta my mouth.

I think everyone's made very valid points here. In multiplayer, even if you're hanging on by a thread...hang on!

When I was still a tactical newbie, I played a 2v2 in which one of the enemies was dropped early, but the surviving player was much stronger than either me or my ally. He came into my town and basically pushed me out as my ally held him at bay from his much better defended position. Meanwhile, I gathered what villagers I had and started rebuilding far off to the south. The enemy had left his own partner's town alone, so I moved in and made myself at home (I'm still surprised when this happens. If someone drops early, take over his town! It's a gift!)

Soon enough, my ally is being pounded on and I'm not strong enough to really help, so my ally takes it on the lam and what followed was this hilarious chase across the map (it was continental). Basically, me and my partner stamped down buildings and gathered resources wherever we could and when we had enough troops, we'd attack the enemy at his rear ranks. As we pushed into his territory, he'd start moving around and down, coming up on our rear. We ended up going in a complete circle, with me back in my original town (among other places) and my ally back in his. Eventually we did lose, but I'm convinced that if we had had our tactics more together, we could have won. Most importantly, it looked hopeless for me, but I was able to escape and rebuild enough of a force to present a credible challenge...and it was a blast, to boot!

posted 12-22-98 10:11 PM ET (US)     8 / 19       
Dockblocking is placing a dock on a shallow to prevent land units from crossing the shallow.

Resign if your partners say you can. And for god's sake, trib before resign!

-Nineveh, "Minister for Compy Equality"
ICQ 16407576

posted 12-22-98 11:26 PM ET (US)     9 / 19       

I agree that you should not resign in a multiplayer game until all the teammates agree that the situation is hopeless. I cannot stand it when a partner, who has not once called for help, resigns out of the blue!

Still, in a game in which you have taken out all but one of the opponents, and that opponent is running several villagers around the map hiding (just for the sake of annoyance), I feel they should resign out of courtesy.

This obviously doesn't happen often in games where everyone knows everyone else, but when you are just playing pick-up games it sometimes does. I would say this is one time when a resignation is justifiable and preferable.

-- Prince Bolkonsky

posted 12-22-98 11:36 PM ET (US)     10 / 19       
I will admit that I resign sometimes when I am the one doing all the work for my team. A 3 on 1 can get old pretty fast.

If my teamates are doing better then me then I will of course always stay in the game. But, I think I've played enough AOE to know when a comeback is possible and when your just wasting everyones time .

Big Daddy
posted 12-23-98 02:19 AM ET (US)     11 / 19       
Yo bloody, it was 23 (not 15 son) minutes into the game and my two allies had 1 kill combined. I don't enjoy being triple teamed while my allies sim city. You can die, but please don't sit in the corner and lollygag.

The reason why you won that game? I tooled one down to 4 villagers and seriously damaged another's economy with bronze raids. Of course you wouldn't know that because you were too busy farming.

I didn't resign that game because I thought it was over, in fact I knew our side had the advantage (2 untouched players for 25 minutes - duh). I resigned because I was disgusted with my allies.


posted 12-24-98 09:55 PM ET (US)     12 / 19       
There's a debate going on in my forum (about the looser in caps). It's about when you are almost defeated and the enemy proposes you an allience with him, should you do it?

I thought people interrested in this one are also interrested in that one.

FanatiC KaBaN
posted 12-25-98 01:00 AM ET (US)     13 / 19       
Well, guys... I just played a game not long ago when all of our enemies resigned because my pards score (Desert_Fox ) was too high

I try not to resign, not even if my Pard drops, it gives good practice to play 2vs3 anyway, why not try and win?

posted 12-25-98 05:35 AM ET (US)     14 / 19       
I agree with most of u, never say never. For instance in one game (1 v 1 gigantic, shang vs. hittite) i had underestimated my opponent and build about 30 scythes which i thought would easily crush him. Well his base defences were extremely tough (last time i scouted there were none!) and not only that he had a cat army ready for that very moment. My base was crushed despite attempts by scythes to defeat the cat army. with 3 villies and plenty of wood, i decided to colonize the rest of the map. base 1 was south, where i decided to farm since it was far away from his main base. base 2 was actually close to my main base but in a nice concealed forest. I had a huge woodworking crew there as well as some shore fish. base 3 was on a peninsual with shore fish, wood and farming. Finally I had the resources to get back up again. meanwhile, thinking he had crushed me, he took his cats out for a cruise then ignored them. I had a military base behind a very long forest, put up 3 stables and churned out scythes. soon i had even more than my first wave of scythe in my main base! i then attacked his cats, multi-directionally and he was stumped. he had to rebuild another cat army. unfortunatley i decided to attack, while he still had some cats in his main base.. i could've used that wave to defend further as a precaution. well before i blabber away i built more "colonies" and eventually was able to make cats of my own. the war went on for a very long time, and when he uncovered any base, he would find it empty (scouting then he would leave the area and i'd walk right back in

it ended with a drop, but the point is even 3 villies can get far in RoR. no reason to quit when you can re-build.. as for not resigning when you can't rebuild.. don't get me started on that.

posted 12-25-98 03:45 PM ET (US)     15 / 19       
A 1v1 on gigantic? Good grief!

I certainly hope victory conditions were set standard...

posted 12-27-98 08:02 PM ET (US)     16 / 19       
I don't resign even if I have no villagers AT ALL. It has too much of a psychological impact on the others. I inform my teammates and read a magazine or watch t.v. until the game is over. I once ran my last villager into my allys town and re-built to the point of winding up with most kills-most almost everything at the end. Think TEAM.

posted 12-27-98 11:39 PM ET (US)     17 / 19       
In a 1v1 resign when you are sure you can't win. In a team game resign only when the entire team wants to resign! I will admit I have and still will ocaasionally resign a team game when I am doing all the fighting and am two ages ahead of my partners who each have 8 or 12 peons and won't talk to me..but more and more I try to play with people I know so that isn't a problem. I a good game.. IF YOU DON'T RESIGN THE ENEMY HAS TO CONSTANTLY WORRY ABOUT AND TAKE THE TIME TO AT LEAST KILL ALL YOUR PEONS & TC'S..
so please resign only when you are on my enemy team ! - neilkaz -

posted 01-02-99 09:19 AM ET (US)     18 / 19       
Never before was this message so clearly shown as in a 4v4 random civ last night.I got yam and was happy to have a good spot but my few cav and a scout ran into a wall at one shallows and a dock block at the other once I power bronzed. Thus I queued up many more peon for multiple TC's while getting a huge and way faster than anyone else iron. I won a boat battle at the dock block once I got remes and hcav's/HA's and a couple of ST/hoppers went thru the dock block and the wall behind it. I pounded two civ's down to about 1 or 2 peons but they DIDN'T resign and got away. I tried to advance to do more damage but got confused dealing with many military building to kill and coordinating my forces vs tougher opposition from one of the other enemies. In the mean time two of my allies got chased around and I was totally constrained by 100 pop limit, so I kept tributing but my two injured allies didn't do much. I had 110 but could have made 160 units. I know I clearly dumped the game do to poor actions at this time.. and we later lost to Sumie Hcats and the rebuilt Persians ele's. If he had resigned we clearly would have won. My point is.. DON'T BE THE FIRST ON YOUR TEAM TO RESIGN.. BE THE LAST !!BTW I ended up winning 2 games in the last 3 days where I was getting completely overrun in Iron and had trib'd everything while I had time, but the attackers ended up missing a large workcenter of mine as they got distracted by my allies ! I couldn't believe 20 defenceless peons were spared twice, but maybe they missed em? Anyhow guess my result and our teams result if I resigned !

posted 01-02-99 02:01 PM ET (US)     19 / 19       
Nope conquest man that game went for over 2 hrs.. u should try it sometime

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