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Topic Subject:What Makes You Resign?
posted 02-21-01 12:58 PM ET (US)         
Last week I played in several types of games. Several games were with players I hadn't played with before and with settings I usually don't play. After playing a handful of these games that included high resources and reveal on some maps I came away learning more about the game.

What I learned is each player has skill level associated with game survival. What makes you resign?

I had one game where I had two inexperienced players on my team, playing three players I have known for a year or so. My team was leading in score and I had won the sea (Medit Reveal High Resources settings). In early Bronze my partners said they were fine, then within two minutes both had resigned without saying anything. I told my opponents that they weren't nice to my partners, then asked what they did. Each of my partner resigned when a handful of Chariot Archers found their woodies.

Several games last week I would be able to have a small Bronze army (5-10) units kill all of the opponent's villagers. They wouldn't run or build any military buildings, just say "GG" and resign.

I personally have set lofty goals for myself. If I lose, I want to have at least 200 losses. This means that I have fought a good fight. Some games I have played lately have had a Loss TTL of less than 100 for 6 players combined when the game ended!

The "expert" games I play in typically have fighting in Tool, Bronze, and Iron. Sometimes even in Stone. These experts aren't gonna give an opponent an easy win with just making a handful or two units. These wins will have to be earned by fighting through all of the Ages, use effective counter units, and have scattered economies used throughout the game. These players have techniques and skills to survive/avoid archers in their woodies.

Do you have any personal goals for survival? When do you consider yourself beat? What techniques do you use to keep your economies alive and producing?

Can you survive the Blitzkrieg?
Sumerian Leper
posted 02-21-01 01:39 PM ET (US)     1 / 6       
I think "knowing when your beat" is probably (notice I didn't say prolly) different for everyone. For example the 2 players you were teamed up with felt they were beat the moment they were discovered. Just because you or I could have salvaged their situation, had it been ours, doesn't make it wrong for them to resign. They could have ran...thrown down a few military buildings... kicked out some units...but the truth is they were beat and they knew it. Sometimes a less experienced player can learn alot form resigning early. He or she can all that guy had was 5 Chariot Arhcers...damn I could have pushed him back.

My theory is this: The more a person plays the game, the more he knows when to say when. We have played a game or two together knowing we had lost the game in early Tool. If you are experienced, you just know when you are beat. Most times once you know this you can't do much to change your destiny.

posted 02-21-01 02:24 PM ET (US)     2 / 6       
Not to get too far off the subject here, but... one of my biggest pet peeves with Zone players are the strong players on the weak team.

Two nights ago I played a Conti game and I had terrible start... no forest any where. I had opponent's miliary buildings in my land early and knew I was in for some fun. I was Choson. Anyways I was on the left, and KGB Death Angel was in the middle.

While I was fighting a close Tool war on land and sea, KGB comes to my town with lots of villagers and starts mining gold. His opponent had outmuscled him I guess. He asked if anyone needed anything and I said I needed everything. He tribbed me 50 food and I knew we were done.

"His" opponent came and crushed my little attack I had going with "my" opponent. "His" opponent soon Ironed and I told my team we were done. Well my other partner (I don't play with this other partner hardly at all) said "Don't quit, don't quit!" Meanwhile this partner of ours was able to weaken one opponent with a decent sized Bronze army, but made no attempt to weaken either of the two's economies or help "save" us.

I went to Achievements and saw that KGB had 7 kills and 50-60 losses, and I had like 30-40 kills and 80-90 losses, and our other teammate had 60-70 kills and 20-30 losses. Most of my kills were military, not economy kills. Villager highs had me and KGB sub 60 vills, and our other partner around 65. One of their teammates had 100+ and another had 80+.

Very soon our partner was boobing that he needed help and couldn't play a 3v1. The big opponents were slaughtering his econ. Two of the opponents had Ironed and were huge, and he was left in Bronze with two worthless teammates that were being chased all over the map. When I had heard enough whining I resigned and went and played with different people.

I knew we were beat at around 18:00, and he was starting to cry at 30:00. I left the game around 40:00 and all of our team was still in Bronze. I'm sure my partner thought the loss was not his fault at all.

I hate games like that.

Can you survive the Blitzkrieg?
HG Alumnus
posted 02-21-01 02:31 PM ET (US)     3 / 6       
What a long posts you write. Reminds me of somebody else on these forums.
Hm, well, sometimes I resign against the comp when I'm under heavy attack and have the feeling iwon't survive it. But sometimes I'd go on and lo, I'd win too - so some ppl perhaps resign too early just cuz they ain't got no stamina.

posted 02-21-01 08:48 PM ET (US)     4 / 6       
Ouch, I know what you mean. I hate allies that say "just play" and proceed to play a 3v3 as if it was a 1v1... it's not. I'd rather a newbie ally who tries to help to an expert who doesn't; the game may be lost either way, but the newbie will start being useful after a few games and a lot of playing tips.
Most important upgrade in AoE: writing. Knowing what your allies are up to and getting benefit of their explorations is priceless.
To answer your initial question, I resign when my allies are worse than my opponents. That means someone who picks my primary berry patch and takes my gold without asking. That means an ally who says "just play" when we just spent an hour building up a team strat, with me and the other ally in serious trouble because he didn't hold up his end. Finally, I resign when there is no hope of rebuilding, which means no villies or TC. But then, my opponents often said things like "damn persistant" (often followed by "gg"/resign), so that's just me.
posted 02-22-01 00:31 AM ET (US)     5 / 6       
Well, to answer why I resign:

I play AoE DM, not RoR RM like most of you. But anyway, I resign when:

1. I have no resources
2. My allies are no help
3. the opponents are jerks and start insulting me
4. the game lasts more than 2hrs.
5. the enemy cheats
6. my mom yells at me for not taking out the trash

Have a smile, from me: =)
E-mail me:

Runescape Name: Poltroon
"Friends are like elephants, they'll never forget you"
Delirious Lab
(id: Benoit)
posted 02-22-01 09:41 AM ET (US)     6 / 6       
Let me tell you a story...

One of the most fun games I had - and the one which I'm glad I didn't quit - was against 1 computer opponent on Hardest. This was when beating the comp was still very hard for me. This was on a Coastal map, I had 2 villies, a stable, a docks, a dozen fishing ships and barely 120 wood for a pit. I had been taken by a bunch of Hittite CAs and Cats just after hitting the Scythe Chariot upgrade. Luckily, my stable was far away from my base so it had time to finish upgrading before it was found.

Then the message appears: "All artifacts have been captured. You will lose if...". This when I have about 20% of a Huge map explored.

"Quit this stupid game and go to bed," a little voice tells me.

"Shut up," I tell the voice. I have more than 1000 food and the comp is too stupid to fo after my fishing boats. If I can only pit in a safe place, chop enough wood for a TC, 12 houses, 8-10 stables and lots of scythes, I may give them Hittites a good fight.

Or at least find those artifacts before I get crushed.

I was slowly rebuilding but the ticker was down to a few hundred years when came the reversal of fortune that I never but should have) expected: "So and so has started building a Wonder!" It might have well have been "The artifacts are here!" Sure enough, I take my first dozen schythes, run past the Wonder and there are the 5 artifacts near the enemy TC. I manage to turn them blue just before my last scythe is killed by the scythes.

Of course the comp recovers the artifacts immediately. I have only bought myself 2000 years. Meanwhile, the enemy has found me and half of my new scythes have to fend off the attacks.

The Wonder is completed. I have to ignore it for now because the artifact clock is ticking again. Send 12 scythes, turn artifacts blue, lose all 12 scythes, live another 2000 years. I can make only scythes (no gold) so things go slow.

Finally I have enough of an army to attack the Wonder. They all die after taking a few shots. Less than 300 years on the clock and I desperately send scythes in waves of three (at this point I have 3 stables left) against HHAs and HCs. Stupid AI mistake #3: he shoots near his Wonder with Catapults! All right then, I get the message: I'll just dance around the Wonder until HE destroys it. And that's what he does. With 50 years to go.

The rest was easy. Mass schythes vs. computer = I won. The moral: never resign against the computer if you can rebuild. Your town is being leveled? Hide some villas, wait till they're done destroying, then rebuild on the same spot. Chances are you won't be found a second time.

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