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Age of Empires / Rise of Rome / Definitive Edition
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Topic Subject:What's really hard for me
posted 02-10-01 02:55 PM ET (US)         
OK. I think I have figured out what ONE of my problems is and why I have so much trouble winning some campaigns.

It's having more than one enemy to fight.

Peter suggested to me I play RM for a while choosing 2 or 3 enemies. I'd always played RM with just 1 enemy. (No wonder I could win.)

It's so much harder having more than one enemy! But I think that is what I need to work on. God knows, that is probably one reason I could never win the 2nd Scn in the First Punic War. I just don't do well fighting on two fronts.

So now I have to practice, practice, practice. And forget about playing RM on "easiest" with only one enemy.

Anybody else have trouble with more than one opponant?

I've been playing AoE for nearly a year, and I can't believe I am still crawling instead of walking.

Still, it is the absolute best game I know. And for some strange reason I am absolutely bonded to it.


posted 02-10-01 03:55 PM ET (US)     1 / 27       
You're bonded to the game cos it's amazing!!!

I now win regularly playing on hardest level rm's as a 2v2, sometimes i play 2v3 but then my screen just jerks too much (P133...never mind), but i started off playing 1v1 on easiest and you soon pick up the tricks of how to beat the keep playing, once you've mastered the computer, you can start to play against humans (of course this works the other way round as well, but i only started off playing at home against comp, but there's a big difference between a comp and a human)...however i've never beaten the comp on hardest in a 1v3...has anyone (with default settings)???

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HG Alumnus
posted 02-10-01 04:10 PM ET (US)     2 / 27       
Sounds strangely familiar to me. I had a hard time before I finally began winning regularly.
You probably have to organize your economy better so you can get more units. Then you can have some at home while you attack an enemy with the rest. If an enemy attacks you when you're away from home it's nasty - you have to switch again and again between fighting scenes. Well, get into some training there.
The most important problem you seem to have is that somehow you don't draw the right conclusions so you attack with the wrong units. That cost me many victories.
It has nothing to do with the Punic wars though - the yellow enemy can't get at you.
posted 02-10-01 04:28 PM ET (US)     3 / 27       
Well, Peter, you are right about the yellow in the Punic Wars. They don't come over and attack. But my goodness, when I go over with my ships and priests or whatever else I have, out they come with those stone throwers (or whatever) and destroy anything I have.

But I notice when I play RM against 2 others it seems the enemies attack sooner. And with more force.

Oh well. I know. Practice practice practice.


posted 02-10-01 04:33 PM ET (US)     4 / 27       

Hi Sara,

(Yeah, the blood of RTS games flow in our veins and the sound of our heart beat is the sound of steel meeting steel!!)

You play your cpn/scn and RM on which level??

Begin to play against many opponents on easiest levels, and later, go on hardest levels. Do the same with cpn and scn.

Forget that you have more than an enemy; your enemy is the computer(nevermind their colors or civs, everybody want to crush you, after all!!). Just keep in mind that you have an enemy who has a population higher than yours and he is at different places on the map.

Practice is the key. I remember a period when I thought it was impossible to win on two opponents.

Know your civ that you play and the opponent civs, know your units and techs. (Have the ROR booklet with techs tree near of you)

Analize and use the terrain; this thing is very essential again today.(I've been a military during many years, I know the real meaning of "using the terrain". I admit that this past experience help me to go through this game when I was a beginner)

If you fail somewhere, work to not doing the same error the next time. Have a good defense and a good economy.

Make massive attacks!!!. Have fun.

Practice, but do it easiest at first. When you feel that you rule all the time go to a higher level. Give you harder life!!.


see you later!

HG Alumnus
posted 02-10-01 05:42 PM ET (US)     5 / 27       
Hi Darky, back again?

Yup, practice, practice, practice. And accepting to lose a big lot of units. Also learning to combine things was hard for me. and getting on ever larger maps - aargh!!
Think carefully - think of the David cpns - don' nly look but think of what things mean, what you can do with them.

posted 02-10-01 06:07 PM ET (US)     6 / 27       

Hi peter,

back to have news about the hints sheets (among some reasons).

Yes, "thinking". War demands good judgement after all!!.

HG Alumnus
posted 02-10-01 06:11 PM ET (US)     7 / 27       
We're working on them - you may have seen that we'll make our own site about them as the other one is off.

Nearly finished with Kyushu too.

posted 02-10-01 06:14 PM ET (US)     8 / 27       
Well, Peter, I'm not getting on the big maps yet. I'm staying on "small" and once in a while even "tiny."

I just played a RM a few minutes ago with only ONE enemy and I got slaughtered.

And I built resources etc etc.

I just can't stand it when the enemy comes into my home base and starts demolishing it. I fight back. But the computer (AI) always is stronger than I am. Blast it.

This game that we love/hate so much!

And I hear all of you saying that you "win regularly." Well, I lose regularly.

But I am still here.



posted 02-10-01 06:26 PM ET (US)     9 / 27       

Cool!!, every scn have been played and win at hardest??

I want to send a e-mail to Phill. I've send to him the strat about the Huns.(just want to know if it give him happiness or nightmares).

I was very enjoy that he work on ROR cpn coz I don't know if I can find the time for it. (as always, my band, recording, doing some concerts, working, blah, blah, blah...) The French version gonna wait for a while too.

see you!!

HG Alumnus
posted 02-10-01 06:57 PM ET (US)     10 / 27       
Practically everyone, yes.

When I read your notes the thing that strikes me most forcefully is that you don't seem to have any idea as to how to handle your people. That's what frustrated me most in the beginning.having the villagers to manage AND letting your army do something useful.
It's very important that you plan carefully. What would you do if you had to cook for 30 people with only a normal set of pans? You would have to carefully consider in what order you would get everything ready. in about the same way you must organize your civ.
Group your vilalgers and have them gather resourvces in such a way that you don't get 800 wood and 200 food - something that still happens to me sometimes
So you have to keep an eye on your villagers, your stockpile and in the meantime get an army and put it to use.
Also get a pic of how things come together. That is the difficult part. If you must fight stone throwers, remember what units are good for that and what units absolutely aren't. aganst priests the same holds. Again and again, you have to understand more than anything else. And at the same time keep things going.

Good luck!

Caesar Constintine
posted 02-10-01 09:18 PM ET (US)     11 / 27       
It is said that the smaller maps are much harder than the larger ones (the enemy constantly invading trying to get your resources...)

Try a larger map with 2 enemies and an ally (the ally- make it one that can cover your favorite civs flaws)

posted 02-11-01 00:07 AM ET (US)     12 / 27       

I would recommend playing a few games on the Zone. You can learn lots from others and you will be "forced" to become fundamentally sound with building patterns and resource management.

After adapting Zone play to single player games there are hardly no limitations.

Personally I like playing several opponents because it forces me to play hard and not be passive.

I'm sure Man of War, Combat Villager, and the true Augustus can attest that I play aggressive against multiple opponents when I beat them in a 1v3 a few weeks back - LOL.

HG Alumnus
posted 02-11-01 04:43 AM ET (US)     13 / 27       
The more enemies you take on, the larger your map should be. It's true - if you have several enemies on a tiny map - I would be as badly defeated as you are. The simple reason is that at lest one of your enemies has their base near yours and it's very likely that they'll attack you in Stone - then you must defend while the others upgrade and come in to hack you to pieces.
The difficult thing about larger maps at first is the overview - that was awful at first but I got by. It takes longer to get your army to your enemy - but the opposite is true too - the enemy needs more time to get to you.
and then there's your pick of civilizations. If you have a slow one for yourself and fast ones as enemies (Shang, Assyria, Yamato) you gonna have a huge problem. In fact I seldom take Assy among my enemies - I want to have a life.
Try taking Assy or Yamato yourself. That gives you an advantage. Also play at normal or fast speed and not at fastest. Find an extra patch of berries and try to postpone farming - it saves on wood and you get food faster. On the other hand it means you have to spread out, which is rather difficult at first.
Well, I could ramble on like this forever. Read your book - supposing it has some sound advice.
posted 02-11-01 07:27 AM ET (US)     14 / 27       

Hehehehe, poor sara, well, I pity u, and I also had trouble with that #&$%^*/ Yellow, in that campaign, and it so happened that I, the fool was playing in the hardest, and my gold was finished, but it was no such big deal as I had destroyed 2s docks and so he couldn`t attack me, so what I did was that I got all the Axers, bows and slingie I could manage in my pop limit, and I took them in transports on 3`s Island, created a diversion with my trirems, and landed my "Tool age army" and destroyed all he had, I was as surprised as if one villie completes a wonder in 5 seconds, and so, the victory goes to my head, and I take another load of "Tool age Army" to the reds camp, and voila, I was able to get away with the Artifact and destroyed most of him.......

Moral of the Story:- Fully Researched Tool age units sure pack some punch!!!!!

"In the End, it dosent even matter...."
"Everything falls apart even the people who never frown eventually break down"
"Everything has to end you'll soon find we are out of time, left to watch it all unwind"
: LP
HG Alumnus
posted 02-11-01 12:07 PM ET (US)     15 / 27       
Yup, that would work too - anything goes in fact EXCEPT priests and bronze/iron age archers.
posted 02-11-01 02:15 PM ET (US)     16 / 27       
Something seems to be working!!! I WON.

Took your suggestions and got a medium map! (No wonder I was beaten yeseterday, choosing a tiny map and 2 enemies. Stupid.)

And this time, Peter, I was Yammy! And had Macedonian enemies. (Yesterday, I was Phoenician and had Assyrian enemies. And what was worse, yesterday I thought I would be smart and set the game settings to begin in the Iron or Bronze age - can't remember which. But it was a huge mistake.) Today I began in the Stone Age and with default resources.

I had lots of wood, fish, berries, gold, and stone. (Played Continental map.)

And I created worlds of archers and cavalry. And then I did what you did, haiku, I upgraded them as much as I could. Went into Bronze and got these glorious composite bowman.

Then sent my scout ships around to shoot their buildings near shore, and my 4 stone throwers came lumbering over the narrows to blow up some things, and then I claimed all the ruins. And stationed cavalry and composite bowman around each to guard as the clock ticked.

I could feel my heart beating as the time for holding all the ruins lessoned. I was so afraid something was going to happen and the enemy would charge and get one of them and then we'd have to start all over.

But it worked out just fine, and when it said "You are Victorious!" I felt wonderful. Still can't quite believe I pulled this one off.

I worked fast and didn't let up. I am tired, but happy.

Thanks to everyone for your ideas. This is just the best game ever.

I love playing Yammy. I think what I learned today is to keep all my villies chopping and picking and mining, and then just get as many archers and cavalry as I could, upgrade, and then go forth.


HG Alumnus
posted 02-11-01 03:25 PM ET (US)     17 / 27       

I take my hat of to you - keeping Ruins is not the easiest way to win. And all the time it was this simple thing eh - shows how smart we are over here to never think of warning you against Assy as an enemy. Well, now you know how to do it you'll see it's not as bad as you thought.

posted 02-12-01 06:34 AM ET (US)     18 / 27       
What's really hard for me is the 'Wonders' scenario of the Glory of Greece campaign (level 'moderate'). How do you destroy th efirst Wonder without losing most of your military and your town (while you are away)?? Then I have no hope of destroying the other Wonder.

Help!! I'm going nuts.

HG Alumnus
posted 02-12-01 07:11 AM ET (US)     19 / 27       
You need many archers for that to keep off the persian and defending army. And you have to destroy the Persian catapults really fast - use your cavalry for that.
Anyway, it's an awful scenario.
posted 02-12-01 07:38 AM ET (US)     20 / 27       


if you have winning on a easiest level - change your strat a little bit.

In every worst situations(hard scn), Take a time to think, about the "tools" that you have under your hands. Sometimes we don't realize that we have something somewhere to help to win the game. (due to the hard job who seem impossible to do)

" "Impossible" is not a French word. "..., I'm not sure but I think that is a sentence from Napoléon.

See ya!!

posted 02-12-01 07:55 AM ET (US)     21 / 27       

Yammy is my fav too, u can control the seas and the land all at once.....

Try this, One on One against Palmy in moderate with Yammy, they sure cut u down to size, and their camels are best against Yammy`s best, cavs, so the best way is to Iron as early as possible, and then mass produce HAs

"In the End, it dosent even matter...."
"Everything falls apart even the people who never frown eventually break down"
"Everything has to end you'll soon find we are out of time, left to watch it all unwind"
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Delirious Lab
(id: Benoit)
posted 02-12-01 08:05 AM ET (US)     22 / 27       
Re the greek Wonder scenario: I was able to win this one on hardest, doing the following. (spoiler alert!)

1. Take the initial villagers and built 5-6 Ballista Towers north of your village, between the two forests. While building, make 5-6 more villagers and put them on stone until you have enough to build said towers (then switch to wood). These towers will stop all the brown legions that come at you. You'll just need your cavalry to run past the legions and destroy the two catapults they'll send at you. Once that's done, you shouldn't need to worry about brown again, he'll just send wave after wave of legions into those towers, mmwahahaaaaa...

2. Build 3 heavy cats and send them east (you'll need to chop wood for this). That's all you'll need to kill the enemy towers, archers and Wonder. Clean up everything because then you want to send some villies to mine the gold there.

3. Stack up on Helepolii. Basically, make as many as you can, bring your 3 catapults along and advance carefully on the western front. Have fun.

The first time I beat this scen, I tried a mix of cats, centurions and priests to attack West. That didn't work too well; my army died leaving the enemy Wonder standing with maybe 50 HPs and the clock ticking badly. I had resources to make 2 centurions, walk them into the enemy base (one died along the way) and onto the Wonder
which was destroyed by area damage from the enemy's catapult fire with 10 years left on the ticker. A very dirty job, but it made me jump for joy after being stuck on this scen for almost a week!

posted 02-14-01 08:33 AM ET (US)     23 / 27       
Well, my fav is Xenophones march, and the Battle of Kadesh in Share ware version, and BTW, I did something different, I first attacked the yellow, and setteled comfartably in his camp, and prevented him from building a wonder, and then sent a few Hcats into the Red, and voila, I won, BTW, I had walled the brown in.......
posted 02-21-01 05:21 AM ET (US)     24 / 27       
If you do want to play some Zone games, I am a novice who just now is winning on moderate. I don't know if I can give you a good game, but I could use the practice.

If you do want to play, my e-mail is:

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The Phoenix
posted 04-02-01 01:44 PM ET (US)     25 / 27       
IMO, the best way to fight to enemies is:
a)IF possible, take one at a time
b)If both attack simultaneously, analyse which one is more dangerous. (Which is closer to the TC? Which has stronger units?) Control the units which are fighting with the more dangerous player, and let your units fight the other one automatically. (You know - place units in its way, they'll start fighting automatically)

-The Phoenix

posted 04-02-01 02:02 PM ET (US)     26 / 27       

the Wonders episode is a bit tricky, that is, until I found out that ballistas outrange towers
I didn't build any stone throwers anymore (they always seem to kill more friendlies then enemies!)
Use your initial gold wisely, build one monk and use the rest on ballistas.
After securing the north side of your camp with several towers, take your ballistas and monk east and destroy 2 or 3 towers and all their archers before taking down the wonder. This won't take long using 4 ballistas!
After that (or before if you can manage) take out the enemy towards the north and use his gold to mass an army of ballistas and head east to finish off the last bad guy.

"It has been difficult because we have so often been on the attack and not had the opportunity to defend" Yannick Jauzion.
posted 04-02-01 02:20 PM ET (US)     27 / 27       
Use siegecrafted villies against towers. They cost only food and don't kill your other units.
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