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Age of Empires / Rise of Rome / Definitive Edition
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Age of Empires Heaven » Forums » Age of Empires / Rise of Rome / Definitive Edition » Hello fellow Agers, I have Converted
Topic Subject:Hello fellow Agers, I have Converted
posted 02-05-01 09:57 AM ET (US)         
Nope, i have not converted to AOK:TC but back to ROR. After years playing AOK and AOK:TC. I found the game boring and too long. But i did like the style of having counter units but i found the civs very stupid. ROR can have an awesome game in like one hour or less. Games in ROR don't usually last more than one hour and thats what i like about it. In AOK:TC, games can last for up to 10 hours!(But on very rara occasions) I don't know, i like both games very much for but the time being, ROR is the game i play now.

P.S. I'm sure you guys all heard on ES's new RTS3 they are making now. What i think it will be is something on Mythology because they said teh game would ahve to do with fantasy and history which many Agers will recognize on first glance. I hope this new game goes back to ancient times cuz i really can't stand medieval.

HG Alumnus
posted 02-05-01 11:02 AM ET (US)     1 / 10       
Welcome back
posted 02-05-01 12:09 PM ET (US)     2 / 10       
It is always great to hear people leaving AoK for RoR. Hope to hear lots from you!
CoMBaT Villager
posted 02-05-01 01:52 PM ET (US)     3 / 10       
woo! theres still some ror priests running around!

Welcome Back!

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posted 02-05-01 04:04 PM ET (US)     4 / 10       
Yayyy, hi and welcome...10hrs online is a long time...not that i disbeleive you cos me and my mate (who plays aok) did a regicide round his house and it lasted 16hrs!!! that was with both of our heads on the same team. Anyway, hope to see you on the zone playing ror...

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posted 02-05-01 08:31 PM ET (US)     5 / 10       
heyhey. welcome to our great forums the forums that are 1,000,000 times better than the AoKH forums!!!!!

it's great to see new faces all the time! well, see new usernames i guess . and it's also great to hear people coming back to RoR!

Queen hatsepsut
posted 02-06-01 11:44 AM ET (US)     6 / 10       
Heyhey... welcome to our humble forum! :P You dont need to spell my name right, i answer to queen, queeny, hatsep, kavil... pick! I am one of three girls here... I wonder if they will come around! Feel free to visit the VVV forums! We need more people there! I am so happy that we have weakened AoKH... now they are like a house set upon columns of sand... SOON THEY WILL CRUMBLE COMPLETLY!!! HAHAHAHAH!!!!!

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posted 02-06-01 01:38 PM ET (US)     7 / 10       
Eventually quality will show - it's just a matter of time, then most ppl will return here
Caesar Constintine
posted 02-06-01 04:37 PM ET (US)     8 / 10       
Welcome back
Chris Aurel
posted 02-06-01 05:01 PM ET (US)     9 / 10       
Salut and hello! Greetings from the Aurel. Its good to hear from somebody, who comes back playing RoR. I hope, that we hear a lot of you.

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posted 02-07-01 04:02 PM ET (US)     10 / 10       
Hey! Sup everyone. Im a hardcore AoK:TC`er but i still play AoE and RoR . I'm new, and hope to post here daily now (I'll try). Games in AoK:TC can last ages, but online they are normally no longer than 2 hours. I can never play for that long anyway, I disconnect every 2 hours.

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