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Topic Subject:25 Reasons To Vote For 'No Homework'
Flawless Angel
posted 11-03-00 02:30 AM ET (US)         
First off, I know this may sound like a joke, but, it's true, there's actually a guy running for School Board and plans to badn homework throughout California, or atleast West Sacramento.

1. Families need time to enjoy one another's company.

2. Parents need time to teach their children their values and way of life.

3. Homework is an unconstitutional intrusion by the state into the home.

4. Working parents don't have time to do homework with kids.

5. Homework causes untold conflicts between parents and children.

6. Homework is the leading cause of stress among young people, sometimes leading to suicide.

7. In many homes, parents argue nightly over who will help with the homework.

8. Eliminating homework will bring teaching back into classroom, where it belongs.

9. Most parents are not qualified to teach mathematics and science.

10. Teachers are not expected to do the job of parents; parents should not be expected to do job of teachers.

11. The research and analysis skills students will need in college are best taught in the classroom by a qualified instructor.

12. Parents should be able to decide what activities they will share with their children.

13. Students put in an eight-hour day getting to and attending school. Eight hours is a long enough work day for children.

14. Many RCHS and Golden State Middle School students are chronically sleep devrived, due to homework.

15. Prior to WWII, homework was illegal for kids under 15 in California. Education did not suffer.

16. Eliminating homework from grading formula will increase the grade point average (GPA) of most River City High School Students. Increased GPA will help more RCHS seniors qualify for new state grants - which they don't have to repay - of up to $3,500 per year.

17. Kids have a right to personal time, free of school responsabilities.

18. Mandatory homework is theft of personal time by school district.

19. Parents should call the shots at home, not the school district.

20. Eliminating homework will help teachers by freeing them from the responsability of grading homework assignments.

21. Basing grade on test scores and classwork will level the playing field for all students, many of whom have no place to work at home.

22. Restricting learning to the classroom will enable teachers to montior more effectively the progress of individual students.

23. Eliminating homework will reduce our high school dropout rate. (Many dropouts cite homework as a main reason for quitting school.)

24. Under a 'No Homework' policy, West Sacramento will be home to happiest students in California.

25. Under a 'No Homework' policy, property values will go up, as prograssive families seek out out community.

Wow, this IS serious... there's actually a guy running for the school board intending to take these plans into action.

Phill Phree
posted 11-03-00 03:11 AM ET (US)     1 / 4       
Actually I agree with many of the points made - however, over here the classes are already bigger than teachers can cope with, so expecting them to be able to monitor something that is already out of their control is just as unfair to them as expecting parents to teach something they did over 20 years ago (in some cases).

Personally I think lots of homework should wait until high school or college, but some homework in moderation is worthwhile because it gives kids the chance to practice (and therefore understand) the theories that are taught in class (not every kid gets things first time), and teaches them a disciplined approach to study outside an environment where they are 'commanded' to study by law. Many people I have met, including myself to an extent, have got on better when they studied off their own backs, after school, because they were not being forced to do it but they chose to do it.

So IMHO the problem is not homework per se - the problem is excessive, repetitive homework that labours a point rather than teaching it. And underfunding in schools, tho that's prolly a bigger issue here in the UK.

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Phill Phree
posted 11-03-00 03:25 AM ET (US)     2 / 4       
P.S. Many of the criticisms take the attitude that teachers are monsters for doing this, but many teachers are parents themselves, human beings like the rest of us. Also, teachers rarely get a say in how much homework to allocate or even what to teach.

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posted 11-03-00 03:53 PM ET (US)     3 / 4       
hiyas an easy solution to the "homework problem" would be : have each school day last to 6pm (about 3 hours longer) or 6 days a week instead of 5...this would be fine with me & no homework. How does that sound?
posted 11-03-00 07:10 PM ET (US)     4 / 4       
well, it's a tossup... homework, or much harder classes.

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