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Topic Subject:Yikes...
(id: DaPsycho_is_Me)
posted 05-14-00 03:26 PM ET (US)         
whoa..i haven't been in here in a while. i dont recognize any of the names i feel so alone...

anyways, at the aok "back in time" party i played aoe for the first time in a couple months. it was so hilarious the art looks so different. the trees were so tiny. the villies were so big. there was no queue button which seriously f*cked me up. the hot keys are different. i tried putting deer...umm i mean the granary (the equviavlent of the mill in aok). i looked for a lumber camp and mining camp for a few seconds before i relaized the storage pit does it all. we kept slipping and saying feudal and castle instead of tool and bronze i got to iron age and sorely missed trebs. instead of teutonic knights i had to deal with cents. instead of a flush i had to deal with a rush. instead of wolves, i had to deal with gators and lions. (which don't seem as scary as they used to ) i couldn't garrison my villies in the tc. it was definelty a strange experience for me. it was a good thing all us forummers were on the same level..we would have been laughed of the zone if we had really tried to play

in short...i can't believe a few months with aok messed me up real bad .

posted 05-16-00 04:11 AM ET (US)     1 / 1       
Muahahaha....I went back to RoR, I feu...Err...Tooled in about 14 minutes, which is when I used to bronze when I played RoR all the time. Anyways, my team mate dropped, and I still won! It was hard, but I got the rel, i mean...Artifacts so I could win, but once I got them I started pushing him back, so I didn't need em

The funny thing is, I had a pack of 16 gazzelles and 6 more by my wood, and I put a GRANARY by it Slowed me down a lot, and I lost a lot of food (killed them and then went for berries instead cause I didn't realize until it was too late).

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