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Age of Empires / Rise of Rome / Definitive Edition
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Topic Subject:Basic Game Instructions
posted 05-14-00 12:47 PM ET (US)         
I have downloaded the trial version of R of R. But there are no instructions of how to play.

Where can I download the basic "how to's?" I'm not ready for big stategy. I just want to learn how to play! Just the abc's of the game. I can't play on MSN game zone even in the "Trial Version" rooms because I have no idea what is going on. Help!


Caesar Constintine
posted 05-14-00 02:56 PM ET (US)     1 / 3       
Maybe this site AoE heaven will help...

After installing it, click on the icon on the desktop or under the start menu and when it loads, click on the "play campiagn" or Random map. If it is a campiagn you will be given 3 or 4 choices on which to play, clickon the 1st one, and then press start or whatever, now it will give you instructions on what to do on this level, and at the bottom it has a menu for hints to the level or history, click on the start or whatever means "go" then you will be on the playing screen. Do what it told you to do on the instructions screen, here is the basics...

Click on the Town Center building and click the build villager button afew times the more you clcik it, the more villagers you get, but you will run out of food, which is the picture of meat in the upper left hand corner, one villager cost 50 food. Now select the villagers and build some houses, anywhere, one house can hold 5 people, I think. After you have built some houses then click on the villagers to go get wood, food or gold and stone.

To get a villager to do a task:
click on him, then right click on the trees, gold,stone or berry bush, or if abiulding needs repair from an attack you can also click a villager and right click on the building. After your bushes run out, you can build farms.

After that build a barracks, army people can be trained there, and make afew, maybe 5 or 6+

When you get enough rescources you can go to the next age, the ages are Stone,Tool,Bronze and Iron, each time the buildings get stronger, more nice and the units more powerful, but upgrading units cost rescources and at differant buildings upgrades do differnat things....

To upgrade to the next age:

Click on a Town Center and click on the icon by the picture at the bottom of the screen, this goes for all buildings with units that can be upgraded.

NOTE:This is the genral rules for city biulding, these rules may not be on the level you are playing.

Once you are to the Iron Age, the game goes no ferther, upgrade everything, and build atleast one of every building.

You will learn many things by playing over and over.

Here is the differance between a Campaign and Random Map and Death Match..

Campaign= historical campaigns form many nations

RM=A map, chosen at random on the specifications you chose, in the trial and in the real version you can play I think, 7 civilizations each with differant things, examples;;;;

Roman- Has very good seige

Carthage- Has poor seige

Roman- Has Juggernaughts as ships

Carthage- Has Fire Galleys

DM= You and the computer start out like RM just with many more resources.

Of the choices, Random Map is the most like Multiplayer, even in the demo.

Here, the link for the Age of Empires Heaven, Academy: /

P.S. incase you don't know the differance of Age of Empires and the Rise of Rome, the Rise of Rome is the expansion pack with some new things in it

Caesar Constantine ruler from the Nile to the Danube, from the Po to the Rhine, from the Mississippi to Toledo Bend, from Achafilia to the Pantchartrian

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posted 05-15-00 12:38 PM ET (US)     2 / 3       
Thanks for your help.

I wonder if I am cheating myself fooling with the Trial Version of RofR. In the single player mode, there is only ONE campaign - "The 1st Punic War."

And the Scenarios offered are "Struggle for Sicily - Learning" "Battle of Mylae," and "Battle of Tunis."

I don't have anything called "Ascent of Egypt."

Does the boxed version come with a good instruction booklet?

How do you think this Trial Version compares to the Expansion real one? Would I be smart to go on and buy AoE with RoR? Am I missing a lot by fooling with the Trial version? Or I just not aware of other things that are on it that I don't seem to find?

I really appreciate your trying to help me.


Caesar Constintine
posted 05-15-00 06:41 PM ET (US)     3 / 3       
The Asent of Egypt is only in the real game.

The actual game itself has a good sized Instruction booklet, with how to play and the history of the empires you play, it also comes with a fold out tree chart with the units you can have and what they do.

Try the demo (trial version) and if you get defeated, try agian, thats how I learned RoR, once to get how to play, its a simple game that you can play without thinking.

Try the learning level, although when I played it it did not help much...

The AoE, RoR "Gold Edition" is avaible preaty cheap form

Keep in mind that AoE and RoR are two differant games, yes they share the same CD, instructions and saved game files but RoR has things that AoE does not have, like the Sythe Chariot or the Fire Galley or Rome, Carthage, Macedonia and Minoan.

I like the trial versions levels better than the real games, really, although the games are good.

At first when I tyed the demo, December 1999 I did not like it as much as other stratigy games like Caesar 3 and Pharaoh, but as I played it more I liked it more.
I find it to be more of a war game than Caesar 3 and Pharaoh, but it's abit the same.

Here are some pictures of some of the civs and screen shots: (on AoE)

Here is the link to the site map:

Here is some screen shots for Rise of Rome: (I can't say these are from the game.)

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