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Age of Empires / Rise of Rome / Definitive Edition
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Age of Empires Heaven » Forums » Age of Empires / Rise of Rome / Definitive Edition » Why have you dissed DM ?
Topic Subject: Why have you dissed DM ?
posted 12-11-98 07:18 AM ET (US)         
Here are some posts by some fellow experts and me. There is a new thread on Heavens AoE/RoR forum which questions, why play DM? cause it is mindless blah, blah, you did not
earn the res blah blah. I suggest that "WE" as the DM comunity share our views on DM, and why we like them, in a "civilized"

now, this does not relate specificaly to the angels ignoration of DM, but I think it has the potential to create some good side

theres also a thread on Carthage DM a bit down in that forum. -Dhamon

HI all most of you know that I am working on a web page keying on the game of DM.. It as posting of mulyi Strats and tech
info as will interviews that key in on the game of DM and AOE in general from and some of the top gamers that
play the game... It will be up;oaded in a day or so and I hope you will all come by and check it out.. it links the forums as well
the Clans web sits like no other. But I will be sking for more help as sone as it is uploaded to even make it biger and better.
BTW Ophiuchi a.k.a. SD_Providence May I use the post you just left.. I have a key spot whr- it will do the most good.

as of now it is 42 pages of per AOE most of it keying on DM it as a few spots in it that allow you to goo to all the forums with
out leaveing the CTW site..

The site it self as been intended for the young but has info for the pro's as well....

Tho-s that have put ther- interviews or strats in the site will find Icons that bare there name with the subject on it .. ( Vary nice
Icons) that I hope that thay will copy and but on there page as a link back to CTW... kinda a AOE DM start to a mini ring..

If you have some info that you would like to add to this kick ass site send me an E-Mail..

RoR & RM stats have a place as well but it in it self is not the key to the site...

HeHe a littal FYI for you all .. This Site was being up loaded a few night a go on my power went out. :-( It ended up crupting
the files on the HD and Crashed dumped it frome the server.. So for 2 night I have worked my ass off on the rebiuld and it
coming out better then it was in the 1st place.. no I would not call it bad luck but good start to a Site for all AOE Gamers..


Now why have you ignored DM?

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