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Age of Empires / Rise of Rome / Definitive Edition
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Topic Subject:My thoughts on the new civs (long)
The Peon
posted 11-01-98 07:41 PM ET (US)         
Carthage is a pretty good civ, especially on the sea. Once fire galleys and elephants
come into play, Carthage can beat almost anyone.
The bonuses that Carthage gets are all good. The faster transports is hard to use
well, the fire galley attack bonues is so so, but Carthage's biggest advantage is their high HP
siege units.
Carthage has it's weakest period in the bronze age when none of it's bonuses can
actually be used. Carthage has a strong iron though, so if you're Carthage, you should
make it a priority to rush to iron and avoid as muhc bronze fighting as possible.
One problem that Carthage has is that it's two best units, the centurion and
elephant, are both suseptible to enemy priests, unlike Macedonia for example. Carthage
also lacks the best priest killer, the chariots, so Carthage probably won't play well against
priest heavy civs like Egypt, Choson, or Shang.
All the civs can win at sea, thanks to the godly powerful fire galley, so Carthage is
as just as much as powerful at sea as anyone else. The fire galley bonus is sort of helpful,
but fire galleys take out triemes so fast any way.
Carthage is not good as an all around civ, because of it's weakness against priests,
but it's combo of elephants and centurions will take care of most any opponent quickly.

At first glance, Macedonia looks pretty weak: no priests, no catapults, and many
techs missing. But they are still one of the best civs, especially in the iron.
Their best capabilities lay in slow, heavy, and devestating attacks. Macedonian
centurions rule all other units. A fully upgraded, Macedonian centurions will have 37
attack, 13 armor, 5! piercing armor, and a little added sight too. A centurion's biggest
weaknesses are massed archers and/or priests. Macedonian units are 4x resistant to
conversion and 5 piercing armor means that a fully upgraded horse archer would only do 4
damage per hit.
In addition to centurions, Macedonia also has armored elephants, perfect for
knocking out towers and walls, and just like all other units, are 4x as resistant to
It would be nice if Macedonia had fire galleys, which would really complete
Macedonia's arsenal, but catapult triemes and triemes are ok too. Macedonia does have all
the towers, cataphracts, and heavy horse archers.
Macedonia has a strong bronze age with composite bowmamn and hoplites, but
their real bronze advantage are their cheap siege weapons. This bonus also helps in the
iron to build massed ballistas.
Strong in all the ages, Macedonia is perfect for all types of battles.

Palmyra is a good civ if you practice with them, but one mistake at the beginning
and you've already lost.
Palmyra's inheret abilities are all completely useless, except maybe the gold per
trade trip doubled. Camels don't need to be faster, free tribute is pretty worthless most of
the times, and Palmyra's villagers are worth what they cost.
This civ does have a pretty good tech tree and they get all the new units in RoR.
Fire galleys are great and they have enough siege weapons to siege most outposts.
There are two problems that plague Palmyra. The biggest problem is the early
game. Palmyra could really use a jump start to get going, because of their higher villager
cost. The early game is critical, but if Palmyra can make it around 20 min in good shape,
they will be very powerful. Two Palmyran allies in the iron could be really evil. Palmyran
villagers do have an advantage when rebuilding a fallen empire because of their faster
resource gathering rate.
Palmyra's other, less important problem is the absense of important technologies,
namely Plow, Metallurgy, Craftsmanship. It would be nice if their priests were a little
better too.
In the end, Palmyra is sort of an average civ. Palmyra would probably do really
well if starting with medium/high resources to give them the extra jump they need.

Rome is one of the best all around civs and can easily adapt to most strategies
because of it's unit variety.
Rome is another civ which has so so bonuses. The cheaper buildings isn't very
good, but their cheaper towers really help them in bronze. Swordsmen are ALMOST
useless, but they can be used effectively if all of the piercing armor techs are researched.
Swordsmen, when fully upgraded, are a perfect counter to archers.
This civ is really good in a random game because they have a lot of options as far
as units. Rome's priests are good, they have most important techs, all the armor/attack
upgrades, and just a good all around variety of units. They have all the siege weapons
(including siege ships), fully upgraded centurions, and the ultimate priest killer, the scythe
Rome is not without it's disadvantages though. They are lacking as far as archers
go. They also don't have camels and CAs would have been a nice addition. Rome's cheap
towers are really powerful in the tool/bronze, but they aren't so good in thr iron when
sentry towers can't even compete with siege weapons.
Overall Rome is one of the better civs. They have enough units, techs, and balance
to be one of the best.

O well. Thatís it.

Please visit my RoR Strategy Page:

The Peon

[This message has been edited by The Peon (edited 11-01-98).]

[This message has been edited by The Peon (edited 11-01-98).]

posted 11-02-98 06:09 AM ET (US)     1 / 2       
You said:

Carthage's biggest advantage is their high HP siege units.

You probably meant:

Carthage's biggest advantage is their high HP Academy and Elephant units.


Your Old Friend

The Peon
posted 11-02-98 06:21 PM ET (US)     2 / 2       
Yes, I meant academy units and elephants

The Peon

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