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Topic Subject:The Randomizerô Version 4 ready for download
posted 12-10-98 05:12 PM ET (US)         
The latest version of The Randomizer with Rise of Rome support is now 'shipping'. In addition to the features of the AoE Randomizer, this version also has full Rise of Rome support and a game balancing feature that evens out the civ picks for all teams.

For those unfamiliar with The Randomizer:

AoE Randomizer Version 4 is designed to help create fun, Randomly generated games for Age of Empires and Rise of Rome. Although AoE will offer a selection of randomly generated tribes, these tribes do not always match the desired game. For instance, There is no fair way to generate a Random, slow civ game. Further, there is currently no mechanism to have any settings other than the civ generated randomly.

Entropy Engineering's AoE Randomizer offers complete control over the randomizing parameters. Any of the features that can be reasonably set by the host, can be randomly suggested. The most important feature is the ability to restrict the random selection to agreed upon options. The Randomizer also offers ways to fine tune the game selection process by allowing you to:

- Randomize the teams. This tends to mix things up a bit and make for more interesting games.

- Modify the Random civ picker - As in, to exclude unwanted civs in a game while still making random choices. With 2 clicks, this important feature absolutely prevents 3 shang on one team and 3 greek on the other.

- Balance the teams. In case you neglected to exclude Shang and Greek, this feature will make sure that the game doesn't end up with any major civ mismatches. (You still have to be able to play the civ you get well, but that is a personal problem.)

- Save the settings files to post for others to use. Since the settings 'flavor' the the resulting game, this provides a repeatable way to insure reasonable (fun) and fair games.

- Offer a lucky player a choice of civs.

Available now, still at the low price of $0, from:

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