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Age of Empires / Rise of Rome / Definitive Edition
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Topic Subject:FanatiC KaBaN's Persia DM Guide
(id: Angel Zen)
posted 09-09-99 05:28 PM ET (US)         
It's online!
You can get it here.


Josh the Great
posted 09-10-99 05:17 AM ET (US)     1 / 4       
The strat is good Cunning in it's simplicity. I like the idea of towering all over the map. One Q (from a non-DM player) - do you need to worry about cutting wood? Seeing as you're not using an immense amount, I'd think not but as I say, I don't play DM very much at all so please excuse my ignorance

Josh the Great

posted 09-10-99 04:16 PM ET (US)     2 / 4       
Well, if actually want an answer Josh. I'd say that a certain amount of chopping becomes necessary in a long game. This will depend upon whether or not u r using those almost worthless cats or not. Also, the farms are pretty poor and at 2.0 spd run out quickly. Persia is my least loved civ because of the unfair advantage those speedy eles have, and thus how they get used to win games by players that have not taken the time to learn anything in the game but an ele rush . Also, say I choose them in a team because some other player does and I hate to lose to some rookies Persian rush, but my partner does not know the meaning of ECONOMY. So he starts asking me, Mr. Persian, (i.e., Mr. no free tribute) for gold and etc because he is playing with like 20-40 villegers. I don't know how this little post turned into a personal peeve article...but anyhow that is another thing that I really can't stand. Then of course the guy gets mad when I tell him to get his own darn resources and try learning how to play the game etc etc etc... :P
Hmm...I better go let off some steam at the zone.

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posted 09-10-99 05:15 PM ET (US)     3 / 4       
I'm not good at DM, but I was wondering, is Persian Legion an option in the middle game? They're not as good as Rome/Choson but they are fully upgradable, and even Persian villagers can keep up constant production of legions (you just need about 20 more villagers to chop wood for the farms I guess...).

This would probably be the best thing to do v. an Egy in DM, am I thinking correctly? Legions should stop the Egy scythe in their tracks--you'll have twice as many legions. And priests don't mean a think v. 300 legions. Conversely, AE v. Egy kinda get stopped by scythe and then hoyohoyo-ed What do you guys think?

FanatiC KaBaN
posted 09-11-99 11:34 AM ET (US)     4 / 4       
Cool Thakns Zen

Legions is a good idea.. i wanna try it, but unfortunately they do get stopped by scythe since scythe has trample damage they kill several legions at once. If you need to beat Egypt use an early ele rush and then horse archers and cats.

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