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Topic Subject:'Crappy Bronzing' questions
posted 09-05-99 04:06 AM ET (US)         

Hey, is anybody out there real good with the crappy bronzing technique by Celestial Dawn ? I've got a couple of questions on things that I cant figure out:

1) How many villagers is CD suggesting to make during the stone age? I think it's either 15 or 20 but Im not sure.

2) How much military is CD suggesting that I make before bronze and iron? As far as I can tell just two CAV and 1 scout. If that's the case I know that's not going to be enough - I have yet to have a game on the zone where I didnt get attacked big time in bronze or tool.

3) Is CD suggesting building a new 'fish pit' throughout tool and bronze when ever I need more food? In other words - do I make storage pits just for fish even if it's not near wood? Seems like a waste of 120 wood but maybe not.

Thanks for your help. So far I come pretty close to CD's suggested tool time but Im no where near the suggested 14 minute bronze time. That seems like magic to me - no idea how people are getting there that fast. Oh well, I'll keep trying.

Joe Rockhead
posted 09-05-99 10:08 AM ET (US)     1 / 4       
It's been awhile since I read it but I do remember that his Bronze guide was drafted for AoE.

In AoE, shorefishing was essential for very fast Bronze times while boat fishing was less expedient due to the greatly reduced number of fish.

In RoR, of course, those positions are reversed. Shorefishing has been slowed down and the number of fish has been drastically increased.

I still shorefish only because there are frequently spots with 5-6 fish together, allowing me to use them like a berry patch. But I no longer drop a fish pit for 2 fish as was advisable in AoE.

As to the number of peons it definitely wasn't 15; 20-24 was the typical AoE number.

But this guide is really out of place in RoR with the advent of boat booming. Bronze rushing is still viable but CD's strat is not the way to do it. His strat (devised for Assy players in the heyday of the Yam cav rush, if I remember) was primarily defensive. The keys to it were early walling (in time to stop scouts) and dock fishing (as a protected second food source, just in case).

If you are Bronze rushing these days then you must go offensive all the way. Your opponent is probably booming meaning you must hit him very hard very early or else his superior econ will kill you. You are in the role of the Yammy here, not the Assyrian.

If you are not rushing then you need to go with an up-to-date boom strat. The CD guide in RoR will leave you defensive and underdeveloped.

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posted 09-05-99 10:33 AM ET (US)     2 / 4       
I agree with Joe Rockhead, the guide was written for AoE. I play AoE too and shore fish w/ villagers because its the fastest food. a 14 strong bronze happens frequently in AoE to many players, and 11 mins happens ( ;( man they're fast!! )

In RoR some of my 'traveling' vills build new docks and I get the fish with boats.

I make about 20-24 vills in stone, there is usually some kind of fighting in tool and I don't want to be stuck fighting in stone! no way!

CD's walling info is the best!!

posted 09-05-99 11:32 AM ET (US)     3 / 4       
First time I read that(like the exact day it was posted.. ) I went WOW 14 minute bronzes?! thats POSSIBLE?(that was in the day when I wasnt sure if I could bronze in 21 minutes with 21 villagers with shang.....) Actually, y it is. Today normally I have 45 guy@14 w/Minoan (though a large percentage is boats)
If you still have your AoE cd go to Single Player, random map, coastal, put u as Yams, ect and try it out. Just by reading cd's article I figured out a ton of stuff that I was doing wrong(like making 15 farms when I tooled.....) It really does help with your gaming and bronze time, but that isnt as important in ror.(once somebody beat me to bronze by 2 minutes with the same # of villagers and it was a walkover I hit him so easily )

Grammetical Error

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posted 09-05-99 12:12 PM ET (US)     4 / 4       
Here's something that I've been doing lately. On coastal maps you do the normal start by scouting the shore with 2 villagers and the other scouts around the TC. If you find 3-4 SF just pass by but if it's a sweet spot with eles or wood, place down a SP. The reason that you don't place down a SP is because SF deplete relativley fast, and you might not have enough wood after the fishies are gone to build another food collection building. So what I do is find a SF position, see if it's a sweet spot. If not then I'll go for berried first. Then do your usual wood pit etc...and when you have enough wood for a SP, build it by the fish, or you could go for some docks and put your villagers on wood.


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