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Topic Subject:I've been walling like an idiot
posted 09-05-99 03:48 AM ET (US)         
For 2 months now I've been creating walls by placing one block at a time - it would take forever! Tonight I discovered by acident that you can drop and drag a whole segment of a wall at the same time. I had been just skipping wall creation recently just because of how much micro management it took but now that I've learned this 'drag the mouse' technique Im going to wall all the time now! I cant imagine how many other things there are out there that Im doing wrong.
posted 09-05-99 03:56 AM ET (US)     1 / 9       
posted 09-05-99 04:18 AM ET (US)     2 / 9       
Boneser again
posted 09-05-99 08:16 AM ET (US)     3 / 9       
With that bit of knowledge you could probably upgrade your name to SlingerJim.
posted 09-05-99 10:04 AM ET (US)     4 / 9       
I remember learning some things that were so exciting!! Towers could shoot, OMG!! you could aim them !! I love it.... and SF meant square fish! amazing!! the men could fish

That makes me so happy when I learn something new, especially when it saves time like your walling.

posted 09-05-99 08:14 PM ET (US)     5 / 9       

I did that too! It took me three months to figure that out, I guessed because you could do it in the scenario editor. Thank God that wasn't mulitplayer.

posted 09-05-99 09:57 PM ET (US)     6 / 9       
Hehehehehe...That would get quite annoying, hehehe. I remember when I got the original AoE(the good ol'days) I did that. I felt so stupid when I discovered that you can do it also You are definatly not alone.
posted 09-06-99 11:47 PM ET (US)     7 / 9       
Yeah...that kind of ignorance is very annoying, a great experience when u learn that new trick though. I have another one, my latest version of your story. U may or may now know this: If u get a building clicked up onto your click (i.e.: u r about to left-click and lay it down), hold shift and click the damn building all over the place . I left rm a while ago and started playing DM, I did not know this trick, I was pushing keyboard buttons like mad! (bl bl bl bl bl etc etc ) Anyhow, that may not help u too much in RM, but is a godsend in DM. I think it helped my game some to play the way I was though, made me faster in every other thing I was trying to do at the same time. Hope that helps some people though...I hope if any DM gods happen to read this, they'll give me some insight on how they can build so damn fast (i.e.:like hitting the pop limit in 1st 3 minutes like I've heard about from some guys). I think I could probably do it, but I'd have to be concentrating on doing that and not on all the other crap that seems important to winning the game. So, if u have anything really insightful, plz pass along the knowldge . I'd be much abliged.
posted 09-07-99 06:37 AM ET (US)     8 / 9       
hi ya, yes those inside tips really seperate the good players from the best (im bad) I do love deathmatch and am trying to get much better at it.

In deathmatch, iron start get TC's up asap and build from TC's out, as fast as you can. Make 100+ villagers and get resourses going at the same time.

Some of the DM's have the "mad skills" they are so fast!!

I asked a lot of the deathmatch players for some tips, they're really helpfull. Here is a reprint of some help I got from Sang. This shows how to make a "back door" with chosen. Thats his favorite civ in deathmatch.

This is not his main town...but a build for a sneak on the enemy.....he is an amazing deathmatch player!so good!!

following written by Sang In answer to my millions of questions "help me get on the enemy faster and to use tranies and back doors"

"on a map with island's u usualy will just go for a bridge to get behind an opponent earlie but then later in the game u think to yourself...hey wouldnt it be great to get around those 30 towers blocking his bridge so u pop up a tower or 2 next to the water. they'lldefend your dock and if the river is thin enough (which it usualy is) the towers will dig you some room on your opponents land(this can also be achieved with cats). now is the hard part. you have to work this fast and you have to be good at it for it to work. you send over 5 or 10 peons with your side of the river well towered and make racks in the area your towers took over. u also might transport a couple a legions like 15-20. make sure to transport somewhere that isn't right beside your opponents rack because you'll just get beat outta there. getting a good landing spot is better then getting those towers to defend the landing spot. so now u have 5-10 peons makeing racks and 15-20 legions sitting there what u have to do is build as many rack's as u can befor u get caught +1-4 tc's if u have room(if not just keep a few peons ready to transport over there if needed). as soon as u have been dicovered or run outta room try to tower up as good as you can and try to kill houses or farm's because they make a great place to plant more rack and towers (because they die fast slow your opponent and there's usualy a lot of room left around them because players are lazy and dont organize since there in a hurry when houses and farms are set up). basicaly the key to doing this effectively in my opinion is to have 20 peons by the time your discovered and build everywhere you can. some more tip to this strat are to do thing's like.1) if your caught and you know you wont hold the land send all your peons in a different dirrections and see if 1 gets away(if this fails at least you got to scout your opponents base=8^). 2)while your hidden or while your defending try to steal resources if possible. remember every little bit helps in those close games. 3) never base your hidden town around any resources especialy gold or stone because your gonna get caught when your opponent goes to mine the stuff. 4) make 4 tc's in a box shape then build out from them in arc's 1 arc or rack then towers then racks then towers... like this(tc = town center,ra = racks and tw = tower)
ra tw ra tctc ra tw ra
ra ra tctc ra ra
ra tw ra ra ra ra ra tw ra

ra tw tw tw tw tw ra
ra ra ra ra ra ra ra ra ra

i hope that turns out.. if not i hope you understand what i mean.
anyway good luck. by:Sang=8^)

posted 09-07-99 07:34 AM ET (US)     9 / 9       
LOL. That's hilarious. Yes this does make a tremendous difference with placing walls. And don't forget the shift button when building multiple buildings like Johnny. I think I didn't know about dragging walls as well in the beginning. It's not exactly crystal clear in my memory though.

How about waypoints when moving your army.

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