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Topic Subject:who ate my berry
posted 08-28-99 11:52 AM ET (US)         
in dont know
but when i click on a berry bush it says it has 150 food
so i pick it clean and i get an odd number like 149
what's up with that

did you feed your pet today

posted 08-28-99 11:58 AM ET (US)     1 / 12       
Villager has to eat to. He may be a slave but he needs fuel. Don't be so hard on your people or they may rebel.
posted 08-28-99 12:08 PM ET (US)     2 / 12       
He's stealing from you. Delete him at once!
posted 08-28-99 01:52 PM ET (US)     3 / 12       
happens to everyone.. I call him the berry thief -- there IS one solution, but it requires LOTS of micro-managment. when thhere is ~10 food left, peel off the peon when he has 9. the bush will have 1, let him pick that and B-I-N-G-O 150 food per bush.


posted 08-28-99 02:28 PM ET (US)     4 / 12       
I say we give him a promotion to be the chief of Berry dude.
posted 08-29-99 01:25 AM ET (US)     5 / 12       
It's called the "berry bug" there bud.

You know, I think I know where the berry bug comes from...When two guys are gathering at a bush, they BOTH try to get the last berry, and NEITHER of them get it.

posted 08-29-99 01:40 AM ET (US)     6 / 12       
Although everybody probably knows this already, this bug is not just on berries. I have seen it in gold and wood and I would guess it is in stone too (haven't seen it but who's looking when mining stone anyway.)
posted 08-29-99 09:51 AM ET (US)     7 / 12       
I got the berrie!! i did !! ahhahahaaaa mine all mine!!
posted 08-29-99 12:01 PM ET (US)     8 / 12       
No! Its mine! give.. me.. that... berry!

Zone Name: sarmis_Odyssey
ICQ: 47526997

posted 08-29-99 02:18 PM ET (US)     9 / 12       
The "gathering bug" is a pain in the arse. It has been said that it happens with 2 or more vils on one resource at the same time. However, it also happens ALOT when only 1 vil is gathering. I have run more than enough resource gathering rate tests to tell. I have had one vil gathering something which was almost finished. I click on the vil and he has 9 gathered.. I click on the resource..and 1 remains .. the vil gatherers the last one.. I click on him as he is taking a couple steps to the SP (I was checking wood rates w/walking added in ) and the vil is carrying 10.. yet only 9 wood went into the SP !!. This can happen with berries gold or stone and probably SF as well. I don't know why.

I have also seen 1 extra !! go into the pit a couple of times. I have run gathering scenarios where I have had 6 woodies clearing a small forest w/1455 wood I think. More often than not I get 1454 wood. One time I got 1456 wood.. at other times I am 1 wood behind along the way and then someone drops off 11 wood when carrying 10.

In general you can expect a berry patch or mine or forest to generate one less resource unit when cleared. I ran some speed tests for granary placement clearing 7 berry bushes and 1049 is to be expected not 1050.

This stuff is likely do to rounding errors and stuff like that. It would be nice to see it fixed in AOK but it may not be at all simple or even worth it from a programming stance to attempt it.


(id: DaPsycho_is_Me)
posted 08-29-99 07:28 PM ET (US)     10 / 12       
i never even noticed that before this post.
Josh the Great
posted 08-30-99 05:27 AM ET (US)     11 / 12       
Just make your villies whistle when they pick. That way, when one stops whistling, grab him and give him a bloody good seeing too


posted 08-30-99 02:57 PM ET (US)     12 / 12       
LOL Josh, you put alot of thought into that didn't you
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