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Topic Subject:Stupi! Stupid! Stupid! I never listened to people and i payed for it badly.....
posted 12-04-98 12:55 PM ET (US)         
For the past few days I have been reading strategies, especially those for hittite. I read the advice from Stooge_Farsan to use ele archers in front of my cats and priests behind all of them. I didnt listen and went in to a game with only HA and Hittite cats. The oppositon had Hittite cats fewer HA but he had 6 Ele Archeres (i didnt have any priests, again i didnt listen to advice. The ele archers proved to be the factor that won that conflict. From now on i will not only listen but i will use any good advice. From now on im making several ele archers, then cats, then the HA then the priests. (the HA for a cav attack). the problem is that lineup is too complex, and keeping it simple is my motto. The next time i play that guy....
posted 12-04-98 02:39 PM ET (US)     1 / 2       
Advice from an old Hittite lover:

The ideal formation is 10 EA in front

Five (no more) s p a c e d Cats in the middle

and 2-3 War elephants in the back (close to the cats).

IF you are going against an Egyptian Player, hae 5-10 CHARIOTS aside - you'll need them for priests.

If NO priests around, then use MORE 1 or 2 War Elephants, hehe...

Final: You will have 2 or 3 Scouts available in the back - but only use ONE at a time...

Sounds complex?... It is!

Let me give you an idea of how this works.

First, hotkeys:

Cats are #1
EA are #2
War Elephants are #3
Scout is #5
Chariots are 1/2 #9 and the other 1/2 #0

Phases of combat:

1) Scouting

Advance the Scout in a very slow manner (don't forget to give him all upgrades, you'll need those for Scythe Chariots, when the Gold going gets tough...)

If no enemy in sight, move him swiftly in the front from one side to the other of your lines, just enough ahead to cover a careful tile ahead each round.

After you do this, you will either have identified the enemy (Cats will auto-fire and reveal themselves, hehe), or found the coast clear.

2) Let's study the MOVEMENt phase now.

Coast clear?...

#1 advance Cats to just near the EA
#2 advance EA to just 5 tiles ahead of Cats.
#3 Advance War eles to near Cats

Return to step 1 for more Scouting....

Coast NOT clear?...

Risk the Scout and scout a little more... Do it quickly forth and back, in zig-zag, so that he may live longer... Just in case, start training a replacement...

What did you find?...

1) Legions, Phalanx, Centurion, etc.

#2 Advance EA to range
#1 Advance Cats and FIRE at the GROUND in front of EA, so that the men have to suffer the barrage
#3 Enter War Elephants in Melee (best if armoured, of course)

As soon as melee starts OR ANY infantry reaches the Cats, do

2) Cavalry / Heavy Cavalry, Camels, Chariots

Are your Cats in range or almost?... #1 - Hit first deadly shot at them and then Stand Ground.
#2 EA to shoot always at nearest Cav / Chariot individually
#3 Quickly enter Melee near cats.
Later, individual Cat Firing at ground just on or near Cav pathway is good...

3) Other Single or Spaced Catapults.

If few, try to provoke their advancement, by teasing with Scout, to break their formation. Do not approach, astanding cat fires much better...
If responding to provocation, individual cats can be easy target for 10 Ea or one of your own cats.

This is because it is never good policy to go meet spaced sentinelm Catapults. Do everything possible to disrupt thir formation, ideally causing opponent to manoeuvre them into a bunch - If he does that, then we fall into case 4:

4) Bunched Cats

We've hit the jackpot here!...

Your Cats were spaced, right?!...

#1 Have your cats fire at the others.
#2 All the EA will target ONE Cat in the border.
#3 Have each of your War Elephants advance individually from each side and front - with luck, you will only lose one Cat and one Elephant, versus 5 or so Catapults...

5) Catapult + Helepolis Combo.

Turn all hell loose on the helepolis, ignoring Cats. send the Chariots to the middle of the helepolis, the Elephants on to the Cats and advance your Cats without firing until they can hit the Helepolis.

The outcomes are as follows:

He concentrates no the Cats and has to kill his own Helepolis with his own cats...
Or, he does the right thing and stands Ground, so that the helepolis can dispatch your units without own Cat damage - Use your cats on the Helepolis, then on his Cats - With luck, you'll still have some elephants to help with that...
Or, he gets messed up and it's party time!...

6) You see Armored or War Elephants

This is the worst case scenario.

Get all your elephants quickly in front of the Cats.
Fire the first Cat salvo and immediatelly after shoot barrage fire individually at the space between your Cats and your Elephants (not ahead of your elephants,there would be no time).

Concentrate attacks always on the SINGLE most advanced enemy Elephant.

You may lose a lot here, if you are facing Persian War Elephants.

7) Scythe Chariots

I left the tastiest bit to the end...

Immediatelly fire everything you have on the biggest clupm of them, them fire at will, but always where there are more...
I love the loud sound of them dying....

Final Golden Hint:

Immediatelly reduce Speed to 1.0 if no priests around.

Immediatelly pump up the speed to 1.5 (or even 2.0) if Priests active... Hehe

Nah, seriously now, always proceed methodically when fighting with Slow / Fragile / Low ROF units.

They simply WILL NOT respond fast, so accept the inevitable and try to make the most of it...

posted 12-04-98 04:53 PM ET (US)     2 / 2       
well actually I very rarely lose to hittite EAs, simply because HAs are better in almost every way. period.

HAs make great priest killers because of their speed, EAs are slow and bumbling IMHO

There are very few instances I would use eles, one of them would be fighting an opponant without gold.

When playing hittite I very much prefer more cats than 5, generally about 7 in one group. I try to make another seperate group to flank the enemy when he isnt looking.

HAs are better than EAs, because they have a much stronger attack. Use your catapults to take out his, and take your other group and nail him from the side, He will lose many EA before he even realized what hit him.

This combo works well in AoE, but not so well in RoR. Altho things have not really changed, this combo still consistently works for me, except in RoR I find myself throwing in a few chariots/scythe chariots

Oh BTW alchemy and ballistics and engineering ARE the most important military techs in iron age. I ALWAYS try to get them whenever possible...

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