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Age of Empires Heaven » Forums » Age of Empires / Rise of Rome / Definitive Edition » Tool Rushing --- WAY to common lately
Topic Subject:Tool Rushing --- WAY to common lately
posted 12-02-98 01:59 PM ET (US)         
It seems everyone is tool rushing now.
Personally I find that a kind of 'cheap'
stradegy as it reduces the game to being
decided in the first 15 minutes. The only
good way to counter a tool rush is to tool
rush yourself. This means that to win a game
lately you need to ALWAYS tool rush because
if you are planning to bronze rush you get
caught with your pants down. It seems
impossible to wall in quick enough (if
walling is even an option with your layout)
if someone is going to tool rush you by
tooling with 16 villagers.
Is there a way to handle half a dozen
axemen, slingers or bowmen or 3-4 scouts in
your town center WITHOUT doing something
smiliar to the enemy? I can handle a scout
or maybe a couple bowmen harassing me while
trying to bronze but if the enemy commits
to a tool rush and I didn't, game over.
Does anyone else see this as ruining the
fun of AoE/RoR? The bronze rush has lots of
interesting variants (boats/infantry/archers/
cavalry) with the possibility of going Iron
if the game ends up being pretty close. Now,
Iron is impossible and bronze only during
cleanup. Any ideas/suggestions???


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posted 12-02-98 02:35 PM ET (US)     1 / 2       
In a 1 v 1 game, no not really. Of course in a 1 on 1 game you should be expecting a tool rush and incorporating it into your strategy.

In a team game the answer is clearly to run away. If you aren't going for a tool attack, and are rushed, get enough wood for a new pit and then run away. Wall behind you as you go. Your partners hopefully are doing some damage and you should be able to limp into bronze on the base of your fishing boats.

I think that your statement, "Personally I find that a kind of 'cheap' stradegy as it reduces the game to being decided in the first 15 minutes." as being indicative of how you view the game as an iron game. Perhaps you might consider how you could develop more flexibility to your game, rather than just bronze rushing, so as to make tool rushes less of a threat to you. For example, building a small slinger army in tool to complement your bronze attack, or building a scout or two for scouting purposes. I find that going for an all out tool age attack in team ROR games rather risky, as you rarely wipe out an enemy, and leave yourself wide open to retaliatory attacks.

posted 12-02-98 11:29 PM ET (US)     2 / 2       
Agree with dshea...

Your game needs more flexibility. Personally I like the fact that the tool age is now a significant age, rather than a speed bump in the Indy 500 race to bronze fast.

This, quite frankly, is due to the slinger, who now allows tool units to counter archers, and even chariot archers in bronze. Large tool armies are less threatened by a bronze opponent now. (Used to be as soon as one guy bronzed, all those axers died REAL quick-like.)

However, if both players are well-matched, grizzled veterans, the tool "rush" becomes not a feared thing but an expected part of the journey to civ advancement. I have had many 1 on 1 games go to iron (against top ten players!) and I have had some games end in the tool age (first ever to do that except for tiny FFAs!). There is just more variety in the game now.

In two COMPLETELY different shang vs shang games, one was decided in iron where almost EVERY unit in the game was used by ine of the sides - even hops! - and the other was nothing but scouts/slingers which lasted just as long, as scouts were roaming the map killing the small bands of hard-working villers. It ended when I finally made bronze at 33:00!

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