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Topic Subject:the dock block
posted 12-02-98 11:29 AM ET (US)         
Remember the dock block? Many people that I am playing with/against seem not to remember it. In ROR two things are becoming very clear to me. The first is that some sort of tool attack, equalizing or rush, is very common. The second is that boat fishing is a necessity on almost all maps, obviously not in hell country or highland but on all of the others.

Given these two factors, some player actions are real clear. 1. You need to isolate yourself from the opponents, by wall or dock block. 2. You need to build at least one dock.

So since you are building the dock anyway, why aren't you blocking the shallows with it? Even just putting it there when it doesn't fully block allows you to wall less, and gives the impression to your opponent that it is blocked.

Also, if you have the choice of either end, build it on the opponent's shore. It gives you a chance to wall your end later while they are destroying your dock.

Some people say that they don't like dock blocking because it doesn't maximize fishing. My answer to them is, "Build more than 1 dock. Move the boats later." Fishing boats seem to do ok with the pathing routes.

posted 12-02-98 03:20 PM ET (US)     1 / 7       
Yes. Laelius used 2 dock blocked the shallow in a party game last Saturday, which saved him from my palmy camels He then used scout ship prevented my STs to open it

In many cases, the shallow is so irregular that with the help of a dock, you can much easier to wall off the shallow. Besides you can always found some fishes near the shallow

I seldom use dock in AoE, but I use it quite often in RoR.


posted 12-02-98 11:17 PM ET (US)     2 / 7       
Dock blocking is extremely effective. I played in a 3 on 3 recently and ended up as hittie next door to a shang. 4 well-placed docks were all it took to completely wall me in.

Then, I was able to safely boom to 30 vills and even though I tooled 2 min after the shang, his tool army was worthless. After bronzing and getting galleys, and later chariot archers, it was over for him.

It was expensive in wood, and slowed my tool/bronze, but early scouting with an artifact helped to identify my threatened position early on in time to switch to massive wood production.

The rest of my food came from the tons of fishing boats I made as a result.

posted 12-03-98 09:44 AM ET (US)     3 / 7       
Yup, dock blocks are very effective. I will put my first dock in the shallows if I find it right away. I have tried docking on both sides of the shallows and like MY side best. My galleys can take out enemy stone throwers before he destroys them. On his side, he can safely kill them and I can't touch him. Of course, if I have walled my side, then its a different story, but I still hate to lose those docks. I'm sure it's also a little unnerving to your opponent for him/her to see your docks on their side of the river.
When dock blocking, I try to leave 1 peon on the enemy side of the river, too. That way I don't have to ship one across later.

posted 12-03-98 10:19 AM ET (US)     4 / 7       
Out4Blood and the others:

The dock block is really interesting. I once had a Roman do that to me and he left that peon on my side. made a lot of barracks and hit me in Bronze with a tonload of Broadswordsmen, which, after a long fight ended up being fatal for me.

Yes, but I don't quite see the point.

The other day I passed my peons SOONER than he dock blocked and I built more stuff on his side, so I won.

Also, a while ago, I dock blocked (after reading about it in the Shaitain's stuff) and he simply trannied a bunch of Cavs into my place, then some Compies and that was it.

My idea is that the dock blocking ONLY serves for avoiding those forward buildings.

But, just yesterday, I found a dock block and (after killing the inevitable peon), I simply trannied 2 peons from another dock (he attacked heavy with Scout ships in Tool, but I had docks all over the place, so i kept moving the fishing operation from here to there...).
These peons just built what I needed there and I attacked in Tool, while going Bronze - he was going too and he did so before me - he made Cavs and CA to counter, killed my Scouts , but then I started sending Camels at his stuff and he was in trouble.

In all these cases, dock blocking really did not play that important of a role...

I think experienced players just tranny stuff over, the bigger your island is, the better, a Scout and 2 peons and you WILL soon be in trouble, regardless...

It makes me think how the walls in the shallows are also cosmetic most of the time...

Do you want to comment?...


posted 12-03-98 10:35 AM ET (US)     5 / 7       
Dockblocking or walling the shallows can give you false sense of security some times. Remember, trannies are available in the toolage too, and you can easily tranny in a bunch of vills to forward build raxes, ranges etc. at your own leasure if the opponent isn't paying attention. Furthermore, building more than one or two docks to use as walls is very expensive, especially if they aren't very productive fishing-wise.

My 2 cents.


posted 12-03-98 01:11 PM ET (US)     6 / 7       
Some comments. Firstly, the dock block is designed not to make you safe, but to make you safer. While people can tranny onto your part of the world, they won't already be there. This means no axemen rushes at least, and a bit of a delay before the first scout/archer/slingers start showing up. It also stops fast units from sweeping over your shallows into your city. The dock block is a stone age wall, nothing more nothing less.

Walls are never cosmetic. Just because they trannied around them doesn't mean that the walls were worthless. Would you have rather left it unwalled and let them build on you earlier? Or perhaps you enjoy letting your opponent run straight from his military base through your unguarded shallows into your city?

Leo, you seem to not grasp the dock block since your opponent trannied bronze age units over and beat you with them. It is not a bronze age strat, but rather a stone age one. The whole point behind it is that it stops an early tool attack, not that it somehow protects you through the ages.

posted 12-03-98 04:59 PM ET (US)     7 / 7       
dshea is absolutely correct.

In fact, dock blocks serves the purpose of protecting you during stone age and the early tool age of your opponent. Once the enemy has tooled and had time to build a tranny, you can bet that they will try to cross.

How a dock helps you:

1. It acts as stone age wall in games with shallows, if you have scouted them out early enough. Don't bother if the enemy has high scoutingn and it is 7:00 into the game.

2. Don't forget you CAN fish from these docks if you are lucky and have fish nearby.

3. In tool, you can quickly punch out a LOT of scout ships, which are potentially decisive in a game with lots of shallows and long narrow rivers running all over the map. In these games, mastery of the water lines is vital, and requires a lot of ships. You already have the docks built, so you have saved some time in the later ages.

4. It is not so easy to tranny troops across in the later ages, especially if I am making a lot of ships and patrolling the waters. Don't forget that I can USE those docks to make ships.

5. Even for very good players, it is not easy to coordinate massive assaults across waterways with trannies. In this case, a few towers or a small army nearby can defend against this threat. The greater threat comes from villagers transporting across and building large numbers of bases on YOUR side. A roaming scout, patrolling your land should be sufficient for ealry identification of this threat, and the small home army should be able to quicly overwhelm any bases he was able to make before you found him. The key is to realize the danger and prepare for it. Scout ALL the time.

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