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Topic Subject:Other games?
posted 12-01-98 10:25 PM ET (US)         
I was just wondering what other games (or kind of games)everyone here plays. I personally use to love playing the Command and Conquer series, especially RedAlert, but then I played AoE and I've stuck with it since. How about you guys?

posted 12-02-98 00:54 AM ET (US)     1 / 2       
I've been playing Age of Empires since last summer and just like you, I'm still stuck with it until now. It's just since fall I haven't played the game as often as I used to in the summer because of college, working, and all.

Before that, Civilization II was always in my CD-ROM. Great game.

I just bought another game last week, one of AoE's strongest competitors in the market, StarCraft. A great great game and very fun to play. The campaigns are incredibly well-made and fun to play; ES should pay attention to this game on how to make great campaigns. The 3 distinct races are very cool, too.
One thing I don't like about it is the Multiplayer mode. No RM generator just makes the Multiplayer a hell for newbies. Anyone could just pick a custom-made map, memorize the whole thing about how to build, organize, and attack on that particular map, and play that map over and over again in to win over other players who are not familiar with the map. Even worse, I could make my own map using the Campaign Editor, cheat on it (by putting more resources on your side of the map than your enemy's, etc.), and play it in Multiplayer! Some people have done this to me several times now!
AoE Multiplayer is far superior.
And there is more 'feel' in AoE than in SC. And I also prefer 16 civs over 3 races.
I still need to play the game a lot more, though.

I also play F-15 by Jane's. It's a great game too; it's just very complicated the more you get into it.

I still play Diablo now and then.
Oh, I won Rage of Mages from a Gamestats contest a week ago. Haven't played it a lot though. Looks like Diablo, with less magic and spells, but more control over the characters. You start with one character, but as you progress, you'll meet new warriors you can control to help your main character, and you can even hire mercenaries to help you in battle.

I also still play Riven now then.

I played C&C:RA I borrowed from a friend for a little while, a great game. Too bad I didn't really get into it, cuz I was focusing more on AoE. I also borrowed Dune 2000 from that friend, but it doesn't really get my attention. Besides that, the campaigns are too short. Can't wait for Tiberian Sun, though.

That's all, I guess.

posted 12-02-98 07:24 PM ET (US)     2 / 2       
Other games? What other games? What are you guys talking about??? The definition my dictionary gives for "other" is "alternate." That seems to be saying that there are other games to play besides AOE.


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