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Age of Empires / Rise of Rome / Definitive Edition
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Topic Subject:Any Thoughts on Roman Strats Yet?
posted 11-01-98 09:53 AM ET (US)         
Any thoughts on good strategies for Romans yet? Seem pretty weak in Iron to me so far. Fast bronze rush using fast swordsmen/siege weapons/tower rush maybe? Been trying to figure out how best to take advantage of cheap buildings and towers.

Alexander the Great
posted 11-01-98 10:28 AM ET (US)     1 / 9       
What Romans have a weak Iron age? They get all ships except for Fire Galley, all seige weapons, Centurions and the best Legions, All Technologies except for Achelmy, Irrigation, Afterlife and Astrology, and they get Sythe Chariots. How can that be a weak Iron age.

posted 11-01-98 11:03 AM ET (US)     2 / 9       
I was just thinking no elephants in iron, but so what. Guess you're right. Are scythe chariots really a good iron age unit though? What are they good against in iron? Seems like a good late bronze unit that you can't get till iron.

posted 11-01-98 11:38 AM ET (US)     3 / 9       
They're good cause the have a splash damgage atribute (like eles) I don't know the specifics though...


posted 11-01-98 12:14 PM ET (US)     4 / 9       
One of the major advantages of Scythe Chariots is that they are the ONLY super unit that does not require gold to make. Which makes 'em great for long drawn out battles. Of course, it goes without saying they are also the weakest superunit. Nonetheless, their speed combined with splash damage makes them vicious villager killers. I don't have ROR (Yet), but I have heard that infantry mops up on the Scythes.
mud buddha2
posted 11-01-98 12:45 PM ET (US)     5 / 9       
The Roman are pretty damn kewl, actually. their weakest age is the bronze age, and their strongest is their iron. In iron, they're like choson with great seige. However, their bronze is extremely lacking. No archers, no camels (a.k.a. bronze melee gods), and rax are still pretty weak. Their strong periods are tool and iron, so you should do whatever you can to avoid bronze fighting. WSo, i recently thought up of some dumb strat. Here goes:

Go for a traditional tool rush (16-18 peons). As you are going tool, mine stone, make a dock and start fishing, and make a rax and clubbers near them. Once in tool, get the armor and axer upgrades for the clubbers and once you get them, attack. If you want, you can continue to attack with tool units, if you think you can win by it, or you can do the following:

At home, you should be pumping peons, making walls, and pumping boats. Once you are done with walls, make towers. Romans can make towers forever if you have 4 guys on stone. You should get to bronze somewhere near the 16-18 minute mark using this. If you had a good opponent, they will not have fallen completely to the small axer rush, and should be in bronze a little after you with the same econ. This is where your towers come in. They will land you since they likely already have a docks and ST's cost too much. However, when i did this strat, i had LOADS of towers when his camels finally got in my wall and they only got like 3 peons. Also, remember to control the seas. If you don't, this will not work. you need the fishing boats for food. Also, make a couple of cavs outside your walls cause they need to be able to dispatch stone throwers fast. Now keep on making peons and go for iron, where Rome will probably win.

Also, scyths rules. They simply rule. In small numbers, scyths destroyes hitte HAs/cats combo. Also, sctths can kill peon ungodly fast. They can kill like 10 gold miners in 5 seconds. And that's just 1 scyth chariot.

PS: My strat is kinda dumb, but i am posotive Rome is te only civ with a great iron and is the only civ with a great iron and a chance to get there. I think ES did a good job wiht rome, mking them strong in iron and tool and weak in broze. I just wished they could do something about shang, but i guess it's too late to gripe.

mud buddha

posted 11-01-98 08:24 PM ET (US)     6 / 9       
Thanks for the strat, mud buddha2. I think I need to do some testing vs comp b4 I try in multi. Funny, I lost to Hittite HA/Cat combo in iron last night on the Zone. Since I was just fooling w/Rome I didn't even bother to get the Scythe upgrade (stupid, I know) which could've helped me counter the Hittite offensive. I'll try your ideas out myself and let you know if I come up w/any of my own.

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posted 11-02-98 04:32 AM ET (US)     7 / 9       
Well, let's put it this way for the Romans:

Nice in Tool, great in Iron, great problem with bronze.

Best strat with them is to prepare a very quick passing bronze - something like reaching Bronze with all the gear in place for Iron and plenty of Siege Workshops being built quickly.

They are pretty damn good in Iron.
Ignore the RAX stuff, I've squashed many a player that was using Swordsmen and Legions, using the appropriate Siege stuff. Actually, if you wanna go Legions, go Choson.

They have two darn good weapons in Iron, (H)Cats up front (like 4-5) and Heles behind.

You can do the same thing with Minoan and Greek, but they don't have the building discount.
The building discount is actually awesome.

Roman are no good against the traditional Cat Civs. Every Cat shot will kill a bunch of Heles and Roman Cats can't stand against Sumerian or Hittite ones.

As was said before: If Bronze battles are in the horizon (CHARIOT / CAV CIVS!), be careful: Minoan has a greater chance.

I would use Roman every day of the week against Elephant-only Civs... (like Phoenician / Egyptian) if I can get good protection in Bronze.

Bronze is a huge problem for Romans, but can be helped with mud buddha2's advice (see his post above).

The ideal Roman development plan falls heavilly on fishing!... No fishing=dead Roman.

Play them on Coastal, Medit, Islands, Contin, Inland, where fishing is a-plenty.

Fish, fish, fish - or die.

Ah, one LAST (but not the least) thing:

Romans are DEAD without Gold

Your Old Friend

posted 11-02-98 01:42 PM ET (US)     8 / 9       
I agree with most of what everyone has said before, with one major exception. Roman Legions rule! Due to logistics, in a 50 pop. limit game, I can have 25-30 villagers and 40-50 legions at all times. Due to the unit cues I can have one army being produced while the first one is fighting a war of attrition. Thus even though my troops get slaughtered by large qauntities of Cat's, there are enough of them that I will eventually get his cats (and my swordsmen are cheaper). They are also good against HA's unless the opponent is very skillful at running away. I usually win with a kills to loss ratio of about 100-150. But those 100 kills are expensive HA's and Cat's, while my 150 are cheap legions. Any thoughts on this?

posted 11-02-98 02:40 PM ET (US)     9 / 9       
i think that you ppl are seriously underestimating rome's bronze age strength

if you can make mid bronze untouched (it aint hard, trust me), you get broad swordsmen and some STs...and trust me you can take out anything. If you dont want STs then research the composite bow...Rome is a tool age attack, then boom kinda civ.

When i play Rome (ive played only a few games, so a bit of this is speculation) i usually go for a decent NON RUSH tool time, with a healthy econ, and send 2 axers and a slinger or two into his village (obviously youve scouted for a gap in his wall defenses)

that should mess him up pretty bad...then i boom up to about 28 vills and some boats, and hit a decent bronze of about 15 mins...walled in

and from there just research short sword, broad sword, and build a few are using cheap swordsmen, and little wood, which goes to the STs

*note* now that the pop limit is changable from the start screen, dont expect many pop 50 games, i personally hate pop 50, but dont play anything higher than 100 if i can

Romes bronze strength is not GREAT, but i think they can easily hold their own in bronze when facing any civ, maybe egypt will give them some trouble

Roman broad swords when upgraded really chew up the CAs, and your STs really chew up CAs, and by the way CAs are much more popular than before, expect less cavs and more CAs, IMHO

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