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Topic Subject:11-28 Forum party game report
posted 11-28-98 11:12 PM ET (US)         
I had the privilege of playing a 3v3 Saturday night in which I teamed with Stooge Farsan and NA_21 against HGS_Archaic, Laelius, and Emily Snow. It was a gigantic continental map with me (Egypt) at 12, NA_21 (Shang) at 2, Farsan (Palmyran) at 4. Laelius was near 6 ( Phony I think), Emily Snow (Shang) at 8, and Archaic (Yamato) at 10. I’ll give my view of the game and let the others share their view.

I started with a decent spot and pitted 3 fish near woods. I had 2 berry patches in my area and built a granary second. I was very nervous about that Shang Queen Emily. I was pretty sure she would know how to use Shang’s advantage and I was hoping she would not be next to me. I made decent progress and sent a villager scout across the shallows. I found Archaic’s wood cutters and sent my villager further into his territory to wait. I tooled and built a range and dock on the other side of Archaic’s town. I walled the shallow between us and waited for bronze to train some CAs and test my fortunes. I was relieved Emily was not next to me, but how can you be too relieved when that leaves you with Archaic?

I arrived in bronze and researched the wheel. Through the fog I saw an elephant die to some invisible hunter’s spears. I knew from that that when my CA popped out it would attack and my location would be known. Such are the fortunes of war. As I was training my first CAs I heard the attack horn and found that Archaic was attacking my home base with those darned Yam cavs. I trained some camels and a few priests and eventaully stopped his attack after losing some villagers, but he had me pretty scared. He had found a shallow to cross that I over-looked. I dock blocked it as I was attacking his hunters with my first CAs. Now the fighting moved to his town. I managed to kill a few villagers and I used a scout ship to run his villagers off of a gold mine but it was only successful in that it made Archaic fight me there instead of in my town. That bought me time to resource up.

As I was getting close to ironing, Farsan informed us that he was under heavy attack. I hoped our ally could help him since he was near and I was about ready to hit the iron upgrade button. I asked Farsan if he wanted me to iron or crank out a horde of chariot archers. His response was something like “what?” hehe... I went ahead and ironed. I trained some camels and priest while waiting to arrive in iron. I intended to send them to help Farsan but suddenly Emily attacked me with camels. I lost a lot of woodies but was able to fight her off.

I built some trannies, trained some elephants, camels, and a few priests and sent them towards Farsan’s base. By this time the attack was basically over and Farsan told me to attack. I attacked Laelius doing little serious damage. I killed some villagers, tore up some stuff, and converted one of his docks, but mainly it occupied his time for a few minutes while Farsan was rebuilding and I was reloading to attack Archaic.

I now had about 4 priests and several war elephants and elephant archers ready to attack Archaic. I crossed the shallows and sent my dumbos in banging and smashing as one of my priests converted a Yam stable. It was obvious that Archaic has been playing against another Egyptian (Omnivac I assume) because after I converted one stable he started deleting the others. Dang! I moved in to his town and converted his market and a villager as my dumbos continued doing what they do best-----tearing stuff up. Suddenly I hear a strange Woolooing with a yamato accent. Archaic was converting one of my dumbos. I sent a priest his way and converted his priest. I think I managed to convert 2 priest before he started to deleting them too. I headed for his temple only to find it in rubble before I was able to lay a hand on it.

I had possession of his town now and started mining the gold my scout ship had chased him off of earlier. I needed it bad. I moved my trannies over to send my force to Emily’s town as battles were being fought elsewhere. I trannied over a mixed force of priests, Scyth chariots, and elephants into Emily’s town and the fighting broke out immediately. I converted a dock, 2 temples, and a stable as my other troops did their work. Emily fought hard but eventually moved her operation towards Laelius. I sent some more priests and scyth’s to some of her other production centers but I was stopped from entering Laelius’s town by triremes, walls and towers.

We were approaching the 2 hour mark with no side clearly winning. The gold was just about gone from the map and in spite of the heavy fighting, everyone’s populations were relatively close. I chatted to Farsan and asked him if he wanted to wonder. We agreed and started setting up. We needed more stone so we had to wait a while. There was a cease in hostilities and I was afraid that the other team might read our minds and start one before us. I started sending the biggest part of my army back to my home base where Farsan was preparing his Palmy villagers to build the wonder. I put all my villagers on stone to build walls and towers. We agreed to start and that spooky Waaannnnnggggg! sound went off . Within a minute Laelius started his wonder and the race was on.

Fortunately, Farsan won the wonder race, but now we had to defend it. We had many layers of walls at the shallows, towers scattered around the perimeter of the wonder, and extra buildings going up everywhere just to create a speed bump if nothing else. We waited, knowing the attack was coming. The question was would they transport in or bust through the walls? They chose the walls.

Laelius sent armored elephants with elie archers and priests to the shallow I had originally dock blocked from the South. I managed to convert some armored elephants and a elie archer or two. I tried to convert one of his priests but he retreated. They came again---harder this time from the East. I sent some of my priests and Scyth’s etc to help Farsan and NA_21 when I saw Laelius attacking again at the shallows near 10 from the West. His armored elephants were making short work of my fortifications and I was very worried. I sent my old dudes waddling over as I sent my scyth’s and war elephants to meet him. I managed to convert several and stopped the attack. I tried to repair the walls but he was back at me quickly busting through once again.

Emily and Archaic had busted through the wall from the East and were moving in with hordes of heavy cavalry (cataphracts?), scyth chariots, and cats. The fighting got hot and heavy. They were getting very close to the wonder as the time grew shorter. Finally, “good games” were exchanged just before the time expired. WoooHooo!

I must say, even if the out-come had been different, that was one of the most fun games I’ve played in a while. What a pleasure to match up with and against such good players and good people. When the game was over I noticed how close the scores were.

Great game Guys and Gal. I can't wait for our next meeting.


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posted 11-29-98 09:50 AM ET (US)     1 / 7       
(hehe) The Shang Queen had the highest score - most killing and destructions

About 7 min in game, I noticed a red spot flashed near my dock at 7 - and it was Laelius. I trained a scout after clicked the bronze upgrading, and on the shallow, Lae was trying to dock block it. I chased his vills, then other vills in his town, and noticed he just tooled (I made a mistake here that I did not hold the shallow with my scout, and late my camels had to run a large circle to get back to his town). When I got camel around 15 min in game I found the shallow was blocked by two docks. And my scout found Lae was fighting Nas21, who build up two archer rangers there. I helped a little with socut, and left when he had less than 15 HP left, and outside Archaic's town, camels met scout, and run back to Lae's twon, but he already towered his woodies. I gave up and moved camels towards 6, killed one Emily's vills and found she walled off there, so I followed the wall and found a small openthing near 10 edge, and outside there was a stable - I thought it was Jehu's, so I told Jehu that the wall has a small opening and huurry up when I started to kill emily's wall builder - killed 4 there, then moved in her town - and she started to run with her vills towards Lae's twon and she was in bronze. I managed to kill a few more, but her camels overnumbered me and my pathetic rush army ended there.

Back home, I made STs and try to broken the shallow, but Lae had scout ships - can not break through so I went iron, hoping to get better army. I got cats and found Emily had 2 archer rangers not far from my stable, and compies poped out, Lae had war gal now and shot from the river, and then large herd of Yam cavs rushed in. Nas21 probably had problem in his town becasue Emily had a huge base at the river bank between Jehu and Nas. I tried to get hops and Phalanx fight Yam cavs - that was about the time I told jehu that I was under heavy attack and could hardly hold off endless yam cavs, some shang camels, Nas tried his best too and when phoeny dumbs started to cross the shallow, I abandoned my town, move to 4, there made a dock and a transport. Nas's island was on fire with those shang cats and camels, so i trannied my surviving vills to Jehu's town at 9 - to save wood, I made only one tranny and had to go 3 times to get all vills over cross the river from 4 to 12 - what a escape

Nas lost his gold mines to Emily, and I started to treade for gold. In the middle of Jehu's town there was a quite big forest, and Nas was also refugee there and we started to cut the wood - Jehu was attacking at 9 - Emily's old town. Laelius made trimmers and I lost a lot of fish ships, but I had quite high food stock already so I made more vills. Low in gold, and army lacked upgrading, so the future looked quite gloomy for me, though Jehu was doing great in milltary. Nas still had Chariots, not SC.

Then Jehu suggested to go wonder - I felt a bit guilty, and I had about 8 cats, so I asked Nas that we may try to get back his town and hopefully there will be some gold left there. We launched attack, and Emily had a huge army met us, and I lost every thing, except a few CAs hurried back to Jehu's town - I knew by then that we had no chance to win with millitary and accept Jehu's suggestion. Jehu tribute gold and I mined the Stone, The forest in the middle was also gone by now. Jehu was moving back his crusade and I moved all villagers from archaic's land back, and made some more - I asked Jehu to move his idle vills standing in the middle and the wonder started. Seconds later Lae had also started his - I checked his wonder and felt very confident that I could finish before him - and started to make more vills, just in case. Nas started to build layers of walls and I made trimmers to defend the shallow towards 1, while Jehu was preventing landing from west edge and had his army faceing 11.

Our wonder completed 800 years before theirs, and we waited for the expected storming. Yam's cavs bumped into walls and my trimmers firing like crazy on those crowded cavs Shang comes with herd of cats, and I kept annoy her from hit the wall with trimmers - lost a lot, and to the end, I could only send one after one, and always got killed in sec. I tried to set my trimmer on the shallow to slow them down - even the shang fortification in multi layers was finally dwon to the Quenn's unstopable army I had a single catapult and a few archers - And we had to hold it for another 300 years - Nas used his brave chariots, without any armour, fighting SCs and Yam cavs, and try to make one more layer wall around the wonder. The only unit I controlled was that single cats and try to give every thing pass the shallow a shoot - cavs, SCs and cats past it and none even paied any attention to this lonely cat - I thought it was over when I saw Lae's eles made to south of our wonder about 7 tiles away, and the wall on that side was still still foundations. Then Archaic said "thx for the game" and I looked up - it was 10 years left....

Jehu and Nas played very well in this game, and the only thing I did was build up that arena. And made a very unsuccessful rush with a pathetic army.

Thx, Laelius, Emily_Snow and HGS_Archaic, and of course my ally Jehu and Nas21 for the most wonderful game - It is the first time I made a wonder which stands to the end.


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posted 11-29-98 12:11 PM ET (US)     2 / 7       
We had a very fun game. Emily and I did a marathon ROR day Saturday! We started about 2:00 pst and ended about 2:00am pst. Got to play with many people and it was very fun.

In this epic game we faced Jehu and his Egyptians, Stooge Farsan and the Palmys and Nas and his Shangs. Emily had Shang, Me Phoeny and Angel Archaic Yamato.

I had many troubles at the start. I tried to start with a shore pit, but I made it in a cramped spot and my vils kept running into each other, so I had some unfortunate gaps at the beggining in vil production, but I got docks up early and made many fish boats.

First came a scout sent by Stooge Farsan who got through before I could finish my dock blocking with a scout. It is amazing how annoying one scout can be, he kept me buzy for a good while until I built some towers. It was a good strategy because I did not even notice Nas had snuck by my wall builders and built two ranges in my town. Soon CA were popping out and shooting at some of my woodies. This was the first time I got to try slingers versus CA, because I was still in tool. They work pretty good! 2 slingers can kill a ca and still survive.

But I was still getting a little overwhelmed, so being not afraid to ask for help I said "HELP!! send troops imediatly!!"
Emily was in the middle of attacking Nas at the time in his base, but still sent me some camels, and that allowed us to take down the ranges.

Well just as I was finally getting back on track Jehu tranied in and attacked with a priest and eles. Luckily I was just going iron so I could fight them off, even though I got several vils trampled and some beautiful seaside vacation houses were smashed by the pesky pacaderms.

Emily, Archaic and I then launched an all out attack on Stooges base. They had been fighting hard the entire game, and were very impressive. Emily never let up on Nas, and seemed to be able to sence wherever his woodies were. I was also amazed by Archaics Yamato cav squadrons, they were very deftly handled and seemed to be chargeing everywhere over the whole map. Emily's Shang wrought destruction as well, wherever she bent her determined will, and she was building a large kill total.

I noticed Jehu had taken over Emilies old town and she had moved base to the other continent. At that point Stooge and Nas had moved up north to Jehu's town. I was kind of clueless about what to do next, I had about 2000 to 3000 of all resources, but feared Jehus deadly priests ablility to convert my armoured eles. So I made a tragic mistake and decided to get ballista towers and upgrade to scythe chariots. I think if I would have went wonder then, we probably could have held out. As it turned out I did not even make 1 scyth chariot anyways.

Not to long after Stooge began a Wonder, and I started one soon after. We had to get through, but they built superb shang walls and had the best Wonder defender of all Egypt.I attacked the western entrance and Emily and Archaic attacked the eastern side. We fought hard to get in, but only finaly breached the walls when the time ran out.

It was a very exciting finish! Jehu's Egyptians are tough and he played them brilliantly. Stooge Farsan again proved he is an asset to every team he is on,as well as one of the nicest people I've met at the zone, and Nas was a strong warrior. On our team Angel Archaic the Master (definately an expert)
was very impressive, he seemed to know what was important at every moment, and I did not know Yamato could be so good in ROR. Emily was as usual a great teammate, and played extra excelent!
Thanks again to everyone, as usual it was a blast to play with all the nice excelent players! We played some fun games with Andyhre, King Dabman, Omnivac,Mack, MacRat, Elijeh, Oomgawa, Sae Jin Kwon and J?something and Saleh, but I am a little tired to write about those now. I will contribute after they write something.
See you all next week

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posted 11-29-98 02:23 PM ET (US)     3 / 7       
I am curious who won the hell country game we played late Saturday, both Emily and I got dropped on sync errors, and that was shapeing up to be a good game.

Angel Omnivac
posted 11-29-98 05:10 PM ET (US)     4 / 7       
Laelius, for whatever it means, we won BUT everyone was dropping. MacRat resigned because of you and you dropped shortlyafter. It was effectively a 3v3 until Emily_Snow dropped, and Elijeh dropped also on our side. Was left Mack and me against Oomgawaga and Saleh. Then Mack dropped and I was left alone against two. Finally, Oomgawaga dropped and Saleh resigned because he was tributing to him and had nothing left to fight. I was left alone.

This was probably the worst game I ever player (dropping players wise). Normally, you would have won I think.

Let's say that those Sumerian Farms on Hell Country are quite handy. I couldn't wait to build them because I had to chase food everywhere and almost half the locations were bad spot (nowhere anything, or stuck in piles of stone or gold). I finally reached Tool and walled my section, and then I saw IT!!!!

Early in the beginning, I avoided a lion near a cliff... but now he was dead. When my allies said no when I asked if anyone had moved villies in my base and killed a lion, I made two bowmen. Emily_Snow had a villager there waiting to build, and I killed him. For once, thanks to a lion.

All my sneaking attempts met with failures too. Everyone were behind walls, and we lost the middle map more or less. At least no villies operation could be made there, and they could only build military buildings. Most of the fighting were on our half part of the map. And for some unknown reason, my town would be the door these battles. We were fighting without giving an inch really and then players started to drop like I said previously. *Shame* I should have died honorably, but ended up winning.

In another game, I layed a cavemen war. It was really simple. Continental, Large or Medium (don't remember), High ressources, you cannot tool, hehe. It was a 3v3 and we could build only clubmen, villagers and fishing boats. That game lasted 30 mins or so, but oh boy it was violent. I think I never laugh that hard before while playing AOE/ROR.

Also, you would think Sumerian would be the best choice, but the 3 Sumies in the game were the ones that did poorly. Fanatic_Kaban went Shangs for the food economy (Not being able to tool meant no farming at all), ElectroGrav went Minoans for the cheap fishing boats, I went Assyrians to get my villagers out of trouble quickly (was not really a good idea, but okay). The Sumies players tried rushing with vills and some clubmen. Problem is that they don't gather ressources in the meantime, and they lose villagers early. With high ressources, I built two barracks right at the beginning and started my clubmen army. It was a fun game, hehe.

Played a few other games too. Thnx to Fanatic_Kaban, BBB5, ElectroGrav, Elijeh, BozleWa, Emily_Snow, Laelius, oomgowhwa (got it right this time), Mack, Carl, _jhood_, MacRat and Saleh. See ya next week for sure!

Angel Omnivac

Angel MacRat
posted 11-29-98 06:26 PM ET (US)     5 / 7       
I managed to play 3 games at the late night forum party.

First one with Kaban, JustGreg and me against AndyHRE and 2 of his friends. Unfortunately, andy was dropped soon after the game started. 3 of us ended up battling for more than an hour against 1 remaining enemy: phlsphr(?). He did an awesome job of holding his well protected spot. We finally just wore him down. I'm not sure we would have won had Andy stayed in the game. Fun game and extremely nice people. :-)

Second game I played with 3 people I didn't know. Reveal map, high resource. Not my favorite kind of game, but I agreed to it with no problem. My supposed teammate kept tyring to co-op with me. hehe I would change colors and he would change to my color despite repeated pleas from the rest of us not to. We finally started and my teammate resigned about 10 minutes into the game without a word. We decided to battle on in a 2v1. I was doing ok, but while concentrating on my right flank my home was invaded by a
bunch of eles. Game over. Very nice people and gracious winners though. I'd play with them anytime.

Third game: Hell Country game mentioned by Laelius and Omni above. Random Civs. (Have I mentioned before that I hate random civs. hehe) I'm already very nervous because I know I'm really in over my head with this group. So what civ do I get? Choson. Again. For the 3rd straight time I've played random civs. Basically the game is over for me before I start.

On top of the crappy civ, I get on the outside of our team and very exposed. I tried to wall, but must have missed some place in the convoluted forests of the map. Laelius showed up in my town amazingly fast with ca's. Omni, I believe, helped kill the first wave, but he kept sending ca's. It was pretty much over for me so I scattered. I was in the midst of a semi-comeback when Laelius dropped. I had been building cav fairly close to his town and had about 10 of 'em ready. Then I was dropped to a sync error.

All in all a fun evening.

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posted 12-03-98 12:03 PM ET (US)     6 / 7       
One thing that bothers me about macrat is that he keeps whining about how bad a player he is, etc....

Just for the record, he beat me up with his Minoans in a Medit map last time in less than 20 minutes!... And I'm talking here about a real beating, not some difficult victory

MacRat, you're a damn good player and the reason why you keep complaining is because you simply can't win ALL your games. Well, I guess that you have to lose a few here and there...

Compliments from Your Old Friend...

Angel MacRat
posted 12-03-98 04:09 PM ET (US)     7 / 7       

That game was just an abberation in the woeful career of "MacRat the AoE/RoR Player."

I still claim that I've lost more games than anyone who has ever played...even SamDeathWalker. LOL


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