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Topic Subject:Bad map, feeding, and losing. :)
posted 11-28-98 04:18 PM ET (US)         
I just played a 3v3 RoR game with a huge, inland map and I received the worst food spot I have ever had. I had water all around me including within sight of my TC and no shore fish. I had a total of one berry patch, 4---count them 4----gazelle and that’s it. I stopped training villagers at 20 when I realized just how bad my spot was. I assumed that some elephants or another berry patch must be somewhere near. I ended up sending some food gathers into the enemy’s territory looking for enough food to tool with. I told my allies that I would be no help militarily but I could tribute IF I ever tooled.

I moved several villagers to gold and wood while I was scouting out the map. When I made tool at 17 minutes ( ouch!!!) I had 2350 wood, 1500 gold and 350 food. I started training more villagers and finished walling in. I had placed several barracks around as walls in the mean time. I have always wanted to try pop booming and feeding an ally so I started cranking out more villagers and building farms while I tributed 1500 wood and 1500 gold to my best ally. I continued to mine gold like crazy and tribute when I got 1000 or so.

I kept expecting him to iron since he had been bronze since about the 15 minute mark but nothing was happening. I tributed a total of 2500 wood and 4000 gold to him before he was dropped with the “problem communicating with” message. He never ironed. At about the 20 minute mark the blue enemy found my food gatherers right after they had killed one of his elephants. He killed that group of villagers with chariot archers and headed towards my town. I had a few layers of walls which slowed him down but I still wasn’t bronze since I had counted on feeding my allies to victory.

I chatted to everyone that I may as well resign since I had been feeding but the host asked me to play on. I guess he likes tearing up buildings. I finally bronzed at 28 minutes and started building some ranges and stables to put up some kind of fight with. Unfortunately, he broke through my walls before I could train any military.

Old blue started telling how good my ally that dropped was and mocking me a little. Being mocked by someone better than me makes me mad; being mocked by someone that I know I could beat most of the time is humiliating.

Hehe. No doubt they left that game saying “That Jehu guy must be a raw newby. He bronzed at 28 minutes. Hmmmm? Why does he have the second highest score in the game?”

Moral of the story is only feed allies with good connections and that know what to do with it when you give it to them.....I guess.


posted 11-28-98 04:39 PM ET (US)     1 / 6       
That happened to me once, only with wood. I couldn't go to bronze, because I couldn't build 2 tool age buildings !!! So I took all my villagers and started choping the enemy's forest. He killed me, but I got to bronze and built some infantry and cavs. I lost, and the guy thought I was a newbie!?! But there was NO WOOD! No wood at all! There were some stragalers but no forest except in his city, no where else on the map! Very strange!

posted 11-28-98 06:33 PM ET (US)     2 / 6       
Well about your vills killing an ele?+ Was that an war ele or a food ele??
Well I have never tried a slingshot before but I have had several bad starts like tool in 20 min.

AoE World

posted 12-03-98 01:14 AM ET (US)     3 / 6       
reminds me of a time where i took the brunt of most early rushes and migrated my town north to my allies only to be walled in by them and my army loaded onto their h.transports only to be sunk because the jerk wouldnt unload them...then i got no tribute to help and couldnt do much because i was walled in...*******me off that i gave them tribute. teach me time my "allies" attempt not to help if i ask i will build inside of thier towns and declare them enemy at a crucial time....

posted 12-03-98 06:07 AM ET (US)     4 / 6       
If you had random ally, that is some risk you have to take

In one game 3vs3, the host was my ally. I was fighting the enemy since 14 min in game. He walled in and enemy build up inside him. He asked for help and I have put my full effort attack enemy's base, but could not send in any army to him becasue the other shallow between him and me was walled by the enemy in his twon

He accused me the whole game that why I did not help and did not attack the enemy, but I was just too busy to answer him - I just told him "check the score and get write" - he escaped to my twon and I was defending enemy's attack from his old town and on the otherside I was combo with my other ally (KA_Breydel) witha h-cats (mine) and his heles (he was minoan) tooking down enemy's town. This guy lessioned me why I did not get legions and it costed only 1400 food because I was roman. He was roman too and got his swordsman or legion and got mauled down by assy heles and HAs - LOL. He was still complain that we did not attack and resigned - Finally we run out of gold and started to use SC and slingers.... we lost the game eventually.

Back to the topics, I will nerve feed anyone I do not know. And, I think you should go bronze as soon as had the resource - in your case, why not send some vills to your ally's town and starting farm there if you could not find any more food ? Or simply ask them for some food to go bronze and get wheel so your vills is more efficient, and more chances to run for life. Even your ally is good, it is difficult to fight 2 or 3 good opponent milliatrily by him self. He did not go iron, probably becasue he did not have the food, specailly if he was pullikng a full out bronze CA/Camel war.


posted 12-03-98 09:00 AM ET (US)     5 / 6       
Hi Farsan

I was hoping that he would undertsnad That he could concentrate his villagers on food (farming if necessary) while I went hog-wild on gold mining, and wood cutting. I was constantly training new villagers and farming also. I don't have his side of the story, but by tributing as much wood and gold as I did to him, he could have built a lot of STs to go with his CA force.

You are correct though. Feeding an ally I don't know is not a good idea.


posted 12-03-98 02:18 PM ET (US)     6 / 6       
I must have somehow enraged the random map god.

Last night I played a large island game. I was hittie, started fighting 2 navies since tool. I had about 25 villagers cutting tress. I finally gained some naval advantage
in early bronze.

Then, I found I have no more forest on my island! It was about 17 mins into the game, no more trees! Too much fun to play Hittite without wood in early bronze, huh?

So to my opponents' suprise, the mighty Hittite empire dispeared misteriously, as it did historically.

After resgined, I checked other players' islands, 2 of them had at least 10 times more trees than I had!

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