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Topic Subject:A few words
posted 07-04-99 09:18 PM ET (US)         
I've been playing for a while and would just like to thank everyone for the strategy posts. Although still pretty rookie they have helped. A few questions/observations :
1) How much attack does alchemy really add? Surely it does more than add +1 to an ST (50-->51 ???).
2) If I'm waiting for friends and have a room passworded why do people I DON'T know zone me and ask for the password?
3) Can someone "smurf" and destroy TMT1 over in the rookie rooms (ps.> watch the gold).
4) Why does it feel better to win against someone with the word "stud" in their name?
5) I'm having trouble with a sub 16 bronze time even though I've read everything about how to do it. If you see me on The Zone I'd love to play a sub 14:30 player. You'll destroy me but I promise to do something to make it slightly fun for you.
6) Is Chubby Hubby, really? (me too)(great posts by the way).
Thanks alll for making AoE/RoR fun,
posted 07-04-99 09:44 PM ET (US)     1 / 1       
Hey, I'm the first to respond, so I'll answer what I can:

1) Alchemy adds +1 attack for slingers, catapults, and missile weapons. It adds +2 for ballistas and helos. The real benefits are for fire galleys, +6, and archers, whose attack is greatly magnified by +1.

2) There are a lot of stupid people on the zone. Next question...

3) What is TMT1??

4) Anyone who thinks they are all that (ie Darth Ryan) - it's just part of our nature to absolutely enjoy destroying them.

5) Sub 16 bronzes aren't too difficult, if you don't tool rush, it's a water map, and you build enough fishing boats to gather 800 food while you are tooling (15 or so).

6) No, Chubby Hubby isn't (will someone post his website?) - he simply picked the name because of his favorite ice cream flavor by Ben & Jerry's.

Hope this helps,

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