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Topic Subject:A very Nerve Racking Game !
Cherub Lobby
posted 07-04-99 07:52 PM ET (US)         
Just a war story !

I played the most exciting game on the weekend !

This guy (EPC_Something ? )was only rated about 1530 and I was using my experimental name of Lobby_3 so I thought it would be a pretty easy tussle ! I tooled at about 10-11 and tool rushed this guy heavily with clubbers and slingers.. I killed a few vills but not enough to feel completely comfortable !

I scouted all over his side of the map and found … nothing… I went bronze but was getting a little worried due to the time elapsed ! I had some camels and CA’s at home but a sudden compie horde took them out … uh oh !

The same bunch of compies now took out my workers although I managed to save a few ! I now charged my CA’s from the other side with some camels and the last of my slingers. They found his base and wiped out most of his vills. The compies came in and in a tight battle took out all my attackers.

I barely had enough wood left to make a pit on his side of the map and 5 vills !

Every time I got enough wood together I made a CA as I knew he still had compies (although not many) lurking. Fortunately I had about 8 fbs still bringing in food although by now they were travelling a long way ! I could not risk getting a wood bank (enough for a tc)as I had to keep making CA’s.

Eventually I got enough CA’s together and ran over the map and circled around to get the last of his vills and TC. At the same time he had launched an attack on my side… I saw it coming and ran my vills but he outflanked them and killed all 5… oh oh no vills noTC !! Dead !!


I had 8 CA’s, 2 Slingers and 1 Clubmen left… but I figured I had killed the last of his vills and he only had 9 compies left. What a nerve racking final confrontation. He left his compies attacking a pit… he must have figured I still had vills left due to the fbs’s but with no houses I couldn’t make any troops anyway ! (best I could do were axemen anyway… no gold.. no stone).

So I saw some of his compies had damage, I left my damaged CA’s out of the attack and attacked him with the rest and the slingers. I attacked first but he had +1 range on my CA’s. What a battle… it was quick but incredibly scary.. If I lost here I thought I was dead… and I did lose. He had 1 compie with 40 hp left. All I had now were a clubman and 2 CA’s which had 20 & 2 hp respectively !. If I attacked first I may win but I had almost resigned myself to my tightest nail biting loss ever !

My combined CA’s would do 8 damage first hit, then 4, 4, 4 ,4 and should be gone (all he needed was 5 hits..). I considered using the clubman as a decoy… but left him out as last ditch attack.

As it turn out I got in 2 strikes before his compie returned fire and this was at the lesser damaged CA… he lost the compie and resigned !

It just shows though.. I have beaten a lot of players rated over 1700 but this guy gave me the game of my life (I admit I took it a bit easy at the start and normally would have scouted better with my tool army).

posted 07-05-99 00:57 AM ET (US)     1 / 1       
Wow, what a game! It was exciting enough just reading about it, I really wonder what you must have been feeling then.

Thanks for the story Cherub Lobby!


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