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Topic Subject:What the ratings are for
posted 11-26-98 02:40 AM ET (US)         
I have been hearing simply tons of complaints about these RoR ratings ever since they came out. I play games and whenever someone drops, people argue about "allying up" and worry about getting the dreaded abandon.

Well guess what people?
You arent supposed to "win the ratings"

The zone didnt install them to see who is the best. It is there for players to get a game with other people at their own skill level. This is what makes the best games, to have equally skilled opponents, be it all newbies or all experts. Someone who has only played a few times isnt going to have any fun playing against your 13 minute bronze rush. The ratings are there so players can avoid these unfair matchups. For those players who "cheat" the ratings and inflate their rank, they only ruin it for themselves and for everyone else because it is hard to make fair teams with players inaccurate skill level. The ratings are there to provide balanced teams for players who havent played with each other before. And dont forget, the system works the same for everyone, you arent the only one losing points from abandons.

So please, stop complaining about it, and stop trying to get into the top 10. I almost wish they didnt rank players on the webpage, it takes the fun out of the game. The ratings is a very general ESTIMATE of your skill, it wont ever be exactly right, but it will be in the ballpark. Lighten up people and have some fun!


posted 11-26-98 03:40 AM ET (US)     1 / 2       
Good points, Sheriff.

I think the rating system could use a more smurfed terms, like, advanced players, newbies etc (Like the Sting skill level-things) instead of points, as others suggested (Laelius or andyhre ? I can not remember). It is porbably less irritating to see the difference as 1719 and 1721.

The top 100 could be titled as expert. 101-999 as wannable expert. 1000-2999 as advanced players. 3000-6999 as intermediate players. 7000 - 14999 as rockies, and thereafter as newbie. Just a thought. I guess this way works better.


posted 11-26-98 05:14 AM ET (US)     2 / 2       
Farsan, I just found my place in your proposed ranking:



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