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Topic Subject:Pls Read (A WEB JUST FOR YOU)
posted 06-20-99 08:27 PM ET (US)         
If you haven’t been rocked by the going on’s at the Zone then you haven’t been to Collaborative Webbing…

We have jammed it with some of the most useful information that you will fine on any web site.

If you have been to the Site Swing back by and see what we have that will Rock your Zone.. That right there is plenty of new stuff for you to use & read .. i.e. the Nasty Interview including a Downloadable Baby Pic of Hangover .. As well the new slide show is ready for viewing ..

Pls fill free to use are tool to help your internet & gaming experiences .

List of URL’s


Use the Collaborative Webbing Forum Browser…

As many of you know COLLABORATIVE WEBBING is hosted by Conquer The World

Don’t for get to Use are alliterative Chat Rooms at:

And one last thing plug in to the CTW News Group.
To use the new CTW News Group just do the following steps.

(1) Open Outlook Express & at the top click on "Tools" ..
(2) Now look at the bottom of that drop down box & click on "Accounts"
(3) you will see a box in front of you now .. click on the tab at the top of the box that states "News"
(4) Now over on the right of that box click on "Add" & then "News"
(5) the Wizard will walk you step by step on what you need to put in each box. hey this ant hard. You will how ever get to a b216.181.64.94 ox and it will ask for the News (NNTP) server. When you see this type in this ip# > <
Ok your all set. you will see a new folder in your Outlook Express that states CTW with a news paper icon next to it just click on that and you in .

e-mail me if you need help configuring the news group for your viewing.

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