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Topic Subject:For potejon
posted 06-18-99 12:18 PM ET (US)         
Ill try to describe how the game went really quick for ya.

Ok, you didnt show up, and we werent gonna wait so Desert subbed for ya.

We entered the game, and about 5 seconds in Eug and someone on your team dropped intantly and together.

For some inane reason we didnt feel like stopping, both sides lost one, so we just continued on.

My explorer villager ran into one of my opponents villager and he started chasing it, i ran it back while my 2nd explorer villager converged on the meeting spot, I boned his villager to death and apparently this was enough for him and he resigned.

The 3rd and final opponent kept finding my villagers and driving me off, including the one that was buiding a barracks. This was proving annoying, but eventualy I tooled and built a stable and a scout and started beating on one of his villagers chasing mine. At this point he also resigned.

He was the 3rd to resign so the game ended.

Hm, wasnt that entertaning to tell, nor to play.

Lets hope the 2nd round includes no droppers and people who dont resign cause they lose one villager.

posted 06-18-99 02:51 PM ET (US)     1 / 3       
It was ugly to say the least...
But funny, SuperGitan, my friend was on the phone with me when you boned one of his villies!
We were figuring out what sort of cumbersome strategy you were using! (it's a villager rush! what? only three vills? Doh! It's not in my GX-Ror-strategies dictionnary!)
He was terrorized and I was laughing on the phone!
He didnt resign, he was simply booted!

posted 06-18-99 05:28 PM ET (US)     2 / 3       
K, thanks
Hmm, boring game.
Cherub Desert R
posted 06-19-99 09:59 AM ET (US)     3 / 3       
I could tell I was gonna die before I reached tool, so I just gave in, I had better things to do.
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