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Topic Subject:intersting adventure last night...
Matt Studley
posted 05-24-99 03:25 PM ET (US)         
First of all none of you guys will know about my game because i played AOE on But here is my story:
I had about 30 villagers going around, and no military. It was Iron age. there where three players, Ryan, Me, and a guy i don't remember. About 10 min after i made iron my fishing boats (it was a large island map) started sinking. The shots where from my island. Oh ****! I lost my dock, and about 100 calvary and horse archers crash down to my town. Luckly for me, i had 10 villagers on ryan's isnland because i had got most of the wood i knew about on my island. So, i build another dock at the rear of the island, got 8 more villagers on it, and fled. I landed where my 10 other villagers where, chopping wood, and built a TC. Me and ryan allied cause i knew we had no chance. Well, he let me in, woods where in abundance, and i lived a happy life. i almost had gotten back to normal. (You get a funny feeling when you have to flee and island because it's not home)Then he invaded again. I built yet another dock, and feld the island again. his attack halted. Handling domestic affairs i guess, and i got time to get my one villager to move to a tiny, 45X15 tile island, worst of all, it was all hill. 4 palm trees, a few gazzels, some stone, shor fishing spots. I got a TC up there. RED invaded again. I sent a trasnpot up to him when the walls where breeched. his 8 villagers then moved in with me on this tiny island. He for a good 20 minutes we stay there, but it was only a matter of time before he found us. this timke there was no where to go. I had to quit, and i pretty much know the ending. But it was REALLY tense on that tiny desert island. oh well. Cya all
posted 05-24-99 03:33 PM ET (US)     1 / 1       
Aren't islands a blast!

Just a couple of questions/comments:

10 minutes into iron, on an island map, where was your navy? If you can't control the sea in an island game you will lose!!

Try to double your villager count, and go island hopping as soon as you can.

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