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Topic Subject:Mulan, Karen, Vix vs. Chubby, Boneser, and General...
posted 05-22-99 04:59 AM ET (US)         
This was a really awesome game. No body dropped, and everyone was a fun opponent. (Not all the time, but mostly

It somehow wound up that team 2 was all - girls, but I din't realize this till afterwards. (I did know 'mulan' had something to do with some girl leader, but..)

Anyway, the game was REALLY hard fought. We almost lost.

It was random civ. it wound up as :

Me - green - sumerian - twelvish
Chubby - blue - palmy - 10
Boneser - red - minoan nine.


Mulan - orange - hittite
Karen - yellow - phoeny
Vixen - brown - SHANG!!

I was not pleased to find myself with sumer, I civ I had not played before. I was also thrilled to find out that vixen had shang. It was looking good already.

The map was med, which was a bit new. I found some neat dock spots and slapped some down and cranked out some fb's and put some guys on shore fish. VERY soon, mulan arrived with a zillion scout ships/war galleys, and wiped me off the map. I stayed off the sea for the rest of the game. I found that karen was next to me, and build a range or two near her. These ranges were a problem, as mulan's galley sket' killing whatever came out When I bronzed I built a few seige workshops, built a tc near karen, and carnked out st's and ca's. I hit Karen apparently before she was ready, because I killed many vills before dying to masses of ca's. and i mean masses. hundreds of them. My fast-firing st's took care of great numbers, hoever, and Karen evactuated her base. I thought she'd fled south, but NOOOOOOO. About this time mulan attacks chubby hard. there are hittite st's running all over. I sent a builder down adn build sw's to crank out st's, but my st's kept dying. Finally, boneser showed up with compies, and we strated to get somewhere. the threat to chubby was eliminated, and boneser turned his attentin to mulan. Somehow, I was not watching closely, mulan wound up not doing anything for quite some time. I figure that boneser must have attacked her with the compie army of his.

I took a force of six or seven st's and c'as and went down around the other end of the med, looking for karen and vixen.
I found a few of vixen's things, and killed some villies
suddenly, both vixen and karen came running into my forward bases with ha's, spreading ruin everywhere. I hurried to iron, and got cats, just in time to "stem" the flood after having one important forward base utterly annhilated. I found where they were, and tried to build a base near it, but it was destroyed too. My group of cats to the south killed many vills/buildngs, but destroyed itslef when a vill ran into the middle. oops. I had one left and i let him be. This entire time, karen and vien kept sending ha's and ca's runnning through my bases, slaying villies. I di dhave lots of food though, and could replace my losses without too much trouble. My catapult armies were all destroyed when karen switched to elephants, so I switched to scythes.. not sure why. Boneser was slowly ganing strenght, and creeping up and vixen's southern border. I build a big base just south of the corner that vixen and karen were fortifying - the three o-clock corner.

AFter a while both chubby and I got scythes, and we upgraded them and spetn many lives fighitng with evil elephants and horse archers. I was spread out everywhere though, and the losses to my economy were not very severe. which is good, cause vixen kept running into my gold places with hordes of ha's, which then had to be tracked down wiht cat's or scythes. Mulan said she had to go now, for some reason, and due to the fact that vixen and karen were winning, we decided to play on. There was one point where neither chubby or I had ANYTHING left, all our scythes having died. I was very thankful taht they did not press the attack just then. Boneser slowly worked his way up around the othe end, meeting up with me and chubby to attack the middle. He had heles, which made short work of the armored eles. I had brought along a few elephants myself, and some ca'ts, and we VERY slowly won. It was a great game though. there was fighing going on all over the place. I was so busy trying to manage my economy that I missed most of the action. What exactly happened?

Boneser again
posted 05-22-99 09:06 AM ET (US)     1 / 9       
This was was indeed one of the most fun games I've had in some time. I think it was the balanced teams that make the difference. Plus the fact that poor Chubby ended up with Palmy for a civ.

The game started off with General complaining long and loud about not getting his beloved Minoans. I had just bronzed when trouble started brewing in Chubby's town. I sent a few galleys over and ran into Mulans fleet. Took a while to upgrade to comps and then the heated battle to save Chubby's town began. Mulan was causing serious damage with CA's and ST's which she had built inside his town. My comps were barely holding there own when General showed up to lend a hand. We finally stated to take down Mulans buildings as Chubby started to rebuild with those expensive palmy vills. I noticed mulan had a TC as well and I thought we had better get rid of that fast. Well I was right because as Chubby recovered the next thing I see is Mulan attacking my slightly undefended town. I had to scramble pretty quick to throw up some towers and move my forces back to my town but Mulan had already damaged my economy somewhat.

Thankfully Chubby was making his comeback and helped me eradicate the pesky Mulan. It was at this time that Mulan had to depart and I am not so sure what the outcome would have been had she stayed. I was pretty impressed with her bold attack to say the least. Good game Mulan.

After that I was pretty much left alone at the bottom of the map as General said and moved up to help mop up.

I certainly need to play more zone games. I am still pretty much a comp/pop. 50 style of player and my fighting skills need work. But with great players like you people the game is becoming fun again. Thanks everybody. Now I had better get to work. Have a good weekend.

posted 05-22-99 12:18 PM ET (US)     2 / 9       
That was truly an enjoyable game last night. It was one of the few games where I got to iron and see what the big fuss about scythes is all about.

I started off great, (for me.) Tooled early, bronzed right away and started to build an army. Then, Mulan's Hittite galleys atempted to take control of the sea. She had great success destroying my galleys and I was eventually forced to move my operation a bit more inland. That was when she started hitting me with ca's! I had a few camels that were waiting for orders, so I told them to destroy all the orange ca's. The plan worked fine for a bit until I followed the trail from whence they came. At the end of the trail was a thriving orange city between Field General and myself!!!

Mulan was cranking out ca's and st's like there was no tomorrow. I didn't relish the idea of trading camels for ca's, so I called for aid, and that was when boneser and Field General tried to rescue me. It was a very tough battle. Mulan was single-handedly holding off three foes and simultaneously controlling the sea too! After we finally beat Mulan back, she had to resign for personal reasons...THANK GOD!!!

I didn't see too much action against Vixen or Red Karen, except that they killed my first wave of scythes easily, and while my second wave was being created Red Karen dropped. I think Vixen didn't relish the idea of a 3v1 so we all exchanged gg's and resigned.

That was an excellent job, Mulan. I played against you about a month ago, and I was clearly better than you then. BUT nowadays, you are a much better player than me. We were so impressed by the zeal and vigor with which you played that that was all we talked about afterwards.

Red Karen is always great but I don't play with here enough to get a full scope of her prowess. Vixen, I swear, is improving by leaps and bounds. Yesterday she had the high score for most of the game, and I'm thankful that I wasn't the fodder for those high scores! So Vix, please, don't get much better too quickly, else I won't be able to compete with you in the future.

Turn'em and Burn'em!

posted 05-22-99 01:48 PM ET (US)     3 / 9       
If thats Mulan98 you played against.....he's not a girl.

Otherwise, ignore this post.

Be well.


posted 05-22-99 01:59 PM ET (US)     4 / 9       
Hmmm....if Mulan98 is not a girl, then Hemlock and Kurtiebird sure pulled a fast one on us.

After the game was over, we joined Kurtie's room. During our chatting, I told everyone how bad Mulan kicked my butt. Everyone laughed and Hemlock and Kurtie told me that Mulan was a girl, and shame on me for letting her push me around like that!

Oh well, it doesn't matter if he/she is a boy or a girl. IT played really well.

Turn'em and Burn'em!

Boneser again
posted 05-22-99 02:33 PM ET (US)     5 / 9       
Sorry Mulan, I was simply going along with the rest when they said that but as Chubby says, you still play a hell of game of RoR.

[This message has been edited by Boneser again (edited 05-22-99).]

posted 05-22-99 11:00 PM ET (US)     6 / 9       
Thank you guys for the GREAT game. I really had fun. First of all, let me clear one thing up, I am MALE. Actually, I am the one to blame for using a female name. Now that everyone is informed about that, I'd like to thank General for putting up this thread. That game was clearly one of the most-est best-est game I ever played. One of the reason I had a strong economy was because I was in the middle, being "protected" by my 2 ally. Anyway, when I resigned, I still had gazillion resources which I tributed all to Vixen as instructed by Karen. Got some urgent thing to do for my WIFE. I was about to click Iron upgrade when my emergency call came. Luckily I did not upgrade else I would have wasted the resources. I was also lucky cause i have a lot of wood near my TC and Hitttite is a wood dependent civ. When I place my first dock I was happy and then went to begin my second dock. As soon as I finish the second one, I realized that General's dock was just a few tiles away from me. So I decided to attack his dock. I soon found out that his dock was undefended so I had an advantage with my wood income shooting up like mad. I placed about 15 peons on wood and soon my wood income was at 3000 which is where I got my CAs and STs. My plan was to hit General first but could not find his TC. My scouting reveal to me Chubby's TC so I decide to hit Chubb. Put up some Archery ranges and a SW. So the war between me and Chubb has begun! I was also lucky to have gotten Hititte in the random civ. If I were have gotten Shang or Yammy or the other civ, I would not have been able to play well. I am not use to playing Shang (weird huh?). Well, that's all for my input. Great game guys. Balanced team and all! Maybe next time we can replay that again! Like they always say, "Every once in a while there comes a good match!"

Zone Name: mulan98
ICQ: 2465023

(id: S_Hemlock)
posted 05-23-99 02:19 AM ET (US)     7 / 9       
Hemlock and Kurtie told me that Mulan was a girl

I remember the post game show Chubby, but it wasn't me that said that. (A minor point to be sure, but I don't need another good player out looking for my hide. )

No other success can compensate for failure in the home.

posted 05-23-99 10:18 AM ET (US)     8 / 9       
Oooops! I'm sorry I wrongly accused you, Sherlock. In my post game hyperness, I guess typing and reading becomes more difficult. I'm glad this was cleared up before we put you on trial, though.

Turn'em and Burn'em!

posted 05-23-99 02:47 PM ET (US)     9 / 9       
Awright, whatever. So we were misled by....Somebody. I think it musta been Kurtie. Anyway, regardless, Mulan was one great player.

Oh and everyone who had agreed to serve jury for Hemlock's Trial, I guess it's off now.

(you're still on probation )

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