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Topic Subject:The difference between Communicating and Chatting during a game
posted 05-21-99 11:41 AM ET (US)         
It is important in a team game to communicate with your allies. That does not mean that you need to inform them of your every move. The beginning of the game (IMO) is the most critical part. People are sometimes silent for a reason (focusing on their economy). This doesn't mean that you should limit your chats to location of enemy, tool and bronze times, ect. Short chats (plans of attack)early can set the pace of the game. (i.e. "you 2 take the sea" or "tool rush red at 9 while wall him in" or "Scarab, take middle, eug wall off 3 and build w/Scarb"......)

extranious conversation can be distracting and frustrating.

just some ramblings on a slow day........

posted 05-21-99 12:16 PM ET (US)     1 / 6       
Very true, Scarab. Due to recent posts such as this, I have been making an effort of late to try and make my communiques more descriptive and helpful. For instance, in a recent game (written up on another thread 'round these parts) I used this to our team's benefit. Whereas before I might have said something more poetic, such as "SH*T! COMPIES! RUN!!!", I endeavored in that game to make it more detailed, such as "At least a doz green comps headin thru dis town towards 6." Then I was able to plea, scream, & bellow for aid, since they knew what my dwindling camel herd was up against.
posted 05-21-99 03:52 PM ET (US)     2 / 6       
i have a beef here scarab

imo NEVER demand that ur ally do something.
i have played many games where my allies would
demand that i tool rush or i take the sea
or i do this and that and guess what?

my spot might not be good for executing a tool rush
or i might be using egyptian ships vs yammies or

when communicating its imperative that u let
ur ally know what UR DOING and seeing but
please dont get carried away and start giving playing
directions to ur allies. no one likes back seat drivers
and when u cant even see what ur allies have to work with
dont demand that he tool rushes, irons, bronzes etc.

of course, when u really want ur allies to do something suggest it as a possible plan and never make it
an ultimatum. for example: hey im attacking red, can u
attack the other guys?

or my favorite:"Ouch im getting tool rushed by red but
im ok, can u hit him at home?"

NEVER say things like hey if u dont send help im gonna
resign. this is sooooooooooo SELFISH
and i have won 3 to 4 games recently
when one of my allies dropped too soon,
and we won a 2v3.


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posted 05-21-99 04:02 PM ET (US)     3 / 6       
I agree with Winger on this one... Never demand that your allies do something. I usually suggest a course of action... such as "I'm hitting red and blue pretty hard, can you guys take care of green?" or "I need some help on the seas, greens killing my fleet" Never "Hit green now" or "Build ships and attack green". Usually this stuff is better received as in both examples I'm specifying what I'm doing to try to win (in the first by killing blue and red so they can deal with green without too much fear and in the second saying that I have a fleet and am trying and need help but green has me outnumbered) and not demanding that they change their plan but suggesting that they might accomplish more by hitting someone who I'm not already killing or by helping me where I need help. Demands on the other hand are usually ignored (unless it's something like "Hit blue now because he's chasing me so doesn't have a defense" when you see that your partner has a force standing near blue's town waiting to build to a critical mass. Saying that when they don't have a force or a forward base is a demand, when he does, it's ok).
posted 05-21-99 04:07 PM ET (US)     4 / 6       
One other thing that irritates me is "Hit them now!" You have been getting ready for your attack for the last few minutes. Couldn't you have let me know that I should start getting ready? I mean, my choice is frequently to do a half-@ss job at best or wait a minute or two and do it right. Bottom line is give advance notice.

Keep your stick on the ice.

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(id: S_Hemlock)
posted 05-21-99 08:05 PM ET (US)     5 / 6       
Jeez Gedn, couldn't you have chosen a different game to start communicating effectively? I would have preferred something along the lines of, "Hemmie's got compies, I quit."

no one likes back seat drivers

For the most part I agree with that. The exception is when I'm on a team with players who are much better than me. In those cases, I would welcome any input from that player. If the good player would accept the role of Supreme Commander of Allied Forces, then I would happily take a subordinate position. "Orders" could include everything from types of resources I should be gathering heavily to army composition and location. Not only would that prevent me from doing something stupid, but it would give me an opportunity to learn in a more interactive manner vs. just teaming up with them.

posted 05-21-99 09:33 PM ET (US)     6 / 6       
I try to chat what resources I have in abundance, that way my allies know what I could have extra of.
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