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Age of Empires / Rise of Rome / Definitive Edition
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Age of Empires Heaven » Forums » Age of Empires / Rise of Rome / Definitive Edition » FINAL TEAM LIST FOR TOURNAMENT!!!
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posted 05-21-99 00:58 AM ET (US)         
This is the final list!

Team NumberTeam NamePlayer 1Player 2Player 3
1Stinger's RingerRouninSting (aka Trunks)Breydel
2Road KillArmagednS_HemlockAPC_Vixen
3Tool rush baitApocalypse77borgboy12maimin_matty
4The Holy WarriorsFWH_WolfpackFanatic_KabanJihad_Jake
5Rock, Paper, ScissorScarabStaffaEug1
6VampyresKurtiebirdfangr aoerat
73 StoogesStooge_aholicStooge_jehuStooge_Bangdoll
8Dragon's BreathPendragonWRBScrithorangepanther
9Dangerous Old Manking_highlanderjaheedDOM_Pelligrew
10Real RookiesSiNCeReFXSergei_MakarovHacker_Neo
11First 2 DieField_Generaldisciplejim APC_ChubbyHubby
12Ike Turner's Honky Elites_CuC_CaLdraserXxgermanicusxX
13Mogwai: "Don't get me wet"_RCF_Day(Knight_Day)_RCF_Night(Knight_Night)_RCF_andarchist
14Happy Go LuckyMulan98APC_DoinkVidere
15The Old Goobersandyhreecbeanphlsphr
16GX_Alliance_Winger_ CentaurieCLAI44
17Darq OnesDarq_NeilDarq_SoloDarq_Neo
18The Big Fart RollercoasterMIC_TszHoWongMiC_Shrubbery MiC_Biodigestor
19Need the TrainerPotejonLuciferSteve Ryan
20the team that probably won't winmixmaster_fcZEKEVAFanatic_Fatal
21The half-way retired pingpong ballspingpong_ball2pingpong_ball5pingpong_ball6
22The Newbiesdarq_woginatorbud_garrek_jethr0_
23aloha wildlifeFeral_DogFeral_HamsterFeral_Monkey
24aloha apprenticesaloha_atconaloha_macealoha_coconut
25PMDaRq_oneeyeFTW_wate rmanGSPrince


Do not post anything in this thread except your match schedule once me and scarab finalize the match-ups.

If you have time, then i would like to meet with you tomorrow(friday) night to discuss about the match-ups


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(id: Al_Kharn the Great)
posted 05-22-99 11:46 PM ET (US)     26 / 31       
borgboy told me you were leaving, apocalypse.
posted 05-23-99 04:37 PM ET (US)     27 / 31       
just bringing team numbers to the top

Scarab, when are we playing? Have you talked to Staffa?

You must not fight too often with one enemy, or you will teach him all your art of war.
Napoleon Bonaparte (1769-1821)
APC_eug1 and I am

posted 05-23-99 06:01 PM ET (US)     28 / 31       
changin my teams name to two teens a baldy and a pizza place, and zekeva's zone name i think is either that or sarmis_zeke
posted 05-23-99 07:13 PM ET (US)     29 / 31       
This is going to be an amusing tournament. It is... pathetic, hehe. Now DONT GET ME WRONG. Scareb and Rounin, You guys are GREAT! AWESOME! SPECTACULAR! BRILLIANT! GRAND! ect, ect. hehe. But still, matty will go far becuse... well, hes Matty. aloha will go the entire way hehe, they'll have a team in the finals... either the Feral alohas or the aloha apprenticies(go atcon, hehe!). personally I think it'll be the ferals because they, well rule(tho atcon is good and coco rules ) Tool Rush bait(w/Matty), the team w/Staffa, and both alohas(pertaining that none of these guys play each other, which is a very slim chance that they wont) will be in the semis, they are the 4 best team. lol

My 2 cents(or was that 4...?):PP

"Meet your APOCalypse!!"


posted 05-23-99 07:27 PM ET (US)     30 / 31       
let me redo this post.

talon, if ur gonna come here and have no
constructive criticism to post, please dont criticize
at all.


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[This message has been edited by Winger (edited 05-23-99).]

posted 05-23-99 10:16 PM ET (US)     31 / 31       
Borgie doesn't say otherwise


Zone Name: Borgboy12

My ICQ# is: 16785505 And I am currently:

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