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Age of Empires / Rise of Rome / Definitive Edition
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Age of Empires Heaven » Forums » Age of Empires / Rise of Rome / Definitive Edition » S_Hemlock, Kurtiebird, DiscipleJim VS. Armagedn, Bearded_Tim, and ChubbyHubby!!!
Topic Subject:S_Hemlock, Kurtiebird, DiscipleJim VS. Armagedn, Bearded_Tim, and ChubbyHubby!!!
posted 05-20-99 07:53 AM ET (US)         
I don't remember very many details because I never bronzed, DOH! But from what I could tell, we played a large, hill country, pop 75 any civ game last night. I (Yellow, Sumer) was at 9, Bearded Tim (Red, Hittite) was at 1, and Armagedn (Blue, ?) was at 3. The only enemy that I saw was S_Hemlock at 7.

My part in this story is very brief. I wanted to start this post, however, because I think it was a see-saw game and I was glad to help out in the limited way that I did.

S_Hemlock took me out very early with one of his patented tool rushes. At first I thought I was okay, after I destroyed his forward barracks, so I tooled. Right then however he sent in archers and scouts to finish me off. I was totally screwed, because my second berry patch was at 8, and that was where his attacks were coming from. As a result, I HAD ZERO FOOD to use for defensive troops. I had no choice but to run.

I went to 12 and Bearded_Tim protected me while I rebuilt. Things were progressing nicely, shortly thereafter. I had a market, storage pit, new TC, etc. I had 500 food and was itching to bronze when Armagedn started screaming for food. Hmmmm....I thought, "It's well past 20 minutes and I'm still tool, Arma is fighting Disciplejim and Kurtie, what should I do?" I decided to send all my food to Arma. I think it was greatly appreciated. Then I tribbed Tim a little, and my fate was decided...I was going to be a tool age feeder today!

I created 23 vills, upgraded my Sumerian farms, and tribbed like mad. Most of my food and gold went to Arma, because I think Tim's economy was in good shape. The only thing that I regret was not bronzing and getting writing because I couldn't see how the battle was progressing. I was very happy, though, being able to contribute to our victory. Good Job Guys, you allowed me to ride your coattails to victory, one of the few victories that I've had lately!

BTW, My score was close to 600 and I only had 23 vills the whole game! I thought that was pretty cool.

Turn'em and Burn'em!

posted 05-20-99 01:33 PM ET (US)     1 / 6       
Oh, so YOU are to blame for army's non-stop tool rush! I admit we should never have let him take shang, but I thought I had fought him off enough to finish my walls and bronze, but noooo . . . more axers, archer & slinges coming pouring over the hill. I was trapped in that valley by Sherlock's wall on the west, my walls and somebody's archers on the north and army's shang horde in the east. That was a very long tool age. I finally snuck 2 villies out and began rebuilding in Hemmie's town, bronzed about 36 minutes? started to build egyptian chariots & CAs and farms galore. Kurt & Hem carried the battle for a while until army's iron units broke through and started tearing up my farmers, just as I was having visions of ironing and going for SCs! Thanks teammate! Good strategy. (I didn't get to play with the General either)
posted 05-20-99 04:37 PM ET (US)     2 / 6       
Now THAT was my idea of a fun game! Intense from the word "Go!" Chubby did a masterful job of turning an early defeat into a benefit - by taking himself out of the fight, and playin' feeder. Most beneficial! I think he's gonna be hearin' me scream "MORE FOOD! NEED GOLD! CRAP! OUTTA WOOD!" in his sleep!

As to "letting" me take Shang, I felt it only fair, since I'd just received them from the Random Gods in the previous game, where Hemmie conveniently dropped! Now THOSE were teams! What was it? Shang, Assy, & Yam against Carth, Palmy & Rome? Something like that. LOL!

So, since I had just "lost" shang (I think Hemmie pulled the plug deliberately) , I "demanded" them again.

However, I was in an early panic - I knew very soon my economic bonus was all but gone, since (once again!) berries were nowhere near my TC. This is disappointing on Gigantic maps, but on LARGE? It was ridiculous. (The first berry patch I found was probably as close to Kurtie as it was to me). Kurtie was on my immediate left (and, even better, in a valley!) My wood situation wasn't too bad, though. Not close to my TC, but I had at least three forests (so I spread out, to avoid disaster - a wise move that paid off much later).

I built a forward barracks near the center (which went nearly unused), and then built two (and later, a third) rax on top of a hill overlooking poor Kurtieville. As I was preparing a club rush (and thus, VERY low on food), Chubby told me he was tooling, and B_Tim followed him. I was nowhere near it! :-(

(Hmm.. it wasn't really a RUSH, as it came so late!)

Still, I knew I had the advantage of location over Kurtie, so I began sending clubbers in. I had already scouted his TC, (VERY close to my rax!), but I soon spotted a slain elephant at about 5:00, so I sent my clubs there. Jackpot! Found both his hunters AND his woodies! Yee-ha! I sent several more clubs there as Kurtie tooled (while his villies fought bravely against my clubbers), and I sent a few more to beat on his houses.

I was a little worried, since he would soon have tool troops (assuming he had any food left), and I was probably only at the 200 food mark at this point. I shifted some woodies to hunting, and was soon in tool myself. Kurtie sent a few axers into my town, and, unbeknownst to me, some builders - he built rax (and later, a nearby TC) in my town.

In my travels, I'd uncovered 3 of the artifacts - B_Tim (I think) had the other (which I took from him) and we were on the way to winning by artifacts! Unfortunately, w/ only 835 years to go, the very spot I was gonna wall them in was where Kurtie had built in my town (which, of course, I didn't know - DOH!). I managed to get a couple arts away, but he had one. This battle (and later, ruins), continued to jump back n' forth (they never had all, but had to keep stopping us from winning either way).

Another point of note was I noticed I had one very wounded armascout villie standing west of Kurtie's old town (which my now-axers were reducing to rubble), near a small opening in the forest (west of Kurt & south of dis.) I built a series of ranges & stables there. This would prove the most beneficial act of the game for me. It was an easy spot to wall in. I was soon in bronze, and had another TC there, complete w/ two gold mines, some berries, and plenty of wood, w/ some space to build a temple and a seige workshop.

As I was working there, I moved my tool army, now equipped w/ slingers, into dis's town. I managed to dissuade his vills from completing a wall. Also, I believe he learned the hard way bowmen and towers don't match up well vs. slingers! A couple of scouts also got axed, and I busied myself in tearing down discipletown. I should point out that both Kurt and disciple were stuck at the bottom of deep valleys.

Meanwhile, Hemmie had given Chubby the business. Kurtie almost ruined things at this point, as he nearly dropped, but was somehow saved by the Sync gods, and we continued. I used my tool army to overrun dis as I bronzed (dis was in already in bronze at this point), and followed w/ a few camels and cav. I also found some Kurtie refugees there. It was going very well, and I began to clamor for tribute to continue pressing the advantage. I'd nearly eliminated two opponents (or so I thought at the time) and was probably suffering from an acute case of cockiness, when Hemmie's Yam comps arrived to set me straight.

It got ugly in a hurry. Hemmie had quite a large army of them. Neither camels nor cav do diddly-squat against them but die, so I started to make stonies - then realized I hadn't put anyone else on wood detail! Luckily, chubby had nothing to do but mine & chop, & he began to give me spare res as quickly as I could wail for it - doing a great job of supplying whatever I needed to continue the fight (I got quite a bit of res. from Tim as well).

Unfortunately, Hemmie stalked his compy way thru dis's town, and found my forward base. He destroyed a couple buildings there, and the TC, but moved on thru Kurtie's old town to my original base. Luckily, my vills were so spread out, he didn't really do much damage, but he did have me on the run. Meanwhile, I saw that Tim had loaded up on Hittite cats, but wasn't doing anything (that I could see) w/ them! I SCREAMED for his help - "for the LOVE of god! Move yer f'ing cats!!! HELP ME!!!" I guess that finally did the trick. His cats arrived and made green mulch outta Hemmie's comps.

Realizing I'd spent too much effort on my military, neglecting my economy (almost the exact opposite of my typical game), I built several new TC's, and soon had gold flowing. But I needed to continue to press Hemmie, and stop Kurt & dis from rebuilding, so I was constantly low on food. Thankfully, Chubby tribbed me nearly 700 food! So I was able to iron. I had already wiped out Kurt's Gedntown base w/ just a few axes & a camel, and I soon found him in other areas (southwest of me, nw of dis's town, and east of hemmie's town). Kurtvillies breed like rabbits!

I now went heavy into HA's, as Tim provided the bulk of the seige, w/ Chubby still feeding away (yee-HA!). This worked very well, indeed. Hemmie (along w/ disciple's displaced townsfolk) had walled in, but was no match for the Hittie cats. I also brought in some ballistas and a priest or two for support, spending the bulk of my economy (and Chubby's!) on the HA's. Once we overran Hemmie, they threw in the towel (though Kurtie, fought on for a bit against overwhelming odds! A great game.

Love to hear this from the other perspectives!

posted 05-20-99 05:23 PM ET (US)     3 / 6       
'fess up gedn . . . did you con me into dropping a wall section for you? Somebody yelled a request and I assumed it was ally Kurt (teal). After deleting a few chunks I was rather surprised to see HAs (blue) pouring through the gap. Then I recalled you were playing a social game and had chat set to everyone most of the game. Another brain fart on my part?

[This message has been edited by disciplejim (edited 05-20-99).]

(id: S_Hemlock)
posted 05-20-99 05:49 PM ET (US)     4 / 6       
No Jim, it really was me that asked you to drop the walls. I was planning on circling gedn's army with my compies or cavs (can't remember which). Just after I sent that message, his HA showed up there and I didn't have time to tell you to forget about it.

No time to comment extensively on this game, but I was quite impressed with how much land Bearded_Tim was able to claim with his walling.

I tried a scout raid on Tim once I pushed Chubby out of his area, but I turned my back for a couple of seconds and when I came back, all 4 were dead. What a waste of 300 food. I doubt I'll try that again.

posted 05-20-99 09:02 PM ET (US)     5 / 6       

How could you even THINK such a thing? I'm...I'm hurt.

Actually, my timing was just VERY lucky. I should've moved earlier, as the original Kurtieville was already pretty dusty by the time my axe & sling party boys arrived in DiscTown.

Oh well - next time Hemmie tells you drop the walls, say... "Make me!"

posted 05-20-99 09:31 PM ET (US)     6 / 6       

Thanks for the fun game guys.

Arma: Sorry about not sending the cats in right away. Like a dolt I forgot to get writing early, so I didn't know where the comps were. So I just moved the cats up little by little until the writing finished. (I thought they had pushed you all the way to my area at 2, but they were just starting to enter your town).

Hemmie: I got lucky that you weren't actively watching your scouts, as my bowmen and towers were able to finish them off before any villies were harmed. But I can't take credit for the great walling. As usual, I forgot about walling, paying more attention to my economy, and once Chubby ran to my area, he wanted to build the walls and he did a great job getting a lot of area (using some forests as well). I just kept the defenses around the wall to subdue any break-in attempts.

Here's my involvement. Like Chubby said, I was in the pocket for our team, so I decided to mainly focus on my ecomony at first. I didn't bother to tool rush anybody, but rather had my scouters build a forward base in Chubby's area for added protection (guess he saw Hemmies plan ahead of time). Unfortunately, my rax and ranges weren't close enough to Hemmies rush to help much. A few bowmen helped stop some of the axers/scouts, but eventually they were overrun with a cav horde. I tried to fight back with camels and some CAs, and I think we stalemated. That is when Chubby walled us in (my stables as well), so I just defended the wall, and got to farming so I could iron (I think this is where Chubby gave me some food as well).

I think I actually bronzed and ironed first (which makes sense since I didn't really attack much or get rushed), so I went quickly for the Cat upgrade, followed by ballistics and alchemy. That's when Arma cried for help against the compies. So I plunked down a couple workshops and a range, and made 4 Cats and some HAs. But like I said, since I hadn't gotten writing yet, I didn't know exactly where to send them, so I tip-toed them along to find the action without being discovered. Eventually I found them, and the surprise factor helped. After that Arma must have made more HAs and sent them back through Disciple's town guided by the cats. His HAs took out all the villies and any enemy units, while I had the cats work on the buildings/towers/walls/etc. We ran through disciple's area without too much resistance.

Next was Hemmie's, and while he had some defenses, Arma's HAs took out most of them, and cats took the rest (having the HAs save the cats while running from a couple cavs once). After marching through Hemmie's town, leaving it in rumbles, a few cats continued on with a HA assistance to 10 where Kurtie rebuilt. Luckily we found him just before he started to amass his ballista/helepolis army. The cats took out the single ballistas before they could get enough shots to take a cat out, and then finished off the remaining workshops.

Sorry you didn't ever get to bronze Chubby, if I had known I could have tribbed you some food, while I had plenty of near the end after the farms started producing. I think in this game, the pocket position kept my economy on track, while Arma was on the offensive, and Chubby kept Arma in business.

- Bearded_Tim

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