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Topic Subject: Got trainer?
posted 01-20-99 03:35 PM ET (US)   
As the title implies this is a thread devoted to a game I played a few mins ago. Me (under a smurf name, well actually my only smurf name) and this other guy. I advertised the room 1v1 no rookies, and got this guy here. He seemed ok enough...well maybe not

Typically I get kinda mad when ppl accuse others of cheating when they have no proof. Well I took screens (many many screens!) and would be happy to email/icq them to anyone who wants them.

icq: 21974567

Here is the story: I pick phoenician, we decide upon medit map. He picks phoe too.

We are in tool age and he comes over with 3 scout ships and harasses a few of my fish ships, but after he destroys 3 I run them away in time and run them into one of my other docks on the map. I had a few scout ships coming that way anyways so his get taken out. I then walk over this a posse of 4 fresh scout ships and explore his area, and turn bronze while im at it. Then I get war galley and discover like 6 villagers shore as I am moving in BAM I get hit with like 5 chariot archers. My woodies are gone, I just resign. In the end I kinda said wtf?

This guy beat me to bronze (which is understandable, I shoulda tool rushed but I wanted a hardcore boom...which I sorta did, I got lazy in that game )
He had 3 archeries and one barracks in my backyard of my base. He built this base with 2 or 3 vills, which when I resigned were idle. I saw his villager count was 23, mine was 39...well so now he has a total of 21 active villagers. I sunk 3, thats right, 3 of his ships. That was all he had, 3 fish ships. So 18 vills. I killed 2 I found on my land, so now he has a total of 16 vills in the end.

Well here is my question, with 3 fish ships, which didnt even make it past 14 mins, and 5 or 6 guys on shore fishing how exactly did he have any food? Not to mention, that he has...drumroll please, 6 villagers on wood total!!

Wow, 3 scout ships, barracks, 3 archeries, 3 DOCKS...yes you heard right, 3 docks (a fish ship from each)

I also took pictures of like 4 other idle vills I saw at the end that were doing absolutely nothing. Interesting, at the end I saw 2 guys on gold, 5 or 6 guys on wood, and 6 or so shore fishers. How in the heck he could afford all that is beyond me. I dont care what civ you pick, wood bonus or not, you cant make market, 3 archeries, a few storage pits, a barracks, 3 docks, and 5 CAs, 3 fish ships, 4 scout ships, granary, etc etc

Like I said I didnt include screenshots here because I didnt wanna resize them or post them on a webpage, etc etc, so just ask for em and I will email or send via icq. I think i took a total of about 8 or 9 pictures.

So what do you think? Anyone here think that with 6 woodies they could make all that?
Not to mention he played a lot like a newbie (me too, didnt mine gold at all cause like I said I was lazy, and shoulda discovered his backwoods base) but he was a rookie cause of all the idle vills, and he hardly any technologies researched. Weird eh?
BTW I was hosting, and cheats were off so dont gimme that stuff.

posted 01-21-99 09:50 AM ET (US)     1 / 1  
did you get his name? If so, lets make a point to play him again.

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