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Topic Subject:Best rooms for fun games?
posted 05-09-99 10:56 PM ET (US)         

Been playing AOE/ROR for a while now, as well
as reading these forums. Decided to get an ISP a couple weeks ago. Needless to say, I've only played about 5 zone games, staying mainly in the rookie rooms (trying to work on my techniques before declaring average status). Anyway, these games seem to fall into 2 categories: 1) the people don't chat at all and I never know what my partners are doing (until/if I research Writing), or 2 there seems to be a lot of name calling for no reason. Are the rookie rooms going to be like this, and would I be better off getting beat repeatedly in the intermediate rooms (Palatine, Quirinal, etc.)? The people in the forums seem fun (I even got on MiC_Slayer's list by accident), so where to you play most?

One more thing, is this an example of a
lamer resorting to name calling, or a real
violation of the ROR "ethics" (plus this
allows me to tell a story):

It was a huge, large islands 2 vs 2, with
unknown players. I was red, hittite, at 6, with my partner, orange, mace, at 9. Opponents were blue, assy, at 3, and green, mace, at 12. I started off ok, until my scouting found a blue transport leaving and a blue villie trying to build a archery. I quickly boned him and got a couple scout ships to take out the tranny. Quickly went
to bronze and upgraded to war ships, as well
as get some CA to take out the remains of the blue archery. Took about 7 war ships into blue territory and luckily didn't meet much resistance, finishing off his 2 docks as well as any villies near the coast. Sent 5 CAs (damn non-upgradable trannys) onto blue's island, and quickly hunted down villies, finding almost all of them. The second lot of 5 CA's finished off any blue CA defense, and a ST took down the rest of
blue's buildings while a villie expanded my
base onto the ruins (2 more gold pits).

Anyway, my boats found green triremes on the neighboring island, so I built a couple of nearby docks and cranked out fire galleys to take out the triremes, which worked quite nicely. After I was satisfied with the lack of green sea presence, I loaded 5 HAs (again, those limited trannys) and landed them on green's island. After finding a green farming community (and relieving them of their duties), a large group of 15 elles and 30 or so cents were found. Not liking those odds (plus not seeing any real defenses), the HAs just ran right through the middle of the 2 groups and found greens woodies, goldies, and the remainder of blue's relocated villies. This is when green started the name calling, things like "u fight like a wussy" and "stop running and fight like a man". Needless to say I didn't take his advice, and marched my HAs all around the island to check for any more missed villies. My boats found his attempt to relocate to another island, and took out as many eles and cents as possible by the coast. Blue resigned, and green resigned when I landed more HAs and cats. The achievements showed that orange only killed 10, so I guess he didn't look for green until the late, finding his relocated base same time I did.

Anyway, I assume I just got an opponent who is a bad loser, because I can't see how using HAs strength (their speed) and avoiding confrontation is grounds for name calling. Is it better to play more intermediate (and hopefully more mature) players and get wiped alot until I learn my mistakes (as I obviously only beat other rookies who need to learn more than I)? Or do I just put this game in the "there's always a bad seed" bin? Thanks for the vent time.

- Bearded_Tim

posted 05-09-99 11:00 PM ET (US)     1 / 6       

Guess I gotta learn to not use "Enter" when posting.

- Bearded_Tim

posted 05-09-99 11:34 PM ET (US)     2 / 6       
It's not the rooms, it's the people. Play with APCers and forummers. Find the APC thread and sign up.
Steve Ryan
posted 05-09-99 11:46 PM ET (US)     3 / 6       
No need to worry about a fool who expecte you to stand and fight with HA's against cents and eles ! 3 hits and they are dead.

It would be nice if war went just the way we planned. sadly those enemy have a way of doing what is best for them not for us.

Some lamers just cant understand this or have no imagination !

By the way the trick with 5 load transports is take 5 villagers (if you have a clear LZ). and build you unit buildings over there.. saves having to bring 5 at a time.

Steve Ryan

posted 05-09-99 11:46 PM ET (US)     4 / 6       
I always play in rated room and very rarely u get ppl insulting u in the middle of the game.

In about 400 games here's the cases i saw:

Lately some ppl accuses u of cheating when u either tool fast, bronze fast (11mins) or just kick ass on the field :they claim u have reveal on. Fast toolin/bronzin is done by really micromanaging a small peon ecocnomy and is really risky by the way.

About a couple of months when tool rushing wasnt that known or when ppl just wanted to overboom with fishboats (even in 1on1s) you'd get alot of disconects and insulting but the tool rushs seems more accepted nowadays since everyone know its part of the game.

The worst encounter i ever got was a guy nammed SOTHPA. I had a real bad start on hill country; for instance my 3 upgraded archers faced a wall and my tool/bronze time was crap. Anayway after 1 hour of combat he start the hide the peon thingy and then start insulting me and says that im a bad player and that he had his worst game ever and disconects.

A fair amount of ppl disconects when beated by greece. I have a streak of 3 losts with em so its been a while since the last time that it happened.

Then theirs the speed changers but thats how i got used to play at 1.5! 1.0 seems so slow that my gameplay actually deteriorate! 2.0 is still too fast but last time opponent did that i deiceided to play anyway since i really wanted to kick his butt all over the map which i did since he couldnt handle the 2.0 speed at all. When u write 1.5 speed in your room about noone will change it to 2.0 since 1.5 is the most accepted speed.

Of course the main has its share of lamers but just put em on your ignore list (right click on there name and put ignore).

So i had about 30 bad encounters in a huge number of game. If you're experiencing lamers at higher rate than me perhaps you should go to rated and play rookie game there... I personnaly dont like the non-rated rooms since it seems that alot more annoying ppl are there but perhaps im wrong?

(id: S_Hemlock)
posted 05-10-99 02:30 AM ET (US)     5 / 6       
Gotta go with Apoc on this one. Visit the thread here and post your zone id. At the same time, pick some of the names of the people you would like to play with and add them to your zf list. Next time you see them online, zf them and see if they're playing. Also, (as I'm sure you know if you've been reading the posts) check Palatine when you get on the zone. If there's at least 6-8 forumers on, there will usually be a game there.

Pardon me for prying, but how have you been able to read the forums if you didn't have an isp?

[This message has been edited by S_Hemlock (edited 05-10-99).]

posted 05-10-99 06:18 PM ET (US)     6 / 6       

First, thanks for the early replies.

Second, I'll try and check on Palatine more to see if any APC'ers are looking for games (hopefully I'll lose enough times and in enough ways that I'll actually learn some good strats). I'm thinking this may have been more of an isolated incident, but if it happens again I may have to stop going to the rookie rooms.

Third, I don't think that the rated rooms are for me. I'm more of a casual gamer, so I'm just looking to have fun and maybe learn a thing or 2. I would guess the rated rooms have more serious players looking for victories or challenging games.

Either way, if you want an easy win, I'm on the zone as Bearded_Tim (never would have guessed), and if there is a tourney team "45 min bronze" then I'm there (j/k, I can manage 30 min sometimes).

P.S. I can connect (like an isp) through work, but since they have a firewall I can't use it for online gaming.

- Bearded_Tim

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