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Age of Empires / Rise of Rome / Definitive Edition
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Topic Subject:My first 22 seconds in ROR
posted 05-09-99 03:01 PM ET (US)         
This is what I do in my first 22 seconds and I think it is optimal for ROR.


1) HC ASAP off course

2) Build my ONE house in time to experience no delay in vil 5

3) Maximize my exploration quickly to determine a) if I am really screwed for wood (may need to find wood/food pit spot) and b) assuming wood is OK.. find my berries FAST.. unless c) I luck into a QUICK and good SF spot.
Most of the time I will be hoping to place a granary fast.

OK so at the start of the game my mouse is center on my screen to make it easy to grab two vils.

Time 0 sec.. game starts (ignore any loss to due lag on zone in my description) and then
you H with left index finger.. C w/same finger while grabbing two vils(v1 and v2) to select them w/mouse in right hand.

Time now 1 sec .. B w/left index E w/left middle finger while PLACING THE HOUSE RIGHT IN BACK OF v1 and v2 so that they DON'T HAVE to walk.

Time now 2 sec .. house started and I select v3 and send him off into the fog w/out way pointing him yet.

Time now 3 sec .. select v1 and way point him a ways and by time is 5 sec he will stop building the house

Time now 4 sec.. house and vil are 20% done and if are fast enough you may immediately send v1 exploring but clearly he can be sent off by 5 sec.

Time now 5 sec and your house is 30% done at v4 is 25% done so you need no longer have 2 v's building the house and you don't as v1 has just started exploring !.. now select v3 and way point him a ways.

Time now 7 sec.. grab all 3 vils with wide mouse click and assign them ctrl #3 . Now you can get them all to your food spot later quickly.

Time 9 sec or so... HCCC and reassign way points as neccessary based upon what you have seen and continue to readjust as necessary

Time now 19 sec.. house complete and send v2 quickly into the fog w/out way pointing yet.

Time now 20 sec.. v4 is born.. way point him to explore and add him to your ctrl group (shift 3 ctrl 3) unless he is running (hopefully) to your found berry spot.

Time now 22 sec unless you have your food spot.. way point v2 to explore.

OK what have I achieved in my first 22 sec and why is it best ? Lets compare vs two other starting methods.

VS the old fashioned build house until 50% method I have started my 2nd explorer 2 sec earlier. (VS guys that walk to place house at edge of fog.. I will have gained more exploring time) Placing the house at the edge of the fog does indeed give you some exploration.. however it means that the slight gain inexploration is duplicated by both vils and hence some effiency is reduced. Also assuming it takes 3 sec to walk to the edge of the fog,your house will begin at 5 sec and at 10 sec it will be 50% done as will v4 and you can begin exploration. However, this method loses 5 to 6 sec of early exploration time vs my method (however it gains maybe 2 or 3 sec heading to the edge of the fog) All told, I think my method rates to gain about 3 critical seconds of early exploration time vs placing the house at the edge of the fog. I don't feel the loss of potential farming space by having the house closer to my TC matters much. Additionally, any potential slight loss of mobility near my TC is counter balanced by the times I had placed my house at the edge of the fog and found out it was in the way of my best pit of granary location.

VS the build the house with ONE vil method... this method achieves EXACTLY the same early exploration because I can immediately start my 2nd explorer as soon as I have finished assigning my first explorer.
Unfortunately, guys building the house w/one vil lose 2 sec in waiting for the house to finish. Hence, v4,5,6,7 are delayed 2 sec. My method results in NO villlager delay and NO loss in exploration.

I know this all may seem pedantic.. but the early game is almost an exact science. This method allows me to maximize my early exploration and lose NO vil creation time.. the only limit is how fast I can type and click.

... neilkaz...

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posted 05-09-99 05:59 PM ET (US)     1 / 11       
Just one thing I can add to this which might not be that intuitive, if you're playing random civs while hitting hc in second 1, you need to find out what your civ is so you can change your strategy accordingly (for instance dock first or wood pit only first or gazelle-wood pit first both of which I won't even consider without the right civ ie minoan for dock first or persian for gazelle-wood pit)
posted 05-09-99 06:07 PM ET (US)     2 / 11       
Good post

Last night, in the shang mega boom, when did you assign the 4th vill to food, I lost it, my jaw dropped and my head followed

- Pote

"Your shadow is the proof of your excistence. The shadow is the sun's footprints on earth."

posted 05-09-99 06:19 PM ET (US)     3 / 11       
I assigned the 4th Shang vil to berries just in time to make sure I'd have no delay in vil production. If you find fast berries w/Shang your extra food lasts a while so you don't need all 4 foragers immediately.

4 x 9 (food every 20 sec) = 36 food every 20 sec gathered for Shang w/no walking to granary... neilkaz...

PS that was a fun boom to show off.

posted 05-09-99 06:30 PM ET (US)     4 / 11       
It was fun and scary, I don't think I have understood shang's awesome powers at all before, now I do, though in the mag that ggot me to buy Age I said something like this:'
"The shang gets off to a fast start with their cheap vilagers, but the normal start is to wall in, wonder, and don't go out on the sea".
Yeah right!!!

- Pote

"Your shadow is the proof of your excistence. The shadow is the sun's footprints on earth."

Steve Ryan
posted 05-09-99 07:06 PM ET (US)     5 / 11       

I am not a player of your calibre but your start strat exactly emulates mine. This is identical to what I do down to the last second.

Even with non-shang civs (you just have to put 6 on berries) you can almost ensure no vill delay.

The trouble with me is I canít sustain the boom. As soon as war starts (and Iím a rusher) I forget my economy. Trouble is time and time again I start winning the tool and bronze war only to find I get overtaken by the boomer !

I have been trying out a boom strategy but it seems that the enemy tool attacks and bronze attacks are enough to really hurt me. I need to find a good medium. Part of the problem is I just cant handle the boom well. I am a great boomer to tool Ö then.

Can you give some advice for beyond tool booming. God sometimes I even forget to build a Gov centre until 4 minutes into Bronze !

Steve Ryan

posted 05-09-99 07:44 PM ET (US)     6 / 11       
The first 30 seconds:

0 seconds. Set beer back down - game's on!
0 seconds post-lag. Vils 1 and 2 set down house foundation, w/o checking local zoning regulations. Building then held up by citizens lobby, and a developer who wanted the spot for a Wal-Mart.

1-3 seconds. Vil 3 wanders blindly into the darkness. Finds lion. Pulls thorn out of his paw. Gets eaten.

4-6 seconds. Vils 1 and 2 lose valuable time arguing over contractor. A negotiator is brought in, and a team of high-priced lawyers. Havoc ensues.

7-10 seconds. Vil 1 claims squatter's rights, and moves into a quonset hut at the shoreline. Begins to stock up for Y2K, and takes on strange fear of germs and other air-born diseases. Never seen in public again.

11-18 seconds. Vil 2 nears completion of foundation for first house in direction violation of ordinance. A subpeona appears on his doorstep.

19-23 seconds. Vil 2 tries to appease the developer, and stocks his windowsill w/ cut-rate goods and amenities. The scam fails.

24-30 seconds. House is fire-bombed. Vil 2 either dead or missing - the Action News 7 team sends a camera crew to Wal-Mart headquarters.

Vil 4 appears - is frightened by horde of enraged citizens, lawyers, and the ghost of Sam Walton. Flees into nearby forest, where he fathers a new race of super chimps.


posted 05-09-99 08:54 PM ET (US)     7 / 11       
ROFL Armagedn ! People like u make this forum alive. GREAT post!

Neil, u forgot something in your post. When you hit F4 and F11. I think it comes near the HCCC. Coming back to that HCCC, I usually do something like HCCCCC because sometimes lag prevents that my commands reach the game. This also happens a lot while researching upgrades and advanzing through the ages.

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ICQ : 23091968

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the King of Jazz
posted 05-09-99 11:53 PM ET (US)     8 / 11       
my first 22 seconds go like this:
0: game is on!
1 sec: cuss as i see i ain't near no food stuffs
2 sec: look for my bottle opener
3 sec: build a villager
4 sec: gey my villager guy lookin for wood and foodstuffs
5 sec: cuss again, just for the fun of it
6 sec: where's my damn my bottle opener?
7 sec: there it is
8 sec: pause game to get beverage
(this doesn't count in the game seconds obviously)
9 sec: sit back down and unpause
10 sec: read all the messages telling me that i'm an a-hole and i need to unpause the game.
10 sec: tell all the negatives to shut it while i drink my drink
11 sec: my old lady starts hollering telling me to get off that damn computer and do something productive.
12 sec: duke (my drummer) calls needing a ride home from the palamino tap room
13 sec: so i decide to build a house.
14 sec: thinking about my next drink
15 sec: opening my next drink
16 sec: got this guy chopping wood for me
17 sec: ally telling me i'm worthless
18 sec: manager calls telling me gig at the tropic room is on
19 sec: find a deer
20 sec: kill the deer
21 sec: find a beer
22 sec: drink a beer
Steve Ryan
posted 05-10-99 00:03 AM ET (US)     9 / 11       
Armagedn and King of Jazz, priceless humor. Keep up the good responses.

Arma' thank got you still post, with O_Captain gone you are our last lol poster !

Steve Ryan

posted 05-10-99 00:16 AM ET (US)     10 / 11       
Geez, Jazz, in 22 seconds you've managed to drink 3 beers! How many do you drink for the entire game? That is, assuming you're sober enough to count at that point, as well as sober enough to tell when the game ends...ah well.

I just had a great day of AOE, won every game, even had a non-shang start where I found berries fast enough to avoid the dreaded "8th villie delay". Woohoo!

Kurtiebird ~ ICQ 1616884
aka APC_Kurtiebird, VVV_Kurtiebird

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posted 05-10-99 09:59 AM ET (US)     11 / 11       
Ok, I think you may want to know how a real champ (not telling you at what ) is spending his first how many? seconds:

0-some time...:
Oh! Game started already

Some time -lots more time:
Forget to do HCCCC

After a while - a bigger while:
Ah! The damn house, DOH|

Lots more time - Even more time:
Gee, just placed the Granary and I just find these 5 Shore fish spots near this forest.... oh well.

An eternity after - 20 minutes:

Blunder, bummer, "You need to build more houses", "Not enough Food", "Not enough Wood", "Not Smart Enough"....

Finally! Tool!
Ooops! No Wood for Bronze buildings!

After 30 minutes:
Hmmm.... I ALMOST did it this time...

GG guys!... Cya... yeah... good game (what game?...)

* sigh *

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