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Topic Subject:Hittite Help
Steve Ryan
posted 01-19-99 05:24 PM ET (US)         

I have now played a couple of DMís on the net and I used Hittite both times (I read they are best in iron). In both games I thought I was going pretty fast (in RMís I usually hold my own pretty well) but I was swamped from both sides.

It was partly a lack of support from my teammates but I also have some serious deficiencies. These guys who attacked were Hittite too and hit me with ten Eles and 5 or 6 cats, going flat out I had about 2 Eles and 2 cats. I did have a few ballista towers up, but I checked and the enemy had them as well.

How can I speed up?, what buildings first? what units first ? what upgrades ?

I would really appreciate some help as a team who recently wiped me gave me heaps for being such a newbie.

posted 01-19-99 06:28 PM ET (US)     1 / 2       
everyone is a rookie at some point in their life at AoE. Dont sweat it

Well actually for DM's my fav civ is choson...choson and hittite are both probably the best, but I think choson is better in some ways. Typically the teams should be two chosons and one hittite, at least thats what I like to use.

For some great DM strategies go here:
Sudden Death Clan Site

These guys have a page full of great strategies for both AoE and RoR
I believe they also recently revised their strats so they should be pretty good

Good luck man

posted 01-19-99 06:34 PM ET (US)     2 / 2       
Just 10 eles and 5-6 cats? How long into the game were you?

My experience has been I better have about 30 HCats upgraded and rolling, and about 10 stabes producing eles, while simultaneously upgrading them at about 3 minutes into the game or else I am toast!

My first harsh lesson in death match was to immediately start work on about 8 TC's with your first two peons and put foundations down for 2 Gov. Center's, a Granary, an Storage Pit and at least one Market with your thirs peon. Que up as many peons as your heart can click and get those buildings down ASAP.

KEEP MAKING PEONS!!!! In a 100+ game map I may make anywhere from 50-80 peons, AND STRIP EVERY LIVING (i.e. RESOURCE) THING FROM YOUR SIDE OF THE MAP. That way if and when the time comes and you have to ahh... strategically relocate, you leave nothing of value behind. (Except some seige workshops, but those can be replaced).

Hopefully this helps.

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