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Topic Subject: Comp on hardest stinks!!!!!
posted 05-08-99 03:33 PM ET (US)   
Well I beat 2 members of my clan in 1v1 tool rushes and I went to go play against the comp. You know how in RoR the hardest difficulty boosts opponents resouces, well:
The computer tooled in 5 minutes and bronzed in 8! With Carthaginian!

Thats so messed up so the best choice would be do choose hard settings.

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posted 05-08-99 03:37 PM ET (US)     1 / 6  
Because programmers are too lazy or don't have the knowledge to program a good AI they allow the computer to cheat, that's how the computer does it. (yes it sucks).


posted 05-08-99 04:49 PM ET (US)     2 / 6  
No matter what a programer types, no AI will ever match a human. It is just not possible. The human brain is incredibaly complex. The "Hardest" setting is meant to be a real challenge, and to make up for the fact that AIs can only follow orders, not actually think, the computer can cheat.

If your playing against a player who is using priests, and you start cutting them down with Chariots, a human will (I hope)stop using priests. A computer AI will follow its script, and continue to do so, until it is ordered to stop.

Were the pinnicle of perfection, get used to it.

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posted 05-09-99 05:24 AM ET (US)     3 / 6  
Not true, super Fool. The computer can ably beat the human brain at thousands of things, all at once. It outshines us in iterative methods and data collation, to name just 2.

As for "outside the box" thinking, that is by definition impossible for the computer. Its also tough for most people.

So what does it mean? Overall strategy, I know of no computer models that can match a human brain. However, tactics, and especially the micromanagement of same, the computer wins.

As it relates to AoE, the computer has the ability to respond nearly instantly to any "threat". If you thought dancing units were tough to hit, how about if they were impossible to hit? Since the computer knows where the shot will land, and the blast radius, it is a simple matter to just not be there. But how fun would it be if one computer-run horse archer could rip apart your entire civilization with impunity?

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posted 05-09-99 10:28 AM ET (US)     4 / 6  
I used to think that on hardest the comp was impossible.

But is is beatable now i have improved.

On a small map you are probably stuffed but large or bigger your chances improve.

Just boom like you normally would and get to bronze as soon as possible. In the meantime wall up strategis area the computer hates walls and will waste time on them. Go back to area the comp has wiped and rebuild it often doesn't attack there again.

Wall up woodies and miners, towers are useful for delaying the comp. Once you can produce 10-15 good bronze units you are winning. The comps attacks will lessen and as you boom with at least 30 vills (with a fifty limit thats a boom). you will steadily real the comp in.

I would beat it 1 out of every 2 now. I have even beaten 2 comp enemies once but this is very hard (and I got a bit lucky).

posted 05-09-99 12:35 PM ET (US)     5 / 6  
As to the computer "cheating" on Hardest, I believe the fact that the 'puter doesn't wall at all, doesn't tower effectively, and doesn't build extra TC's/bases, more than offsets the extra resources it receives at the outset.

Worse for the computer are nomad starts (sometimes the 'puter won't even build a TC!) and island maps (they don't tranny very often, and their villies never leave their home isle).

Typically, if you can survive the first wave or two, and keep booming/building, you'll do fine. That said, my record against the 'puter on Hardest ain't too good! 1 v 1 I can usually handle, 1 v 2 I can win on occasion, more than that, I gotta pray the Random Gods gave me Shang and an easily wallable position!

posted 05-10-99 04:59 AM ET (US)     6 / 6  
There was once a very good thread on comp play. The fact is that if you wall you will win since cpu's can't deal with walls and just attack them with whatever they got. They will also send villies to repair whatever building you are attacking.

I played the comp only once on hardest and he iron as soon as i bronzed sending in elephants (Persian), and for a while I was sure he had me beat (YOu should've seen the timeline). I made some priests and then counterattacked with fast units, either Cavalry or CA"s. I wen't around his elephants and butchered his peons, and then converted his elephants.

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