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Topic Subject:The name of a cheater on ROR!
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posted 05-04-99 10:50 PM ET (US)         
About 2 nights ago I decided to fire up my Age of Empires and play a game on the Zone. I decided to take a one on one game. I found an oppoment by the name of FWH_Wolfpack. We had a one on one. I was doing alright. (for me) I checked the timelines and other stuff often. About 4 minutes into the game I checked the economy screen. What the fuck! 6 Villigers? What the hells up with that? I said to myself "Hahaha. Easy win." Then I ate my words. I looked at the timeline and saw that he was on Iron Age! What the *****again!!! I asked him about it and was immeadiatly called a whiner, loser, and a nobody. He said he will now "punish me" for my "incompetence". I laughed at him. About 1 minute, maybe 2 minutes, 20 armored elephants walked smack into the center of my town. Boy was I angry. I was totally, and utterly decimated. Not only because I was beaten by a low down cheater, but because it was a rated game along with it!

So just be warned. FWH_Wolfpack is a cheater.

This has been a public service.

posted 05-08-99 04:21 PM ET (US)     51 / 57       
Oh, btw Kanyon, if there's a 0 after a 6, that means it's sixty.
posted 05-08-99 05:28 PM ET (US)     52 / 57       
I am really sorry about that. Really. Well, by the way, I do not know Wolfpack. I never played him, and don't think I can, because my ping sux, and I usually play IP games and play very few on the zone.
But, in this forum, I once saw a gentleman, named Nosoup who said I was stupid, only because I said his slinger rush would not work. Then, on the zone I encountered maimin_matty, and zm'ed him about the fact that Nosoup says he always wins the game with his slinger rush, and thay he one won aganist the best player ever. Well, perhaps he meant staffa or methos, I dunno, and then matty came in, saying that he never played nosoup. Well, as a matter of fact I have been called a stupid after matty came in, but that's not what matters. When he said I was a stupid because I didn't agree that his slinger rush would work, I felt terrible. It is like, well, you trust someone and then he betrays you. I really trusted that forum, because it is a place, or it seemed to me that it was, where people share their knowledge about RoR and where they are polite. It was like, well, the first time I played in a 2000+ room in AoE (the old days where my ISP was not sucking that bad) and then found out that my ally teamed up with the other guys, and they took me off 1v3. When that game began I thought that it would be fun, because they were all good players and it would be also fun because I was just able to play civs other than Yamato and Hitite efficiently, and was trying phoe's. But then, they "kind of" cheated and I just gave up the moment I saw them teaming up.
Now, when I read the whole topic and every reply, I felt bad in the same way. Lamers, as we call them, exist anywhere. In 2000+ rooms, forums, school, work... everywhere. It seems me that Kanyon is terribly lieing, and what is worse, he feels himself incapable of playing, then tries to insult an honest player.
I don't know why, but RoR seems to me more than a game. It is a community, and you know, it has to remain a community. When I first read Celestial_Dawn's "The Complete Guide to Crappy bronzing", I understood that it was not only a game, but something more. He wrote down tons of pages, and what he wanted to do was to "share" his knowledge. When you share, you know, you take and give, you are the part of a community, and RoR is a kind of community. When I see someone such as Kanyon trying to destroy that community, trying to earn a place in it by corrupting, I feel bad.
These are all the things I felt when I read everything. Sorry for you Wolf. It seems to me that your good reputation as a friend and as a player, but more importantly as a friend, 19's and 17's (and lol's) in the chat rooms of your games, now show themselves. Your friends defended you, and it is clear that you are an honest, and good player.
I, personally, may say that without suspect:

Wolf did not cheat, and Kanyon is terribly lieing.

By the way, Kanyon is a word from my countrie's language, did you know that Kanyon? Didn't you? I am not sorry for that.

Sorry for my language, but I can't speak very well english. )

posted 05-08-99 05:51 PM ET (US)     53 / 57       
Very nice post BurchaQ.
posted 05-08-99 06:30 PM ET (US)     54 / 57       
Soitenly Vixen ) Per your request, The FWH home page is as follows:

The FWH Home Page

I might add that the multitude of comments and support posted here shows the genuine concern the ROR community has for its own. This indeed is what playing this game is all about.

Boneser again
posted 05-08-99 10:19 PM ET (US)     55 / 57       
Isn't it ironic how a post that was started to flame somebody actually had the opposite effect and brought everyone together.

Sniff sniff Sob Sob. I'm all choked up. I love you guys and gals.

But I still wish I could kick your butts at this game.

posted 05-11-99 03:47 PM ET (US)     56 / 57       
I have Aoe trainer, but I think its a bit unfair using it against anyone.

Ill use it on my friends as a gag but not in ranked or anything else 30 villis trying to get to iron then in comes a bigdaddy. With out any effort at all.

posted 05-11-99 03:56 PM ET (US)     57 / 57       
Oh....I suddenly realized that I may have been nailed by a trainer dude. It was a while ago in rated, and even though the cheats were off, this guy hit me with a bigdadd....only the name was somehing like "Everrets' cool car" or something. Anyway, don't know why I brought this up, but anyway, I'd just like to close with one simple message.

FWH_Wolfpack is a wonderful guy...a good player, and a true sportsman. He would be about the *last* guy I would *ever* consider to have cheated. Heck, I'd doubt myself first.

"hmmmmmmmmmmmmm I told my friend I like pepperoni pizza and that I plan to go the the next woodstock and that I have a big daddy and all of a sudden I have mucho rescources and a cool car. Weird."

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