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Topic Subject:The Stages of AoE addiction...
posted 01-18-99 01:21 PM ET (US)         
I've noticed, recently, that I have been beco ming less of an AoE addict. I went through the stages pretty quickly. I just wanna share a few of these with ya.

  1. You gte the game, and you can't stop playing. You play into the long hours of the night in single player for a while.
  2. You discover some AoE sites, you start to play multiplayer. You play into the long hours of the night and you read the forums and post stuff
  3. You start to make some friends in the AoE community. You tend to play more IP games and you play less with people you don't know.
  4. You start to play only with people you know, you play a lot of IP, and you play most games at the forum party.
  5. You play casualy, you play maybe a game every other day or two, only with people you know. You play a lot of other games multi player more often.

This is just me, I've noticed it over the months and it dawned on me the other day and I really had to post it. The last category fits me really well, I play a few Quake 2 and Half-Life deathmatches hear and ther, but those are different from AoE cause of the time needed and stuff. I ussually play other games when no one is on, just to kill time. I'm gonna go play Quake 2 now...


posted 01-18-99 04:30 PM ET (US)     1 / 8       
Hey Greg, my stages were a bit different than yours. Here they are!

1) I get the game, and I can't stop playing. I play into the long hours of the night in single player for a while.

2) I discover some AoE sites, I start to play multiplayer. I play into the long hours of the night and I read the forums and post stuff.

3) I start to make some friends and ennemies in the AoE community. I think I'm a good player because I can click bronze before 15 minutes.

4) I start going into rated rooms and have my butt kicked big time. Realize I'm not a good player...

5) Play almost exclusivly rated games and still play into the long hours of the nights.

I'm only 6 months old. How long it took you Greg to go through your stages?? I am sure I am going to have more stages, at least the stage where I'm going to stop playing...


posted 01-18-99 06:33 PM ET (US)     2 / 8       
I think it took me seven months to go through all this, though there was some gaps (vacations and problems with the game not working)


posted 01-18-99 11:06 PM ET (US)     3 / 8       
My stages were similar to this, they are as follows:

1) I get the game, i play, i play, i play, i play get a drink play some more, go pee play some more, fall asleep wake up and play some more.

2) realize i can play online, realize i can play online so i start doing it.

3) Make some freinds make even more enemys. i thnk i'm good cause i always host rooky games and win.

4)i go to rated rooms lose, lose, lose, realize just how much i suck. But stay around anyway (which in the long run i think helped me)

5) join a clan ( that i'm still in today its a real good clan were kinda like family now) realize i'm not that good and get help from clanmates which has helped me

6) still dont play rated cause not many in the clan do (but i'm starting to turn)

7) now i read forums all the time and try to only play games with ppl i know are good.

All this took about 7 months. How long did it take the rest of you????

posted 01-19-99 08:01 AM ET (US)     4 / 8       

My stages were quite different than all of yours. This is basically a timeline of my Age of Empires experience:

1. June 1997 I try out Age of Empires in a computer show called Fenasoft.

2. October 1997 I download the demo of AOE. I play it a lot over and over till I decide to buy it when it comes out.

3. December 1997 I buy AOE when in vacation.

4. Febuary 1998 I finally get to try out the full version. I'm very impressed with the graphics and sound. I play one campaign but find random maps to be more intresting. After a while I get bored of single player random maps, decide to play it online. I see in the manual I have to go to, but when I go there it says it does not support Netscape. I then stop playing AOE.

5. June 1998 I get a Netscape 4.0 and decided to visit the zone to see if it supports Netscape yet. I find it does and play a few games. I find the games very enjoyable and start to play like crazy since it was vacation. Some days all I did was play AOE.

6. August 1998 Visit AOEH and some other AOE related websites on the net. Get some tips, hints, etc.

7. September 1998 Start reading forums and start discovering the real stratergies of AOE. Later on even post in the forums.

8. October 1998 Form my clan and really get into the game. Use more advanced techniques and play more IP games.

9. November 1998 At this point i'm mostly playing IP games. Working a lot on my page.

10. December 1998 Start playing a lot on the zone again and for the first time in rated rooms. Also start playing some other games in my freetime but still find AOE to be the most enjoyable. Get Internet Explorer 4.0 and find it to be much better than Netscape 4.0. Zone rooms no longer crash.

11. January 1999 Lot of traveling hampers my playing time but am still able to play quite a bit. Start doing a lot of reading and improve a lot as a player.

President of Funky Cola

posted 01-19-99 02:53 PM ET (US)     5 / 8       
I'm at the point in my addiction where I'm starting to flack from friends who can't reach me. I also rush home from work lickedty split so I can get two multi-player games in before seven. Then I take a quick break and then play until 10. Then I have to call my boyfriend and admit why he couldn't reach me for the past five hours.

On Saturdays, he works so I have to rush to clean my house, shop for the weeks groceries, plan a special dinner and still try to slip in several hours of play. I've taken to calling friends and family from work so I can spend more time playing.

I still suck pretty bad, but I at least win one game a night!

villager21 12
posted 01-19-99 04:27 PM ET (US)     6 / 8       
Ok here goes..
1: (Feb 98) Borrow age of empires off my mate. Play it again and again like hell until i can do the 1st campaign.
2: (May 98) I give the cd back to my mate. Download cd crack
3: (June 98) Start to get 15 min bronze times against the computer.
4: (July 98) Install wireplay and the zone. Get my ass kicked.
5: (Late august 98) Play more aoe and more multiplayer. Suddenly its me who's doing the thrashing.
6: (september 98) Play even more aoe and even more multiplayer. Try out the rated rooms. aaaaarrrrgggh someones better than me.
7: (dec 98) get rise of rome and computer cocks up. Bye bye age of empires. Go to mates house and demand aoe cd. Get it. Nick his manual too and send off for the cashback.
8: (Jan 99) get my 1st >20min iron. Play play play go to forums etc.

Tony Blair

Bastyrdus I
posted 01-20-99 03:32 AM ET (US)     7 / 8       
Here's a couple of signs of my addiction, and yes, these are all true...

1. I play it at work now. I work the graveyard shift, and it's quiet. I actually got exposed to it by downloading the demo from the computer at my last place of employ (no, I quit).

2. Sometimes I find myself knowing what the villiager is going to say before he says it. I know "Homus" means, "I'm gonna go build that." Only soldiers say "Erectus." What the heck is that Priest saying? "Zoom Hada?"

3. If I don't understand something somebody says, I sometimes reply "Oaplama?"

4. I drink coffee in anticipation of getting online. I use my caffeine-enhanced super powers to hot-key-click-hot-key like a madman.

5. I have lost thirty pounds since I started playing this in 1997.

6. I am posting on this thread with full knowledge of it being public.

Hoyo yoyo.... Hoyo yoyo....

-Bastyrdus I

posted 01-20-99 10:29 AM ET (US)     8 / 8       
I would add one more stage to the original 7.

8. You start following up to half a dozen forums from work to see if anyone has posted something to shave a few seconds here or there. You end up playing mostly in scenario editor or from various single player save locations trying a number of what-ifs to see if you can improve wood gathering (for instance) by a percent or 2. Your friends don't want to play with you anymore, because you are not playing against them, but against yourself.

Or am I the only obsessive-compulsive out there?

Keep your stick on the ice.

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