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Topic Subject:Which Bronze Buildings?
posted 01-15-99 04:35 PM ET (US)         
I'm just curious which bronze age buildings you build first and why? It's usually the Gov Center and either a Seige Shop or a Temple for me.

Cherub Stone Cold
posted 01-15-99 04:43 PM ET (US)     1 / 6       
Depends on which road you're going, whether stables or archery range. If you like stables go for academies, while archery ranges should get siege workshops. A government center is a must. Depending on your civ, a temple is good only if you have an excess of gold and your civ gets all upgrades except Jihad. And remember during the transition to put a few buildings nar your opponent!

posted 01-15-99 05:14 PM ET (US)     2 / 6       
Well for me I normally build a govt center first, and use what little wood I have left to build a new town center. Usually for me food is not a problem, but on the water maps I am fighting with boats and dont have the wood, so I build another TC by wood...and pump vills from both.

I dont know about building an academy...I only build them in about 5% of my games

If you are a civ with decent archers go for archery ranges...more of them. If you barely have enough wood to build a siege shop, then you surely wont have enough wood for a siege army

Everyone has their own little thing, but for me it is a govt center then a TC by wood, then you should have a bunch of guys workin on wood so you can make siege...

posted 01-15-99 08:45 PM ET (US)     3 / 6       
Wellll. If you planning on Iron jumping, Which i DO NOT recomend(unless your greek, Carth or roman), build a Govt center and either a Academy or siege shop(if ya have stable or archery range). however if you think you might use priests, get a temple. Now if your planing to stay in bronze, i'd recomend Siege workshop.

Get as many bronze Govt upgrades as possible(always Archetechure, and writing) that you might be using in Bronze/Iron(I.e. Nobility for Cavs, Camels, or chariot archers, Logistics for raxx, Upgrades of damage for Cavs, camels, or Raxx, armor only if your fighting Melee units)

posted 01-19-99 08:31 AM ET (US)     4 / 6       
Gov center is always my 1st. Those addition town centers you can biuld are important no matter what strategy you are using.

posted 01-19-99 09:26 AM ET (US)     5 / 6       
First and foremost GC!!! New TCs are critical to booming and also to rebuild from a crushing defeat. Once you build a GC, you can build new TCs even if the GC is destroyed. Much better to leave 600 hp for him to whittle through than to have to delete it to build anew. And if he doesn't kill it, you have another booming/farming site.

If I have good priests, then I also immediately build a temple to start those pesky upgrades. Unless I have reason to suspect a rush that will overwhelm my walls/towers, I usually sit tight with other bronze bldgs. I usually pop out a number of ranges or stables, tho, to deal with any crises. (Those things come in handy later anyway)

Keep your stick on the ice.

posted 01-21-99 07:59 PM ET (US)     6 / 6       
Gov. Center and then Siege Workshop for me most of the time.

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